The name ‘playschools’ aptly defines the experience a child goes through during their early years of development. It is an early childhood program run by professionally trained adults in which learning is mixed with play.

According to a survey by EuroKids International, 95% of the parents polled have enrolled their child in some form of learning - online or home schooling, to ensure continuity in their learning. Parents have found that online learning has been a viable substitute for their toddlers to avoid a near zero-learning year for their children. In keeping with social distancing regulations and the need to stay indoors, an online pre-school offers children a structured learning program whilst in the safety of their own homes.


EuroKids International Preschool is a modern preschool which operates in the English language. EuroKids International Preschool is designed for children between the ages of 2 ½ years and 6 years. The curriculum is planned to meet the needs of all pupils, with emphasis on early learning skills, creativity, interest-led learning, problem solving and team work.

With more then 30 centers, EuroKids is one of the largest preschool brands in Lucknow. With it unique child first philosophy and importance to life skills EuroKids has been able to create a distinct brand identity across the lengths and breadths of Lucknow. Parents have widely accepted their teaching techniques and have mostly spread a positive word of mouth.


With over 20 preschools, EuroKids is a household name in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since its inception in 2001, EuroKids has been at the forefront of imparting best knowledge and skills to its pupils. People of Ahmedabad have reposed their trust in EuroKids by a positive word of mouth and have continued to support the initiative taken by EuroKids partners.

EuroKids has been one of the forerunners in imparting quality education in Chennai. Through its child first approach, EuroKids preschools have been able to carve out a distinct space in the hearts of parents in Chennai.

Owning your own preschool franchise is a great way to be part of the early childhood education industry. However, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before making this type of decision. Do you have what it takes? Is now the right time for you to start this business? Is it the right career choice for you? Read on to learn more about how owning a preschool franchise can be a good idea for you and your family.

Preschools are booming in India. In the last decade, the number of preschools has more than doubled as people want to give their kids a head start on education and prepare them for school. But there’s a lot of competition and it can be hard for parents to know where to send their children. So, here is a guide on how you can enter this booming industry and build your own preschool.


In order to decide on the best preschool for your child, you need to learn how to choose a right preschool, beginning with finding out what kind of learning techniques and resources are offered. The best preschools usually use both formal and informal methods to educate children. Some of the best preschools I have observed include Montessori preschools, Waldorf preschools and academic selective preschools.

EuroKids is one of India’s largest education services providers in the Pre-School and K-12 segments. Its portfolio of brands includes EuroKids, EuroKids DayCare, Kangaroo Kids, EuroSchool and Billabong International, serves more than 120,000 students from 1,115 Pre-Schools and 35 K-12 schools across five countries.

This article is meant to guide parents in taking care of their kids between the ages of 0-5 years old. Most parents start their parenting journey with their children, and the most important aspect of a successful childhood is having a good relationship with your kids. The child's first years are critical to proper development and a solid sense of self, both physical and mental. As a parent, one of the most important things you can do as a caregiver is to take the time to understand the needs of your child and establish a plan to support him or her in his or her early years. As you read every word here, you will discover how to take care of kids, how to establish a connection with your kids, and how to keep your bond strong through all of your years of parenting.

The preschool franchise business is suitable for individuals who want to start a business that is long-term in nature, investment friendly and has the potential to give stable returns. When you start a pre-school franchise business, you will require hard work, commitment and a partner who has the complete knowledge of how to run a successful pre-school franchise. EuroKids is that perfect partner who will help you start your franchise with its expert knowledge and support structure which it gives new partners.

Eurokids Preschool gives an exciting fun based learning experience for the students. The Playschool has a unique Child First philosophy, which ensures that your child's development, safety, social engagement and education are adequately met at a safe home-like environment where children can learn at their own pace. The school also provides fun activities such as Explorer Days, Animal Encounters, Summer Reading Program, and Game Time, which inspire and motivate the children to engage with each other and improve themselves at the same time. The primary school and the preschools run smoothly together and provide academic and socializing learning experience for the students.

Funny how we moved from talking about children’s performance in schools to now discussing their well-being at home. This world is constantly changing but we bet none of us thought that it’ll change so much in so little time. It’s not easy, it’s not normal, so please stop being so hard on yourself. It is difficult to take care of family, work, do household chores and keep your little ones occupied, all at the same time.

Do you have a three-year-old and are looking for new activities for him or her? Do you want to broaden your kids’ options so that they can have fun and study at home? So to ease out your research, we’ve got the most comprehensive list for you—from educational items and amusing ideas to indoor kids’ activities and outdoor activities for 3-year-old kids! These top-rated activities for 3-year-old kids are going to be easy on your pocket. Plus, they’re simple enough that your three-year-old can play independently while you get other things done.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Are you wondering how to keep your kid bustling and energetic all day? We bring to you surefire indoor home activities for your kids to learn while enjoying.

Indoor kids activities are generally easy to do and teach, but after some time, it becomes monotonous and boring. Since the inception of COVID-19, going outdoors seems like a never-happening phenomenon. As a result, kids stay at home and end up doing nothing. Parents keep on looking for some stimulating activities that their kids can enjoy, and instil life skills. So your search ends here; we have fabricated a go-to list of indoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Let us begin!

Just because your child isn’t in elementary school yet doesn’t mean they haven’t begun their educational journey. Fun indoor learning activities for two-year-old kids can help them begin learning the fundamentals of arithmetic, reading, science, and even engineering and social studies. The majority of these activities can be done with stuff lying around the house (making them convenient to enjoy each time there’s an unexpected rainy day and you’re looking for some fun home activities for the kids). Even if they haven’t landed up in school yet,


With the gradual onset of the pandemic, most schools and colleges have been shut down. Children are stuck at home, wondering when they will meet their friends again. In testing times like these, it is paramount to guide the children towards being active and productive every day. This is essential for their mental growth and physical wellbeing.

You can take up new activities, such as art and craft to help the kids focus on new and creative tasks. This will improve your child’s creativity and concentration throughout the process.

With a short attention span and high intensity of curiosity, kids get bored of the same stereotypical activities very quickly, and look for new enticing ideas to keep themselves engrossed. This often leaves the parents perplexed as to how to keep their kids engaged at home. Subsequently, parents often move to today’s digital world as the trendy gadgets seem to be the go-to solutions to keep kids engaged day-in and out.

But is it the right solution to engross children? Of course, not!

But, worry not! There is a meaningful solution that will not only keep the kids engaged and rid their boredom but also improve their key academic skills.


Every parent wants to educate their children at home due to the flexibility, safety, and customisation that homeschooling offers. In this article, we will guide you on teaching preschoolers at home.

The rate of developing gross motor activities for kids at home is not the same for everyone. These activities include running, jumping, and throwing. If kids find these skills difficult to learn, then a little help is required to push them through some fun home activities.

Leaf arts for kids

June 01 2021

It has been rightly said that playing is our brain’s favourite way of learning. There are many activities for kids that can assist them in learning by playing. You know art is something that makes you breathe with a different type of happiness. So, every parent should promote arts and crafts activities for their kids. During Autumn, we see lots of leaves here and there on the ground. These leaves in various tones look so beautiful that you don't have the heart to discard them. Children love playing with leaves, and if your child is creative, you can make different things like cards, lamps, and crowns utilising these leaves. It will aid him or her to comprehend a new way of doing something with leaves and give their imagination wings. Let your kids enjoy making different things such as animals, crowns, lanterns, and leave-books with these leaves.