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Source - TRA brand Trust Report 2020

Our programs

PlayGroup 1.8 to 3 years

Nursery 2.5 to 4 years

EuroJunior 3.5 to 5 years

EuroSenior 4.5 to 6 years

Why EuroKids Preschool?

EuroKids is all about Joy of Learning. We start with cutting-edge research, which makes up a curriculum that challenges and encourages them to learn scientifically proven age appropriate activities


Exploration &
Based Learning

Qualified &
Trained Staff




At the heart of our preschooling child-first ideology is Eunoia - a mindful curriculum that enables holistic development of your child’s mind, body and soul

Learning never stops, neither do our services!

EuroKids provide learning options that go beyond school time to ensure continual learning

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Key Features:

Happiness Box

Do-it-yourself boxes are available for creative inspiration, upon signing up !

Welcome Kit
Consists of approx. 30 essential tools that will be used by your child during pre-schooling to help explore and learn new things each day

Theme Kit
Meets developmental and learning needs of children to increase dexterity and enjoy tactile stimulation by means of craft and creative engagement

Readiness Kit
Tools to ensure the development of motor skills, creativity, eye-hand coordination and help child retain information most effectively and efficiently

Take Away Kit
These activities are the recapitulation of concepts which stimulates child’s retention and imagination. This helps the parent to engage meaningfully with their child in a concrete way and strengthen their bond

India's Most Awarded Preschool Group


01) What is the right age for Preschool?

02) Is the Pre-School environment safe, secure, and hygienic for my child?

03) Does joining a pre-school help?

04) What if my child is not ready for pre-school?

05) How is the curriculum structured at EuroKids?

06) What is the fee structure at EuroKids?

07) What is the teacher & student ratio at EuroKids?

08) What is the language used to communicate with the children?

09) Does my child have a dress code while at the Pre-School?

10) What facilities are available in EuroKids?

11) Where is EuroKids located?

12) Is EuroKids Recognised in India?

13) What are the activities at Eurokids?

14) What does my child learn in the PlayGroup?

15) What does my child learn in Nursery?

16) What does my child learn in EuroJunior?

17) What does my child learn in EuroSenior?

18) How do I take EuroKids preschool admission?

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