Science Quiz Questions And Answers For Kids

Science Quiz Questions And Answers For Kids

Science Quiz Questions For Grade 1

  1. Which of these animals lays eggs?
  2. a.Dog
    b. Cat
    c. Chicken
    d. Sheep

Answer: Chicken

  1. A female horse is called a ________ .
  2. a.Stallion
    b. Foal
    c. Mare
    d. Pony

Answer: Mare

  1. All living things need food, air, and ____ to survive.
  2. a.Home
    b. Water
    c. Vegetables
    d. Fruits

Answer: Water

  1. Which of these has feathers?
  2. a.Hen
    b. Crocodile
    c. Tortoise
    d. Cat

Answer: Hen

  1. Which is the only natural satellite of Earth?
  2. a.Sun
    b. Mars
    c. Stars

Answer: Moon

  1. A tree is fixed to the soil with its _____ .
  2. a.Branches
    b. Roots
    c. Leaves
    d. Trunk

Answer: Roots

  1. We breathe with the help of our ________ .
  2. a.Heart
    b. Lungs
    c. Pancreas
    d. Muscles

Answer: Lungs

  1. The covers of the eyes are called __________ .
  2. a.Eyelids
    b. Nostrils
    c. Nails
    d. Hair

Answer: Eyelids

  1. Arms have hands and legs have ___.
  2. a.Ankles
    b. Feet
    c. Elbows
    d. Knees

Answer: Feet

  1. The young one of a sheep is called a _______ .
  2. a.Puppy
    b. Kid
    c. Calf
    d. Lamb

Answer: Lamb

Science Quiz Questions For Grade 2 And 3

  1. Animals that lay eggs to give birth to their young one are called ____.
  2. a.Reptiles
    b. Birds
    c. Amphibians
    d. Mammals

Answer: Birds

  1. What is the boiling point of water?
  2. a.25°C
    b. 50°C
    c. 75°C
    d. 100°C

Answer: 100°C

  1. A frog is a ___________ .
  2. a.Reptile
    b. Bird
    c. Amphibian
    d. Mammal

Answer: Amphibian

  1. Boiling water gives out ____.
  2. a.Mist
    b. Steam
    c. Clouds
    d. Snow

Answer: Steam

  1. The __________ of a plant is involved in photosynthesis.
  2. a.Branch
    b. Leaves
    c. Root
    d. Trunk

Answer: Leaves

  1. Which is the largest land animal?
  2. a.Giraffe
    b. Hippopotamus
    d. Rhinoceros

Answer: Elephant

  1. ____ helps to take out waste from the body.
  2. a.Lungs
    b. Kidneys
    c. Heart
    d. Brain

Answer: Kidneys

  1. A dog expresses happiness by ________
  2. a.Twitching its ears
    b. Moving its head
    c. Closing its eyes
    d. Wagging its tail

Answer: Wagging its tail

  1. When you push something, you are applying ____.
  2. a.Acceleration
    b. Force
    c. Mass
    d. Compression

Answer: Force

  1. Which of the following groups of animals have scales?
  2. a.Mammals
    b. Amphibians
    c. Reptiles

Answer: Reptiles

  1. Where does food collect after we chew and swallow it?
  2. a.Small intestine
    b. Large intestine
    c. Liver
    d. Stomach

Answer: Stomach

  1. Which of the following materials is transparent?
  2. a.Paper
    b. Wood
    c. Metal
    d. Glass

Answer: Glass

  1. Which of the following animals is best suited for the desert?
  2. a.Giraffe
    b. Llama
    c. Camel
    d. Deer

Answer: Camel

  1. A frog’s young one is called a ________ .
  2. a.Silkworm
    b. Grasshopper
    c. Firefly
    d. Tadpole

Answer: Tadpole

  1. What part of the skeletal system protects our brain?
  2. a.Spine
    b. Vertebra
    c. Pelvis
    d. Skull

Answer: Skull

Science Quiz Questions For Grade 4, 5, 6 And 7

  1. What connects muscles to bones?
  2. a.Skin
    b. Blood vessels
    c. Fat
    d. Tendon

Answer: Tendon

  1. Plants require ________ for photosynthesis.
  2. a.Hydrogen
    b. Carbon monoxide
    c. Carbon dioxide
    d. Oxygen

Answer: Carbon dioxide

  1. Which nutrient has an important role in building muscles?
  2. a.Protein
    b. Carbohydrate
    c. Iron
    d. Fat

Answer: Protein

  1. Which scientist proposed the three laws of motion?
  2. a.Thomas Alva Edison
    b. Isaac Newton
    c. Stephen Hawkinga.Albert Einstein

Answer: Isaac Newton

  1. Earth is surrounded by layers of gases which are called the _____.
  2. a.Hydrosphere
    b. Stratosphere
    c. Atmosphere
    d. Ozone layer

Answer: Atmosphere

  1. Which system of the body controls our body structure?
  2. a.Circulatory system
    b. Digestive system
    c. Nervous system
    d. Skeletal system

Answer: Skeletal system

  1. Which is the largest animal on earth?
  2. a.Giraffea.Elephant
    c. Blue whale
    d. Hippopotamus

Answer: Blue whale

  1. Similar body cells group together to form ___.
  2. a.Organ
    b. Joints
    c. Blood vessels
    d. Tissues

Answer: Tissues

  1. Motion gives out ___________ energy.
  2. a.Potential energy
    b. Electrical energy
    c. Kinetic energy
    d. Gravitational energy

Answer: Kinetic energy

  1. The standard unit of measurement for energy is ____.
  2. a.Newton
    b. Ampere
    c. Watt
    d. Joule

Answer: Joule

  1. The strongest sense of a dog is ________ .
  2. a.Touch
    b. Hearing
    c. Smell
    d. Taste

Answer: Smell

  1. Animals that only eat plants are called ___________ .
  2. a.Herbivores
    b. Insectivores
    c. Carnivores
    d. Omnivores

Answer: Herbivores

  1. A single strand of coiled DNA is called ____.
  2. a.Nucleus
    b. Ribosome
    c. Chromosome
    d. Cytoplasm

Answer: Chromosome

  1. Mushrooms are a type of ____.
  2. a.Plant
    b. Animal
    c. Bacterium
    d. Fungus

Answer: Fungus

  1. The planet closest to the sun is ________ .
  2. a.Venus
    b. Mars
    c. Mercury
    d. Earth

Answer: Mercury

Science Quiz Questions For Grade 8, 9 And 10 (h2)

  1. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Which of Newton’s laws of motion states this?
  2. a.First Law
    b. Second Law
    c. Third Lawa.None

Answer: Third Law

  1. Which biologist came up with the theory of evolution through natural selection?
  2. a.Alexander Fleming
    b. Stephen Hawking
    c. Francesco Redi
    d. Charles Darwin

Answer: Charles Darwin

  1. The outward force, away from the center, felt by an object in circular motion is ___.
  2. a.Circular force
    b. Centripetal force
    c. Centrifugal force
    d. Elastic force

Answer: Centrifugal force

  1. What type of energy depletes with time?
  2. a.Kinetic energy
    b. Non-renewable energy
    c. Gravitational energy
    d. Renewable energy

Answer: Non-renewable energy

  1. Which part of the cell is called its powerhouse?
  2. a.Ribosome
    b. Endoplasmic reticulum
    c. Cytoplasm
    d. Mitochondria

Answer: Mitochondria

  1. When light bends as it passes through a glass prism, it is called ____.
  2. a.Reflection
    b. Refraction
    c. Diffraction
    d. Absorption

Answer: Refraction

  1. Which of the following is NOT a form of carbon?
  2. a.Diamond
    b. Graphite
    c. Amorphous carbon
    d. Ferrite

Answer: Ferrite

  1. Antibiotics are given to fight __________ .
  2. a.Virusa.Bacteriaa.Fungus
    d. Yeast

Answer: Bacteria

  1. An acidic liquid will have a ___ pH.
  2. a.High
    b. Medium
    c. Equal
    d. Low

Answer: Low

  1. The lightest element in the periodic table is _______ .
  2. a.Helium
    b. Nitrogen
    c. Carbon
    d. Hydrogen

Answer: Hydrogen

General science quiz questions encourage kids to read the study material thoroughly and their learning is consolidated which makes them feel confident. The sense of competition is also exciting and they are able to learn while having fun. A science quiz for kids helps them to explore the world of science and develop a passion for the subject. If you are looking for more material so that your child can have a fun-filled quiz session, do visit the EuroKids website.