HomeBuddy - The digital learning platform

HomeBuddy - The digital learning platform

Why Home Buddy?

The HomeBuddy, is a digital learning platform for children that provides an enjoyable learning experience. The app engages the learner constructively and enhances learning experiences by playing, seeing and doing.

The ‘play’ section of the app allows the child to learn concepts while playing games which also tracks the progress of the child.

The ‘see’ section of the app offers the child with a wide variety of audio-video aids for better comprehension, language development and reinforcement of topics.

The ‘do’ section of the app is uploaded with Do it Yourself activities for constructive engagement while at home.

A curriculum that heeds to the synergy of the Mind, Body & Soul

This language program provides a strong vocabulary foundation using letters and sounds of the alphabet

Understanding mathematic concepts with hands-on activities, concreteobjects and repeated experience is the objective of this program

This program focuses on understanding thescientific world based on observation,investigation,prediction, evidence and reasoning

A fitness program designed by certified trainers to develop your child’s motor skills, muscle strength, mind to muscle connection, a strong athletic base and love for fitness

We introduce yoga to help your kids use their body in a healthy way, through breathing, meditation, awareness and healthy movements

This unique outcome-based music program includes picture books, music videos and fun activities to help children develop and practice skills for social and emotional development, language and literacy

This program aims to help children become self-aware while focusing on the present and helps them manage emotions, develop self-regulation and improve concentration

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