What is the Right Age for Play School Admission?

While human beings are born to learn, one thing is certain. No two human beings are alike, and the parameters universally defined as ideal for gauging the perfect playschool age are nowhere close to perfect.

That being said, while we can’t determine the exact age for kids to join preschool, it helps to have a general age range within which most children find themselves physically, mentally, and socially capable of attending preschool. Before we enroll our kids into playschool, though, we should ask ourselves this: Is playschool necessary?

The Importance of Playschool

While it might break our hearts to send our little toddlers into the big bad world, it’s a must. The toddler stage is the most critical time for kids’ development. A time they learn to walk, talk, and develop an identity. Science has us believe that 90% of children’s brain size is developed by the age of 5. Still, have doubts about sending your child to playschool?

What is the Right Play School Admission Age?

Your kid will be preschool ready anywhere between 1.5 to 3 years of age. Anything under 1.5 years, and you will be starting them too early. Beyond 3 years, you might find yourselves wishing you had started earlier. Don’t worry about your kids; with your continuous support and the able assistance of teachers with tons of experience, your child will grow holistically in a structured environment.

What is the Right Playschool for My Child?

When going out there to secure play school admission, you don’t want to sign your kid up in the first play school you find. Neither should you look at expenses too hard; this is, after all, an investment in the well-being of your precious little one.

You should look out for the following things when selecting the best preschool for your child.

  • Good Location – You don’t want to select a preschool that’s too far away and ends up leaving your kid exhausted with all that to and fro travel.
  • Child Centric – The playschool must be appropriate for small children. Do a recce of it and ensure there are broad staircases, clean washrooms, etc.
  • Compassionate teachers – Teachers are going to be your children’s second mothers. You want them to exude warmth and interact well with kids in the classroom.
  • Right Discipline – How is discipline enforced in the school? If punishment, rather than gentle explaining about right and wrong, is the norm, you want to give that play school a miss.
  • Right Discipline – How is discipline enforced in the school? If punishment, rather than gentle explaining about right and wrong, is the norm, you want to give that play school a miss.

Play School Admission

Do I visit a school directly? You might ask. No. The process generally begins online, where you fill in an application for your child to be considered by the playschool in question. After filling the forms with the requisite information, you sit back to hear from them. This is why you need to apply to several playschools, not only because you want a broad choice but because not all might grant acceptance to your child.

If your child is accepted into a play school, you will, in all probability, be put onto a guidance counsellor, who will schedule a campus visit, go along with you on tour, and answer any queries you might have. You can officially reserve a seat and pay the term fees if satisfied.

Note: Don’t rush into this process. You can always return to the school after checking (and striking off) the others on your list.

Key Factors to Consider Before Sending Your Kids to Preschool

See if your kids check these boxes to determine the right preschool age.

  • They are toilet trained and, further, able to communicate with an adult when they need to use the bathroom.
  • They can sit still. Okay, at least for short periods!
  • The separation anxiety that stems from being apart from their parents or caregivers is not out of bounds.
  • They are weaned from the bottle a few months before starting preschool.
  • They are capable of basic communication and listening to others.

Benefits of Preschool for Kids

Before securing that preschool admission, here’s a look at some cool benefits of play school that will ease any doubts you might have.

Social and Emotional Development

Kids under 3 years of age have trust issues with people other than their parents. A warm playschool atmosphere and genial teachers will help them strengthen their social skills.

Language Skills

Preschool sharpens kids’ language skills. Singing songs, reading, and storytelling helps inculcate in them a love for reading that will stick over time.

Kindergarten Ready

Kindergarten is far more academic, and the sense of focus kids imbibe in playschool through things like circle time holds them in good stead for elementary school.

When your child is ready for preschool, you will know it. It is important to let go of them and learn to ‘trust the process’. As you gleaned from this article, sending them to playschool when the time is right is one of the best decisions you will ever make for them.

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