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 Fun Ant and Elephant Jokes for Kids

What’s better than Elephant Jokes?
‘Ant and Elephant’ Jokes! 

In an age where telling a joke merely involves a nonchalant use of puns, why not dare to be different? You can do this, through the narration of some exquisite Ant and Elephant Jokes. Indeed, jokes that will elicit loads of laughs from your little ones.

The very ‘pairing’ of a creature as big as the Elephant, with the tiny, near-invisible-in comparison Ant, is sure to amuse plenty of people out there. That being said, a joke is only worth its weight in salt, if it is Witty.

Looking for ’Trunk Loads of Laughter? In this article we have especially curated for you, what we believe to be some of the top Funny Ant and Elephant jokes for children. Ranging from Ant and Elephant jokes in the form of Questions, to utterly Corny Elephant Jokes that are in only the best of spirits, we have them all here!

Ready to tickle that funny bone, with some priceless Ant and Elephant Jokes? Read on, and laugh out loud!

The Best Ant and Elephant Jokes for Children

Here is our list of Funny Ant and Elephant Jokes for kids. From Ant and Elephant Joke questions, to raucously funny elephant jokes that will have you laughing every time you hear them, we have them all covered here.

  • An ant went up to an elephant and asked them what game they would like to play.
  • ‘Squash!’ replied the Elephant.

  • How do elephants talk to each other?
  • On the Elephone.

  • An elephant is in love with an ant. His parents take the proposal to the ant’s parents, but they reject it outright. When asked why, they say ‘The boy’s teeth are outside!’
  • Why do elephants not use the computer?
  • Because they are scared of the Mouse.

  • One day, an ant and elephant were riding a scooter. They met with an accident, and only the ant survived. How come?
  • Because the ant was wearing a helmet.

  • What did the elephant baby ask for his birthday?
  • A Trunk Full of gifts.

  • Two ants saw an elephant approaching in the near distance. One of the ants told the other, ‘Let’s smash him to pulp.’ The other replied, ‘Are you crazy? He is alone.’
  • What’s as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?
  • The shadow of the elephant.

  • An elephant, who was running away from some hunters, came across his ant friend. In desperation, he asked him what he should do. The ant replied, ‘Don’t worry, my friend. Just hide behind me.’
  • What do you call an elephant who is always laughing?
  • An Elephant.

  • An Elephant once professed his sincere love for an Ant. The Ant, in frustration, replied ‘How many times do I have to tell you this? My community does not believe in Inter-Size Marriages!’
  • What do elephants do after the sun has gone down?
  • They watch Television.

  • Once a cat asked an ant where she was going. She replied, ‘Oh you know, my poor Elephant friend has met with a terrible accident. Since we share the same blood group, I thought I would go to the hospital and donate my blood to him.’
  • What is an elephant that hates taking baths called?
  • Smelly Pants

  • A lot of ants were swimming in a pond. All of a sudden, an elephant jumped into the water, causing mayhem. One of the ants found itself on the back of the elephant. Her friend screamed, ‘Drown that fool!’
  • Do you know what time it is when an elephant sits on your sofa?
  • It’s time to get a ‘new’ sofa.

  • One day an ant is riding his scooter, when his elephant friend stops him for a lift. The ant gladly agrees, and the two set off together. A little further down, another elephant friend asks the ant to stop for a lift, but the ant ignores him and moves on. When his elephant companion asks him why he didn’t stop he replies, ‘Traffic rules state that only two people are allowed on one bike!’
  • What did Mommy Elephant mumble to her child when they were misbehaving?
  • ‘Tusk, Tusk!’

  • Once an Ant and his Elephant friend were riding their respective motorcycles. All of a sudden, a traffic policeman pulled them over and asked them to show him their driving licences. After examining both, he detained the Elephant and let the Ant go. When the Elephant asked why he was singled out, the policeman replied, ‘There’s something fishy about your photo. Your face is too big to fit into a passport size photograph!’
  • What did the banana tell the elephant?
  • Nothing at all. Bananas can’t talk, after all.

  • Once a female ant told something to her male elephant friend. In an instant, the elephant fainted. What did the ant tell the elephant?
  • ‘I’m pregnant with your baby!’

  • What ant is bigger than an elephant?
  • A ‘gi-ant.’

  • How do you know when an elephant is under your bed?
  • Your nose touches the ceiling.

  • Once an ant and his elephant friend decided to go to the local pool to swim. When the ant swarmed, the elephant sat out and when the elephant swam, the ant sat out. Why was that?
  • They had only ‘one’ swimming costume!

  • Which font does an elephant like more than all others?
  • Ella Font.

  • Once, an ant and her elephant friend were playing a game of Hide-and Seek. When it was the elephant’s turn to hide, the ant found him easily. Do you know why?
  • The elephant was hiding in a temple, and left his shoes outside.

  • What animal is always up for an adventure?
  • The elephant, as it always carries a Trunk with it wherever it goes.

At EuroKids, we believe strongly in the positive effects that laughter brings into our lives. It is important to get children to laugh whenever we can, and telling them Ant and Elephant Jokes, a great way to do just that. Silly or witty, these Funny jokes are bound to have your little ones in splits.

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