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How To Engage Kids In Drawing And Painting Activities At Home

With a short attention span and high intensity of curiosity, kids get bored of the same stereotypical activities very quickly, and look for new enticing ideas to keep themselves engrossed. This often leaves the parents perplexed as to how to keep their kids engaged at home. Subsequently, parents often move to today’s digital world as the trendy gadgets seem to be the go-to solutions to keep kids engaged day-in and out.

But is it the right solution to engross children? Of course, not!

But, worry not! There is a meaningful solution that will not only keep the kids engaged and rid their boredom but also improve their key academic skills.

Colouring and painting activities for kids at home:

Children love to paint. Colours have always been a fascination for kids, which unlock their door of happiness and bring out that little artist. Colouring activities for kids are the best way to express their imagination and stay engaged at home. Your little angels may or may not be in online preschool yet, but the indoor kids activities mentioned here will surely help improve their key skills, develop brains and reach milestones.

Here are the top 6 drawing and painting activities for kids:

  1. Drawing activities with colour mixing:Teach your children to mix paints onto paper, and not in a palette. If you give your children a separate palette and paint, they will probably spend hours mixing colours to find their favourite shade. While it will keep them engaged, it will not help improve their drawing skill. So, encourage the kids to mix paints directly onto their paper. It is always engrossing to splash paint on paper. Just get some paint and paper; you are good to go. To teach colour mixing in online play school or online kindergarten, ask your child to mix two different colours to produce one new shade. For instance, mix yellow and red to make an orange colour. It will encourage visual judgement and colour production skill.

  2. Indoor kids activities with sidewalk chalk: Teaching drawing activities with sidewalk chalk offers plenty of benefits. It not only offers a good break from the stereotype of drawing supplies like pencils and crayons, but also keeps the kids engaged for a long time. Also, it helps improve hand-eye coordination, visual judgement, fine motor skills , and encourages creativity. Just give your child some sidewalk chalks and a piece of paper, sit back, and see what unique artwork he/she creates.

  3. Texture drawing activity with thread: Thread painting is an all-time engaging and fun activity, which allows kids to create different textured paint surfaces. It offers a sensory-rich art experience and can be done with all kinds of paints. Just give your kids some strands of yarn, a blank canvas, and paint to let his/her amazing creativity come out.

  4. Drawing activity with droppers: Online playgroup classes will no longer be boring with dropper painting activities. So, swap your paint brushes into droppers for a little fun! Also, it will develop extra strength in the tiny tots’ fingers and thumbs. Ask your child to fill the dropper with paint and release its contents slowly over the canvas. Let him/her do it several times using different droppers filled with different colours. It will produce abstract artwork to wow every eye.

  5. Online preschool activity with glue and raised salt:Raised salt painting is one of the most favourite painting activities for kids of all ages. All you need for this drawing activity are glue, salt, and some liquid colour, and you are good to go. Teach your kids to draw their favourite shape by squeezing the glue bottle onto the cardstock. Now, sprinkle salt on the design until the glue is completely covered and paint the salt-covered glue lines with the colours of their choices. Voila! An excellent artwork of your little artist is ready to hang in your drawing room.

  6. A back-and-forth indoor kids activity: It is an excellent drawing activity for kids that allows every child at home to draw from the other person’s drawings. This interactive drawing activity is a fun way to engage kids for hours and develop their creativity as well. It can be a super engaging activity if you have more than one child at home. In this indoor kids activity, one child starts the game by drawing something simple like a circle, a pair of eyes, a numeric digit, etc., and then the other child takes a turn to add elements back and forth to produce something unique. This unique drawing activity will exercise both their hands and their brain!

These are the top six drawing and home activities for kids to keep them engaged for hours whilst improving all their key skills.

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