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Summer Playdate Ideas for Toddlers- Fun with Friends in the Sun

‘School is Out!’

And no, we’re not merely talking about school concluding for the day. We’re speaking of the time when the School Year has ended! A time that brings about as much a sense of trepidation for parents, as it does unbridled joy for your kids!

This is a time when you will hear the words ‘I’m bored!’, ever so often. What’s worse, it’s usually the peak of summer when kids find themselves ‘totally free.’ If they don’t have ‘cool’ activities to indulge in, how on earth can we expect them to ‘cool off?

Are you looking for ‘What to do on a Playdate’ this summer? In this article, we have specially curated for you a list of Fun Activities for Playdates, to keep your little one occupied all this summer. Apart from all that fun in the sun, we also have some Indoor Playdate Ideas for your little one, on days when the Sun might be especially harsh! Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the best Summer Playdate Ideas for Toddlers!

Fun Activities for Playdates: Outdoor Playdate Ideas for Toddlers

School is Out, and so is the Sun! Presenting the best Summer Activities for your toddler to indulge in, whilst basking in the glorious rays of the Sun.

  1. Beach Day
  2. If you’re within proximity of a beach, you might want to head there with the entire kiddo jingbang!

    To do: Let your child and their friends indulge in the timeless joy of building castles, and watch them squeal in delight as you hold their hand and let them dip their feet in the surf.

  3. Water Balloon Fight
  4. Why wait for Holi, to get your kids to cool off?

    To do: You might want to fill plenty of water balloons with water the previous night, and stow them away in a couple of buckets. When the day arrives, take the kids outdoors and let them have a blast smashing those balloons on each other!

  5. Backyard Scavenger Hunt
  6. If you have a backyard, this one’s a perfect Outdoor Playdate Idea for kids, who are naturally ‘inquisitive.’

    To do: Make a list of items to be found in your garden. Like leaves, flowers and even some things you have hidden there. Then give the kids a sheet each of the items to find, and see who can find the most.

  7. Visiting a New Park
  8. When looking at What to do on a Playdate, this one’s pretty elementary! Surely, there must be some park out there that your child and their friends haven’t visited, right?

    To do: Take the children to that new park that you might have heard rave reviews of. Note: You have to carry all the supplies you need, including healthy snacks and plenty of water.

  9. Going Bird Watching
  10. Any budding Ornithologists out there? There’s one thing for certain, in any case. Namely, that ‘all children love birds!’

    To do: Armed with a binocular for each child and yourself, too, take the children into the outdoors. Have them ‘sight’ the different birds out there, and even take some ‘cool captures’ for memory’s sake. Tip: You might even make use of an ‘app’, to identify some strange, exotic-looking birds.

  11. The Backyard Obstacle Course
  12. All kids are up for a challenge or two, as they will be with this cool activity!

    To do: Make a simple obstacle course in the environs of your backyard, using common items like stones, twigs and even, hoses. Once that obstacle course has been created, you want to let the kids take turns completing it. Tip: You want to make it more exciting, by giving a prize to the child who completes it first.

  13. Pool Fun
  14. Getting your children into the pool is the easiest thing in the world. Needless to say, getting them out is the hardest!

    To do: Take the kids to the local pool, and have them revel in delight as they ‘literally’ cool off, in a way like no other!

  15. Cardboard Box Painting
  16. This one’s an activity that will bring back the spirit of ‘Holi’, quite like that Water Balloon Activity.

    To do: Give the kids some washable paint and brushes, and cardboard boxes to paint their hearts out on. Those junior Picassos will surely come up with some ‘masterpieces’ in the process!

Fun Activities for Playdates: Indoor Playdate Ideas for Toddlers

Is the blistering Sun getting the better of your kids? Time to let them cool off Indoors, with these ‘cool’ Indoor Playdate Ideas.

  1. Dance Party
  2. There’s nothing children love more, than grooving to cool beats!

    To do: Make a playlist of some peppy songs that kids will love dancing to, and let them ‘wiggle’ their way towards unbridled fun!

  3. Home Bakery
  4. Pretend play couldn’t be better, than with this cool Indoor Playdate idea.

    To do: Get some items together, like cookie cutters, cookie sheets and even a baking pan or two. Not forgetting to mention, some fun ‘pretend play food’, too! Then let the kids take turns, being ‘baker’ and ‘customer’! Tip: You might want to use ‘toddler clay’, so they can bake ‘pretend cookies.’

  5. Indoor Camping Fun
  6. Creating indoor forts, makes for a ‘safe space’ for children to go to!

    To do: Using blankets, create an indoor fort for the children. Throw in things like a flashlight, pillows and even a snack or two, to make it even more fun.

  7. Indoor Craft Fun
  8. Craft ideas work wonders, when stimulating the imaginative powers of little children.

    To do: All you need to do, is hand your child simple items like ‘feathers’ or even ‘buttons’, and let them unleash their creativity.

  9. Get those Toys out of the Closet
  10. Playing with toys is even more fun, when playing with our friends!

    To do: You want to bring out toys that children will love playing with together, like the following.

  • Blocks
  • Toy Cars
  • Balls
  • Stuffed animals

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