25 enjoyable playdate suggestions suitable for babies aged under 1 year
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25 enjoyable playdate suggestions suitable for babies aged under 1 year

25 Fun Activities for Baby Playdates

Baby playdates are not just a great opportunity for parents to socialise, but they also offer a chance for babies to interact and engage in fun activities with their peers. Organising a baby playdate for kids under one year old may seem challenging, but with a little creativity and planning, it can become a delightful experience for everyone involved. In this blog, we will unveil 25 enjoyable playdate suggestions and fun activities for playdates designed specifically for these tiny explorers. Get ready to dive into a world of wonder, curiosity, and endless laughter!

Imagine the giggles and squeals of delight as the little ones gather around a sensory play area, exploring soft fabrics, squishy toys, and colourful balls. Picture their eyes widening with awe as bubbles float through the air, captivating their attention. These are just a few examples of the enchanting playdate experiences we will explore together. Let’s jump right in and discover the perfect activities to make playdates unforgettable for babies under one year old.

Here are some fun playdate ideas for 1-year-olds:

Sensory Sensations:
Set up a sensory play area with different textures, such as soft fabrics, squishy toys, and sensory bins filled with rice or colourful balls. Let the little ones explore and touch various materials.

Bubble Bonanza:
Babies are fascinated by bubbles. Blow bubbles or use bubble machines to create a captivating and interactive environment.

Musical Magic:
Introduce a variety of age-appropriate musical instruments, such as shakers, tambourines, and mini xylophones. Encourage babies to explore the sounds and rhythms.

Baby Yoga:
Engage in gentle stretches and movements designed specifically for babies. Look for baby yoga classes in your area or follow guided videos online. As you guide your baby through the gentle poses and movements, you’ll witness their curiosity and wonder as they explore their bodies and build strength.

Messy Art:
Set up a safe space for finger painting using edible and non-toxic paints. Let the babies explore their creativity by using their hands and feet to make colourful masterpieces.

Baby Sign Language:
Introduce basic baby sign language gestures and signs. Encourage babies to communicate through simple signs like “more,” “milk,” or “play.” This hands-on activity stimulates their senses, enhances their fine motor skills, and encourages self-expression.

Story Time:
Gather a collection of interactive books suitable for babies. Read aloud and use animated voices to capture their attention. Reading aloud to your baby not only stimulates their language and cognitive development but also creates precious bonding moments between you and your little one.

Water Play:
Fill a shallow tub with warm water and provide baby-safe floating toys. Babies will enjoy splashing and exploring the water.

Sensory Bottles:
Create sensory bottles using water, glitter, beads, and other small objects. Seal the bottles tightly and let the babies shake and observe the mesmerising effects.

Baby Gym:
Set up a mini obstacle course with soft mats, tunnels, and padded blocks. Encourage babies to crawl, climb, and explore their physical abilities.

Mirror Magic:
Hang baby-safe mirrors at their eye level. Babies love looking at their own reflections and making funny faces.

Puppet Show:

Put on a simple puppet show with colourful puppets. Make the puppets move, sing, and interact with the babies.

Nature Walks:
Take the babies for a stroll in a nearby park or garden. Let them explore nature, feel the grass under their feet, and listen to the sounds of birds.

Baby Dance Party:
Create a playlist of lively and upbeat songs. Hold the babies in your arms and sway to the music or let them explore their own moves.

Tummy Time Play:
Set up a soft and safe area for babies to enjoy tummy time. Place toys, mirrors, and colourful objects within their reach to encourage exploration.

Sensory Playdough:
Make homemade playdough using baby-friendly ingredients. Add different scents and textures for a sensory experience.

Outdoor Picnic:
Organise a picnic in your backyard or a nearby park. Spread out a blanket and offer baby-friendly snacks. Let the babies enjoy the fresh air and socialise.

Baby Ball Pit:
Create a small ball pit using a shallow inflatable pool or large container. Fill it with soft, colourful balls for babies to dive into and explore.

Baby Massage Session:
Arrange a baby massage session where parents can learn gentle techniques to relax and bond with their little ones.

Nursery Rhyme Sing-Along:
Sing popular nursery rhymes and songs together. Use hand gestures and encourage babies to clap along.

Sensory Treasure Baskets:
Prepare treasure baskets with various safe objects of different colours, shapes, and textures. Babies can explore and discover the items in their own time.

Baby Obstacle Course:
Arrange pillows, cushions, and soft toys to create a mini obstacle course for babies to crawl through and explore.

Baby Sensory Lights:
Hang or project colourful lights on the ceiling or walls to create a mesmerising visual experience for the babies.

Baby-Friendly Puzzles:
Choose age-appropriate puzzles with large, colourful pieces for babies to manipulate and fit together.

Baby Massage Circle:
Arrange a baby massage circle where parents take turns massaging each other’s babies under the guidance of a certified instructor.


Playdates provide an excellent opportunity for babies under one year old to explore, socialise, and develop essential skills. By incorporating these 25 enjoyable playdate ideas, along with the option to expand the fun through themed playdates, you can create memorable experiences that foster curiosity, creativity, and friendship.

Just imagine the joy on their faces as they participate in sensory play, engage in tummy time exploration, or discover the wonders of music and movement. These fun activities for playdates offer a chance for babies to develop their senses, fine motor skills, and social interactions in a safe and nurturing environment.

So, gather your fellow parents, prepare a playdate schedule, and watch as your little ones embark on an incredible journey of discovery and laughter. With these playdate ideas for 1-year-olds and the option to add themes, you’re sure to create magical moments that will be treasured by both babies and parents alike. Let the joy and laughter unfold as you embark on these delightful playdates with your little ones. Happy playing!

Hey parents, we hope that you liked this blog as much as we loved writing it! For more such fun blogs, head to our blog section. To know more about us and our specially crafted curriculum, do visit the EuroKids centre nearest to your home!

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