15 Easy Balloon Games for Kids

Are you tired of your children playing the same old games every day? So, let’s add fun and excitement to their playtime with simple balloon games!

Balloons are a classic and versatile toy that can be used for various games that are entertaining and beneficial to your children’s development. These balloon games will keep your kids engaged and active while having a blast, from physical activity to creativity. So, let’s look at 15 simple balloon games for kids that will bring joy, laughter, and hours of entertainment to your home.

Here are the Best 15 Simple Balloon Games For Kids

Balloon Pop Relay Race

This is a fun balloon game that can be played with many people. Form teams of players and have them line up at the starting point. Arrange a slew of balloons at the finish line. The first player from each team must run to the finish line on the count of three, grab a balloon, and pop it by sitting on it or using their hands. They must return and tag the next player in line, who must repeat the process. The first team to pop all of their balloons wins.

Balloon Stomp

This is a fun and active game that can be played inside and outside. Tie a balloon to each player’s ankle with a string. The players must then try to stomp on the other players’ balloons while protecting their own. The player with the last intact balloon wins. Balloon stomp is one of the easiest games for kids.

Hot Balloon

This balloon game can be played by any number of people. While the music plays, have the players sit in a circle and pass the balloon around. When the music stops, the player with the balloon must pop it and complete a silly task or answer a trivia question before returning to the game. The winner is the last player standing.

Pass the Parcel

This is a classic and one of the easiest games for kids. Pass the Parcel is another party game that can be played with a balloon, but the object of the game changes. While the music plays, wrap a medium-sized balloon in layers of gift wrap or tissue paper and pass it around the circle. Instead of unwrapping a gift when the music stops, the child holding the balloon must unwrap a layer of paper without popping the balloon. The game is over if a child pops the balloon! A fun balloon activity, indeed!

Balloon Tennis

This is a fun game for two children. Make the tennis rackets out of paper plates or cardboard and the net out of string. The players must then hit the balloon repeatedly over the net with their rackets. The point is forfeited by the player who drops the balloon.

Hot Potato

This is a great indoor balloon game that many people can play. While music is playing, players must pass a balloon around the room. When the music stops, the balloon player must use their body to pop it. The player who pops the balloon is eliminated, and the game continues until only one player remains.

Keep It Up

Each child must keep their balloon aloft by hitting it upwards and not allowing it to fall to the ground. When you play with a group of kids, they toss the balloon up simultaneously. They sit down if anyone drops their balloon. Play until a winner is determined – the last child still hits their balloon. A small bat or racket can also be used to play this game. Hit the balloon with the bat to keep it from falling.


Draw a dartboard on a piece of cardboard and tape it to the wall. Then, blow up some balloons and tape them to the dart board. Players must throw darts or small balls at them to pop the balloons. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins. What a fun balloon activity!

Balloon Relay Race

This game is best played outside and can be played by two or more people. Divide the players into teams and have them race to and from a specific location while carrying a balloon between their knees. If the balloon falls, the player must stop and retrieve it before proceeding. The team that finishes the relay race first wins.

Balloon Swingball

Create a swing ball game with a balloon. This game is great for hand-eye coordination and is easy to set up and play repeatedly. Fix a balloon to the top of a long pole hammered into the ground with string or rope. Hit the balloon back and forth with a partner using a small, light bat or racket. This can also be played on its own.

Balloon Scavenger Hunt

One or more people can play this game. Hide balloons throughout the house or yard and give the players a time limit to find as many balloons as possible. The player who finds the most balloons in the shortest time wins.

Sticky Balloons

Challenge kids to rub a balloon on their clothes and see if it sticks to them using static electricity. Time how long the balloon stays in place or how many balloons a child can get to stick at once. Children can work in groups to attach balloons.

Balloon Charades

This is a fun game for a large group of children. Put different words or phrases on different pieces of paper in a bowl. Pick a piece of paper and have one player act out the word or phrase without speaking while the other tries to guess what it is. The player who correctly guesses the next word or phrase gets to choose the next word or phrase.

Paint Balloon

As long as you’re prepared for the mess, this is a great option for parties. Fill the balloons with liquid paint before blowing them up and having some paintball fun. Ensure everyone is dressed up and follows the rules from the water balloon fight. It would be great to have a swimming pool to jump into after the game or a hosepipe to hose everyone down.

Water Balloon Fight

Filling balloons with water and throwing them at each other is one of the most entertaining things to do with them. On a hot day, this is a great outdoor game to play with everyone dressed in swimming costumes. Make some ground rules, such as no aiming at faces, and then step back and let the kids have fun. If you want to play to a winner, you will be eliminated if a balloon hits you and bursts open.

So there you have it: 15 simple balloon games for kids that guarantee hours of laughter and entertainment. These games are entertaining, and balloon play encourages physical activity, creativity, and teamwork. Balloons are inexpensive and versatile toys that can be used for various games and activities. Furthermore, balloon play can provide a safe and stress-free environment for children to learn important skills such as hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. So, grab a pack of balloons and play some of these games with your kids. You might join the fun and become a balloon game expert!

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