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Fun Basketball Games for Kids: Indoors and Out

Basketball is a terrific sport that teaches not just physical fitness but also collaboration, coordination, and competitiveness in children. Basketball, whether played indoors or outdoors, may be a terrific way to keep youngsters active and engaged. This article will look at 19 fun basketball games to play and activities for kids, both indoors and out. We’ll also delve into some basic basketball game rules to help your young players get started on the right foot.

Indoor Basketball Games for Kids

Mini Hoop Madness: Set up a mini basketball hoop over the door and let your kids take shots from different spots in the room. Make it a friendly competition by keeping score and challenging each other to make the most baskets.

Balloon Basketball: Inflate a balloon and use it as the basketball. The lightweight balloon makes dribbling easier, and it’s a fun way for kids to practise their ball-handling skills indoors.

Basketball Tic-Tac-Toe: Create a tic-tac-toe board on the floor using tape. Kids can take turns shooting a small ball into the squares to win the game. It’s a fun way to improve accuracy and strategize.

Musical Hoops: Similar to musical chairs, but with a basketball twist. Lay out hula hoops or small hoops in a circle on the floor. Play some music and have the kids dribble inside the circle. When the music stops, they must make a basket from wherever they are standing. The last one to score is out, and the game continues until only one player remains.

Obstacle Course Dribble: Set up an obstacle course using cushions, pillows, and other soft objects. Have your kids dribble the ball through the course without knocking anything over. It’s a great way to enhance dribbling skills.

Horse: Just like the traditional game of Horse, kids take turns attempting difficult shots. If a player makes a shot that the others can’t replicate, they earn a letter (H-O-R-S-E). The first to spell “Horse” loses the game.

Around the World: Place spots around the room or court where players must make a basket. Start close to the hoop and gradually move farther away. The objective is to make a basket from each spot without missing.

Buddy Basketball: Pair up the kids into teams of two. One player is blindfolded, and the other player must guide them using only their voice to make a basket. This game promotes communication and teamwork.

Basketball Bowling: Set up a pyramid of empty plastic bottles at the end of the room or hallway. Kids take turns rolling the basketball to knock down as many pins as possible with as few shots as they can. Award points for each pin knocked over.

Outdoor Basketball Games for Kids

Hot Shot: This is similar to Around the World but played outdoors. Set up different shooting spots around the court or driveway. Players take turns shooting from each spot, and the first to make a basket from all spots wins.

Dunk Contest: If you have an adjustable hoop, organise a mini dunk contest. Kids can take turns trying creative dunks while the others judge their performance. Make sure to emphasise safety and provide assistance for younger children.

Around the World Relay Race: Similar to the indoor version, but this time, players must make a basket from different spots on the outdoor court. Use chalk or tape to mark the shooting spots.

Dribble Relay Race: Organise a relay race where each player must dribble the ball to a designated spot and back. The next player in line goes once they’ve completed the course. The team that finishes first wins.

Pass and Pivot Relay: Divide the kids into teams. One player from each team passes the ball to their teammate, who must catch it, pivot around, and make a pass to the next teammate in line. The relay continues until all team members have had a turn. The first team to finish wins.

Basketball Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of basketball-related items or clues and hide them around the outdoor area. Kids work in pairs or teams to find the items or solve the clues. This game combines physical activity with problem-solving.

Capture the Flag Basketball Style: Adapt the classic Capture the Flag game by using basketballs as the “flags.” Split the players into two teams, and each team tries to capture the other team’s basketball while defending their own.

3-on-3 Tournament: Invite friends or family for a mini 3-on-3 basketball tournament. It’s a great way for kids to experience real-game situations while having fun.

Knockout: This fast-paced game involves multiple players shooting from the free-throw line. The objective is to make your shot before the player behind you does. If they make it before you, you’re “knocked out.”

Steal the Bacon: Divide the kids into two teams, each guarding their hoop. Place a basketball (the “bacon”) at the centerline. When the game starts, both teams try to steal the bacon and score in the opposing team’s hoop.

That concludes the list of  some of the best basketball games to play 🙂

Basketball Game Rules for Kids

It’s important to teach kids the basic rules of basketball to ensure they have a clear understanding of the game. Here are some simplified rules suitable for young players:

Dribbling: Explain that players must bounce the ball while moving. Travelling (taking too many steps without dribbling) is not allowed.

Passing: Teach them the fundamentals of chest passes and bounce passes. Encourage teamwork and passing to open teammates.

Shooting: Explain that the objective is to score by putting the ball in the opponent’s hoop. Show them how to shoot with one hand and follow through.

Defence: Teach kids the importance of staying in front of their opponent without making physical contact. Emphasise the concept of stealing the ball legally.

Scoring: Explain that a basket is worth two points, and a shot from beyond the three-point line is worth three points. Free throws are worth one point each.

Fouls: Let them know that certain physical contact, like pushing or tripping, is not allowed and results in fouls. The opponent gets free throws if fouled during a shot.

Out of Bounds: Show them the court boundaries and explain that the ball is out of bounds if it crosses these lines. The other team gets possession.

Teamwork: Encourage good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for opponents and referees.


When it comes to kid-friendly pursuits, basketball is a shining example of camaraderie, enjoyment, and fitness. These 19 creative basketball games and activities for kids are carefully chosen to be played both indoors and outdoors, giving children a fun chance to experience the magic of the game. Beyond dribbling and shooting, these activities foster sportsmanship, teamwork, and decision-making, fostering an environment where kids can develop emotionally and physically.

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So, gather your young hoopsters, bring out the basketball, and let the games begin. Through these entertaining basketball activities, you’ll not only keep them active but also inspire a lifelong love for the sport. Who knows? Your family might just discover a new passion that strengthens bonds and enriches lives.

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