Teaching Months of the Year to Kids: A Fun Learning Guide

‘What Day is it today?’

How often we ask ourselves this question. Especially when thinking of an event we have to attend, on a date not far away.

For your little one, there’s an unbridled enthusiasm that is prevalent, when you ask them what month it might be. After all, this is the time when they are learning all sorts of interesting things. Things like Numbers and even new Words that are continually being added to their ever-expanding Vocabulary.

Words that must include the Names of Months, too.

Learning the Names of Months, actually makes for a most fun exercise for kids. Knowing the names of the months and being able to match them to actual months on the calendar, turns out to be a most fun learning process.

In this article we will show you how you can teach the months of the year to your little ones, in a fun and effective manner. They will delight in learning things like How Many Months in the Year have 31 Days, and more.

Let’s begin, with a look at how to present the months of the year to the young, discerning minds of those avid learners.

Presenting Months of the Year to Kids

Probably the best way to get children to effectively learn the names of the months of the year, would be helping them relate those very names to their lives.

For starters, you can present a Calendar to your kids and ask them to pinpoint ‘where’ they feel the current month might be. They can do this in any manner of their choosing, be it counting the pages from the front, or even looking for public holidays.

Once you have gotten their minds well-stimulated and prepared for learning the names of months, it is time to present them with a list of the months of the year, in order.

List of Months: Teaching the English Names for the 12 Months of the Year to Kids

Teaching Months of the Year in Order to kids, is never a chore. From learning about what Seasons the months mark, to how many months in a year have 31 days, children will never tire of the Month-learning journey.

Presenting the list of months of the year in order, in the most effective manner.


The best way to remember this month is to recall it being the First Month of the Year!

Apart from being the first calendar month, January also marks the Winter Season in India.

Number of Days: 31


This month, which marks the Second month of the year, is probably the most fun to learn for children. Simply because, it has a Different Number of Days, at different times.

Children will truly relish understanding the concept of a Leap Year. That is how the name ‘February’ will find itself firmly etched in the minds of young learners.

Note: This month also marks the end of the winter season, and beginning of the Spring Season in India.

Number of Days: 28 or 29


The popular phrase ‘The Ides of March’, is not the best way to introduce the ‘March’ month name to young children.

Tell them it’s ‘Springtime’, however, and that will help firmly ensconced the name of this third month of the year, in their minds.

Number of Days: 31


The fourth month of the year, this one heralds a major shift in the climate.

This is the month when you can finally say, ‘Summer is here!’ Not exciting when it comes to the excessive heat this month is characterised by, but certainly so for those joyous Summer Holidays!

Number of Days: 30


This fifth month of the year is marked by some blisteringly hot temperatures!

Introducing your kids to the concept of Labour Day, which falls on the first day of this month, is a fun way to get them to remember this month’s name.

Number of Days: 31


This sixth month of the year is another month that marks an important transition in the weather.

This is the month when kids will first feel those precious droplets of Water that fall from the sky, giving relief to one and all from the scorching heat. You got that right, it’s the beginning of the Rainy Season!

Number of Days: 30


In this, the seventh month of the year, Summer is but a distant memory.

Children in most parts of the country will delight in the idea of a possible holiday or two, in this month of heavy to very heavy rainfall.

Number of Days: 31


August is the eighth month of the year, and the last ‘proper’ monsoon month.

The best way to get your kids to remember this month is to point out the important festivals it has. Festivals like Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan and Onam.

Number of Days: 31


This ninth month of the year, marks the end of the Indian monsoon.

Teacher’s Day falls in this month, so children must certainly remember its name well!

Number of Days: 30


Just like the months of summer, this tenth month of the year is characterized by some pretty intense heat.

It’s imperative to teach all kids that the second day of this month marks the birth anniversary of the legendary Mahatma Gandhi!

Number of Days: 31


Yet again, some respite from the heat in this month!

The eleventh month of the calendar year, this one marks the beginning of Winter.

Number of Days: 30


Last but not the least is this one, the twelfth month of the year.

Marked by delightful cold weather, this is a month of merrymaking, with festivals like Christmas and New Year.

Number of Days: 31

At EuroKids we believe that teaching the Names of Months to kids is far more beneficial than merely assisting them with their Curriculum. It also aids them in developing a sense of Time, which in turn helps them memorise the dates of important occasions like Birthdays.

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