Gandhi Jayanti: 7 Engaging Tasks for Kids to Enhance Their Understanding of Mahatma Gandhi


Gandhi Jayanti: 7 Engaging Activities for Kids

Gandhi Jayanti is a significant day in India. On this day, the country commemorates the birth anniversary of the father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (also known as Mahatma Gandhi). This day is not only a holiday, but also a showcase of the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, a remarkable leader who helped secure independence for India from the British Empire. It is a wonderful opportunity for parents to introduce their children to principles of non-violence, truth and simplicity, and thus help them develop valuable life skills in a fun and engaging way.

When is Gandhi Jayanti?

The good thing about national holidays is that you will never be left wondering ‘when is Gandhi Jayanti’. Gandhi Jayanti is observed on 2nd October, which is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. It is officially a national holiday, so all banks, schools and offices are closed for the day.

Why do we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti?

Gandhi Jayanti is not just a day to remember Mahatma Gandhi; it is an opportunity to celebrate important values. So why do we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti across the country? By learning about Gandhi Jayanti, we can understand the significance of non-violence, truth and simplicity in today’s world. Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings continue to inspire generations and, by passing them on to our children with a Gandhi Jayanti celebration, his legacy lives on.

Here are seven engaging tasks for kids during their Gandhi Jayanti celebration.

  1. Storytime with Bapu:
  2. Reading is one of the best ways to introduce children to historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi. Start by picking age-appropriate books that tell his life story. There are many beautifully illustrated books with Gandhi Jayanti information available for children. They beautifully depict Mahatma Gandhi’s journey from childhood to becoming the leader of the Indian independence movement. You will be surprised how much children can absorb in one reading. After the reading session is complete, you can revise all the Gandhi Jayanti information by engaging your little ones in a discussion. You will be able to see how much your children have understood about his values and the impact he had on India and the world.

  3. Gandhi’s Spinning Wheel Craft:
  4. A great way to spend your Gandhi Jayanti celebration is by doing a fun craft project. Mahatma Gandhi was a strong advocate for spinning and weaving cloth as a way to promote self-reliance and the use of Indian products.  Teach your children this value by organising a craft activity! With the use of cardboard, pencils and string, help them create their own mini spinning wheel. As they put their own wheels together, you can explain the importance of the spinning wheel in Gandhi’s philosophy and how it symbolised the empowerment of rural India. There is nothing like the gift of self-reliance through a creative and fun activity for your children.

  5. Dandi March Reenactment:
  6. Another way to share more about Gandhi Jayanti is through theatre! Children love role-playing, and putting on a skit with your kids can be an enjoyable and informative activity. The Dandi March, also known as the Salt March, was one of Mahatma Gandhi’s most famous acts of civil disobedience. Invite your kids and their friends to reenact this historic event in your backyard or living room. Provide them with all the necessary props such as white clothes, wooden sticks and a container of salt. Explain the significance of the march, by introducing the concept of a ‘peaceful protest’. Narrate the tale of bravery that challenged the British salt monopoly. This activity will help children appreciate the power of peaceful resistance. Not only that, it will also strengthen teamwork, cooperation and interdependence!

  7. Gandhi’s Favourite Foods:
  8. We all want our kids to eat healthy food, but often struggle to find a balance between ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty’. An interesting way to promote a healthy diet could be the backdrop of Mahatma Gandhi’s dietary habits on Gandhi Jayanti. Mahatma Gandhi believed in the importance of a simple vegetarian diet. So why not make yummy vegetarian food with your kids? Bring the celebration into the kitchen and prepare some of Gandhi’s favourite vegetarian dishes like khichdi or vegetable stew!

  9. Gandhi’s Quotes Wall Art:
  10. Gandhi’s wisdom and words continue to inspire people around the world today. Choose a few of his famous quotes, such as “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and turn them into a creative art project. Provide your children with art supplies and let them design their own posters or wall art featuring these quotes. Hang their creations around the house to remind them of Gandhi’s timeless principles. Not only is this art activity going to be fun, but it will be a reminder to the children of the celebratory memories of Gandhi Jayanti.

  11. The Salt Experiment:
  12. If your children are a curious bunch and love science, then another engaging activity related to Mahatma Gandhi’s principles is the salt experiment. Fill a small container with water and add a few spoonfuls of salt. With the help of a magnifying glass, ask your children to observe what happens when the water evaporates. Allow your children to try different combinations of water and salt quantities to see if the results vary. Use this simple experiment to explain how Gandhi’s fight against the salt tax was symbolic of his larger struggle for justice and equality.

  13. Visit Gandhi Ashram or Museum:
  14. One of the best ways to go down memory lane and expose your children to Mahatma Gandhi is by visiting a museum. There are several Gandhi museums across India. And if you live near one, plan a visit with your children on Gandhi Jayanti. Not only are these museums filled with historical artefacts and photographs, they also exhibit Gandhi’s life’s work. During the visit, encourage your children to ask questions and engage with the exhibits. It’s a great way to make history come alive for them.

    So, this Gandhi Jayanti, let’s celebrate not only the man but also the ideals he stood for, while creating lasting memories. At EuroKids, we believe in giving children the opportunity to find new and innovative ways to explore history. We are all about making learning fun. For more details, visit Eurokids today.