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Impact Of Cartoons Characters On Children

If you thought that you couldn’t do without your daily fix of cartoon time in your childhood, imagine what it is like for kids of today. After all, they are being born and brought up in a largely electronic world, a world where their favourite cartoon show is just a click away. Is it appropriate to let our children indulge in seemingly harmless cartoon fun, for hours? Let’s take a look at both sides of this coin.

Positive Impact of Cartoon Characters on Children

There are plenty of reasons why kids should watch cartoons!

  1. They expand their imagination
  2. All cartoons help children’s brains forge vital connections on their own. Relying on a variety of senses, children get a boost to their powers of imagination.

  3. They help them learn new things
  4. Educational cartoons for kids go a long way in teaching them things they didn’t already know. For instance, when they watch the Ramayana or Mahabharata, they learn all about Indian mythology.

  5. They learn to think ahead
  6. Another great reason for children to watch cartoons is to let them watch and learn how the cartoon characters overcome problems. Through this, they subconsciously learn to think ahead and solve future problems.

  7. Laughter, the greatest stress buster
  8. What better way to relieve stress in kids than making them laugh? Probably the single biggest impact of cartoons on children is their ability to cause the release of endorphins that are responsible for that ‘feel good’ state of mind.

  9. They discover new passions
  10. Cartoons, especially educational cartoons for kids, can help them discover passions they would have otherwise never discovered.

  11. Developing critical and analytical thinking
  12. Watching cartoons helps promote brain growth and serves to enhance memory. Certainly one of the biggest factors responsible for opening the doors to a lifetime of learning.

Negative Effects of Cartoon On Child Development

Let’s look at the negative impacts of cartoons on child behaviour and development:

  1. The Use of Foul Language
  2. One of the most negative effects of cartoons on children is their ability to influence kids into using foul language, on account of the explicit language they might contain.

  3. Increased aggression and sexually inappropriate behaviour
  4. Cartoons, especially those of the violent kind, might have your child becoming hyperactive and overly aggressive. They might even start breaking toys to express their displeasure. Sexually inappropriate content can also have a negative influence on kids.

  5. Health Problems
  6. A no-brainer, really. Long hours spent in front of the television might lead to your child becoming obese, or even nutritionally deficient owing to poor eating habits. You should motivate your kid to go out, interact with other kids, make friends and be active.

  7. Role Models for The Unreal
  8. Superhero cartoons like Spiderman with the hero casting a web and flying from one building to the next might create unrealistic expectations and unrealistic role models for the kids. Cartoons like this might influence the kids into thinking those moves are real and they can do it too.

  9. Unruly Behaviour
  10. Children who watch cartoons might feel it’s alright to be rude to others because their favourite cartoon character behaves similarly. What’s worse, cartoons might, in the same manner, promote a lack of empathy in kids too.

  11. Hyper Stimulating Visuals
  12. Prolonged screen time and fast-paced sequences in particular can interfere with the development of executive functions in children. Such animated shows can affect the ability of children to self-regulate and control their emotions. Intense visuals can also sometimes cause photosensitive epilepsy. The ‘Pokemon episode seizure incident’ is one example. During a scene in the episode, they used an animation technique that flashed different coloured lights on the screen, with a flash effect that emitted a strong beam of light. The result was a sequence of flashes in a frequency higher than 10 hertz, or 10 flashes per second, which caused photosensitive epileptic seizures in more than 600 children.

Dealing with the Negative Effects of Cartoons on Your Children

Does your child consider a violent cartoon character as his/her role model? Do you feel your kids are too much addicted to those virtual superstars? Here are some invaluable tips to best handle the side effects of watching cartoons.

  1. Encourage them to play outside more
  2. Encourage your children to go outside more often. Help them make friends or even be their friend. Introducing a new outdoor sport like cycling, football, cricket etc can motivate them to go out and play. If you feel your children must have other interests like dance, music or art, it is best to provide classes or coaching to make them busy and this will help in skill development as well. Try to arrange more outdoor activities with your kids or arrange a playdate for them, so that they don’t find cartoons to be the only solution to their boredom.

  3. Watch cartoons with them
  4. When you watch cartoons with your kids, you will get the opportunity to monitor what they are watching and this is also an excellent way to bond well with your children. This will also spark conversation between you and your kids and help you understand their take on this cartoon and its characters. You can always ask questions about their favourite characters and the reason behind the fandom.

  5. Allocate a fixed amount of TV Time
  6. Allocate a fixed duration for their cartoon time. You can also reward your children with a fixed duration of cartoon time after they are done with homework and assignments. Make study time more fun and engaging so that children are more into it than cartoons.

  7. Select appropriate cartoons
  8. It is always best to go through the cartoon content yourself before introducing it to your kids. Encourage your children to watch cartoons that do not promote negative behaviour and make sure they watch plenty of educational ones. Go for slow and less stimulating cartoons.

  9. Explain to them the difference between cartoons and reality
  10. When you see your children awestruck with the superpowers of their favourite cartoon characters don’t forget to give them a reality check. Children should be educated on the realities and learn that they cannot simply fly from buildings or escape unharmed if they are beaten up by a mob.

At EuroKids we believe that watching cartoons for children is good, but only in healthy doses. Further, we place a great deal of emphasis on encouraging children to only watch content that benefits them in some tangible way.

For informative and accurate articles on all things related to your new born-toddler’s development, growth, health and nutrition, follow EuroKids Blogs and do check out our nationally recognized preschools – EuroKids for the first step in your kid’s educational journey!

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