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The Marvels of Baby Brain Development: Unveiling Stages, Components, and Nurturing Growth

Once upon a time, there was the Big Bang…
That was the origin of our Universe, as we know it today.
Did you know, that it was in the initial fractions of a moment after the Big Bang occurred, that around 98 percent of the Universe as we know it today, was formed?

Those early stages were the most crucial, where it came to giving us things like Gravity and Electromagnetism. The very forces that shape the Universe as we know it today.

Talking about ‘early stages’, Baby Brain Development can be somewhat compared to The Big Bang. It’s in these nascent stages, that the brain can be seen to develop at a rapid pace, producing a whopping million plus neural connections!

Yes, this brain growth, that typically occurs during the first years of the life of a baby, makes for one of the most active stages of Baby Brain Development.

The Baby Brain: A Closer Look
There is no difference between a Baby Brain and an Adult Brain. Perhaps a better term to use here, would be ‘The Human Brain.’
A brain, that is composed of the following 3 parts:

Brain Stem and Cerebellum

These form the vital ‘physical links’ between the Spinal Cord and the Brain.

Functions: Important in controlling breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and reflexes.

The Limbic System

This one can be found sitting atop the Brain Stem.
Functions: This meticulous ‘System’ is assigned with many tasks, like regulating Emotions, Thirst, Hunger, and even the myriad ‘rhythms’ of the body.

Cerebral Cortex

You have surely heard about ‘left-brained’ and ‘right-brained’ people, right? Those left and right ‘hemispheres’ of the brain, can be found on either side of the Cerebral Cortex.

It has the following parts, along with their functions:

  • The Occipital Lobe. Aids Vision.
  • The Temporal Lobe. This one is important for Hearing and Language.
  • The Frontal Lobe. This one’s behind things like Memory and Problem Solving.
  • The Parietal Lobe. This is responsible for us feeling things like Pain, Heat and Cold.

Brain Growth in Babies: Stages

Did you know, that your baby’s brain has actually been developing ever since they were in the Womb? There’s a reason we hear stories of babies ‘responding’, when Mama hears some of her favourite music!

The development of the brain typically occurs in these 3 stages:

  1. The First Trimester
  2. Ever wondered how your baby seems to move around in Mama’s womb? It’s on account of those ‘neural connections’ that are forged in their brains, during this first trimester of pregnancy.

  3. The Second Trimester
  4. ‘Bring it on!’, the Baby Brain seems to say, vis a vis its development. Here we see the formation of even more neural connections and brain tissue.

  5. The Third Trimester
  6. This actually represents a key stage in the development of Baby’s Brain. During this period, the Cerebral Cortex assumes a greater importance than the Brain Stem, and helps prepare the child for their future learning.

Baby Brain Development: Food

All Indian Mothers love feeding their children, so they will be delighted to know that they can actually help Baby’s brain develop, through ‘Feeding’!

The very first thing that you need to know, is this: Breast Milk is Gold!

Yes, if you can breastfeed your child, there’s nothing quite like it! This is hands down the best food for brain development that you can give your baby, during those crucial, first 6 months of Brain Development.

Note: While breastfeeding your baby, you also want to do things like ‘make eye contact with them’, and ‘smile.’ These are nothing short of ‘positive experiences’, that will give a boost to brain development, alongside that precious breast milk.

When your baby is older, you want to incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables in their diets. The idea here is to make sure they get all the nutrients like Iron, that fruits and veggies offer.

Baby Brain Development: Supporting It

As a parent, there is actually plenty that you can do, to aid the healthy development of that Baby Brain. Like the following:

  1. Respond to them lovingly
  2. Of course you’re going to be running towards Baby every single time you find them crying. However, you need to take notice on occasions when they are merely ‘babbling’, or perhaps just ‘smiling’. Ensure you respond Lovingly to them. This will go a long way towards the development of Baby’s brain.

  3. Take good care of Mama!
  4. We have already seen how Baby’s Brain Development starts in the womb itself. That is why, a good deal of focus should be placed on ensuring Mama’s good health. Make sure that her diet is laced with plenty of nutritious foods.

  5. Help them learn through Play
  6. The very first Playdate that Baby will go on, will be in the confines of their home and with none other than their Parents! By merely playing simple games with them, you will go a long way in aiding the development of their Brains.

  7. Ensuring a calm and secure environment
  8. If there is one thing that can hamper the development of a baby’s brain, it will be their undergoing a sense of distress. Make sure that their environment is calm and safe.

  9. Getting regular healthcare
  10. Make sure you don’t miss a single doctor’s appointment, so the health of your baby is always monitored, and they get all the vaccines they need.

We at EuroKids believe that the early years of the life of a child are crucial where it comes to developing those vital ‘Brain Connections.’ That is exactly why we encourage all parents to take special care of their little ones, with a view to aiding the key process of Baby Brain Development.

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