Impact of Cartoons Characters on Children

The Impact of Cartoon Characters on Children's Behaviour

If you thought that you couldn’t do without your daily fix of cartoon time in your childhood, imagine what it is like for kids of today. After all, they have been born and brought up in a world largely electronic. A world where all they have to do is click a few buttons on that iPad for the cartoon show of their choice.

Might it be appropriate to let our children indulge in seemingly harmless cartoon fun, for hours on end? Presenting a look at both sides of the coin, starting with the positive impact cartoons have on our children.

Positive Impact of Cartoon Characters on Children

There’s plenty of reasons why kids should watch cartoons!

They expand their imagination
All cartoons help children’s brains forge vital connections on their own. Relying on a variety of senses, children get a boost to their powers of imagination.

They help them learn new things
Educational cartoons for kids go a long way in teaching them things they didn’t already know. For instance, when they watch the Ramayana or Mahabharata, they learn all about Indian mythology.

They learn to think ahead
Another great reason for children to watch kids cartoons is their being exposed to how cartoon characters overcome the several problems they face. Through this, they subconsciously learn to think ahead and solve future problems.

Laughter, the greatest stress buster
What better way to relieve stress in kids than by having them laugh? Probably the single biggest impact of cartoons on children is the power they have to release endorphins that are responsible for that ‘feel good’ state of mind.

They discover new passions
Cartoons, especially educational cartoons for kids, can help children discover passions they would have otherwise never discovered.

Developing critical and analytical thinking
Watching cartoons helps promote brain growth and serves to enhance memory. Certainly one of the biggest factors responsible for opening the doors to a lifetime of learning.

Negative Impact of Cartoon Characters on Children

There’s a dark side to watching cartoons, too.

The Use of Foul Language
A highly negative impact of cartoons on children’s behaviour is their ability to influence kids into using foul language, on account of the explicit language they might contain.

Increased aggression and sexually inappropriate behaviour
Cartoons, especially those of the violent kind, might have your child becoming hyperactive and overly aggressive. They might even start breaking toys to express their displeasure. Sexually inappropriate content can also negatively influence kids.

Health Problems
A no-brainer, really. Long hours spent in front of the television might lead to your child becoming obese, or even nutritionally deficient owing to poor eating habits. Time for that couch potato to get active!

Role Models for The Unreal
When your kid watches Spiderman cast a web and literally ‘fly’ from one building to the next, they might just believe they can do the same! There’s plenty of other cartoon characters that make for some highly unrealistic role models.

Unruly Behaviour
Children that watch cartoons might feel it’s alright to be rude to others, because their favourite cartoon character behaves in similar fashion. What’s worse, cartoons might, in the same manner, promote a lack of empathy in kids too.

Dealing with the Negative Effects of Cartoons on your Children

Has that violent cartoon character become a role model for your child, instead of you? Not able to get your child off the couch in front of that idiot box? Here’s some invaluable tips to best handle the side effects of watching cartoons on your kids.

  • Encourage them to play outside more. Let your children play more outside as opposed to sitting in front of that TV screen all day long, as a mute spectator to their favourite cartoon character.

  • Watch cartoons with them. When you watch cartoons with your kids, you will get the opportunity to monitor what they are watching, apart from bonding well with your children. Moreover, you will understand what exactly it is about their favourite cartoon character that they relate to best.

  • Allocate a fixed amount of TV Time. It might be between 10 12 p.m. on the weekends. Just ensure that your kids have done their homework and assignments, before they can watch TV.

  • Select appropriate cartoons. Encourage your children to watch cartoons that do not promote negative behaviour. Make sure they watch plenty of educational cartoons.

  • Explain to them the difference between cartoons and reality. Children should know that they cannot simply fly from buildings or escape unharmed if they are beaten up by a mob, like they witness in cartoons.

At EuroKids we believe that watching cartoons for children is good, but only in healthy doses. Further, we place a great deal of emphasis in encouraging children to only watch content that benefits them in some tangible way.