Fun Rainy Day Crafts for Little Ones

Unfortunately, it does not rain cats and dogs anywhere but when you plan your day around going out to play or do some activities and then you wake up to gray murky skies, it is enough to put off any enthusiastic child. But fear not, parents! Even on a rainy day, don’t let your child sit idle; School buses have a range of easy crafts for children which can be done at home. Whether it’s small projects for the toddlers, more complex tasks for kids a bit older or even projects for older kids who love to make more detailed creations, there is always something to do for everyone. Well, grab your art materials and put on your brainstorming hats and let this rainy day valuable art mania begin!

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Rainy Day Craft Ideas:

  1. Paper Plate Rainbows
  2. Go through the following simple steps to brighten up your day with colorfol rainbows using paper plates. Essentials of this concept are paper plates, bright colored construction papers, scissors and glues. Take colored paper and cut out arches with the craft knife; these have to be pasted on a plate in the correct rainbow manner. You can let the kids draw raindrops or clouds on it, or put stickers or sprinkle glitter on the rainbows for more colors.

  3. Rain Cloud Mobile:
  4. Turn a plain paper plate into a delightfol rain cloud decoration with a few quick and easy steps. Printable cloud shapes from the plate and glue them on a piece of wired glass then suspend them from a stick or hanger using strings or yarns. Create several blue and white pom poms or cotton balls that need to hang from the clouds as raindrops if possible. This cute craft will indolge your kids and make them Develop their knowledge about the water cycle as well.

  5. Raindrop Sun Catchers:
  6. Handy with rainbows – Let the raindrops shine through these colored sun catchers. Get small clear contact paper or any plastic sheets in the form of raindrop shapes and allow the young ones to make them colorfol by gluing tissue papers, cellophane, or even crushed candies in the middle of the cuttings. After that, place the contact paper on the raindrops so as no side of the raindrops is exposed to any other material. After that, align the raindrops on two pieces having contact paper on it and then hang them where they can catch the sunlight.

  7. Umbrella Painting
  8. Help to create a unique piece of art out of an ordinary umbrella. You can open up an umbrella and let your little Picassos run free or rather draw their pet umbrella designs with tempera paints or markers. It is also possible to use sponges, or stamps when applying colors so that it talks of texture and patterns. When the painting is dry, you will find yourself having created a masterpiece to hang on a wall and admire when it is raining.

Rainy Day Craft Activities:

  1. Handprint Rainbows
  2. Bring out your crafting supplies, here’s an adorable handprint rainbow craft that you can do with your child to celebrate his development. Wash their tiny hands and let the kids dip these in different paints and then have the kids imprint on the paper or any cotton canvas to make a beautifol rainbow. Of course, it can be complemented by a motivational quote or their name, which will make it very meaningfol indeed.

  3. Rain Stick Shakers
  4. Make indoor rain sticks and enjoy the fresh sound of rain. Cardboard tubes (the ones that come in boxes with cereal or paper towels) can be filled with rice, beads or dried beans before being wrapped in bright coloured paper or painted. When your kids shake the rain sticks, the soothing noise that is evocative of the rain will fascinate your children.

  5. Rainy Day Sensory Bottles
  6. Seen below are some of the best and cutest ways to creatively entertain your little ones through these sensory bottles. Bury vinegar, ink, soda, and some hand soap in clear plastic bottles with water and food dye. Shake them up to create little storms and pour out the answers while bottled and sealed up tight. This will attract and entice their attention with the shimmering twirl and colours.

  7. Puffy Paint Umbrellas
  8. The name may sound like a fairly standard paint and color site, but do give them a second glance! What is more, you and your kids will be enhancing their fine motor skills in the blink of the eye engaging with this puffy paint craft. For them, give black construction paper and puffy paint or make it at home using shaving cream and glue laying down puffy paint umbrellas. These are as easy as splashing the raindrop formations on it, some natural designs, script writing or even penning down the names of the people whom they want to dedicate those to.

Rainy Day Craft Activities for Preschoolers:

  1. Handprint Raindrops
  2. This cute handprint activity illustrates the rainy day ambiance in a simple and fun process. For rain drops you can use blue or gray paint and paint the hands of a preschooler and put them on the paper to make the raindrop After that they put those papers in the water to dry, then they can scribble clouds, rainbows or even umbrellas using crayons or even markers.

    1. Rainy Day Collages
    2. Picnic in a box will help kids to stay happy when they are indoors during rainy weather – Rainy day collage. Give them some pieces of construction papers, tissue papers, cotton wool and glue to enable them to produce something new. Students shoold be directed to:

      1. Fold the materials
      2. Fold them into pieces
      3. Tear them
      4. Scrunch that up
      5. Glue all that on a sheet of paper to make their own rainy day pictures.
  3. Paper Bag Puppets
  4. Enhance the kids’ storyline adventure with these cool paper bag This is because one can use markers, crayons or construction paper to write and draw characters or symbols such as rain drops, rain bows or kids jumping in pools of water. Then get into a puppet theater, and stage the rainy favorite day incidents.

  5. Sponge Painting:
  6. Sponge painting can be an interesting activity especially for your preschoolers as it is an opportunity to explore and find out more about texture and colors. Take a variety of sponges, preferably in different geometric shapes such as raindrops, clouds or even umbrella shapes depending on the age and creativity of the children; paint these shapes with suitable rain colors and let your young artists transfer these shapes on paper to create a true rainy day picture.

Monsoon Craft Ideas:

  1. Paper Plate Frogs:
  2. Summon the rain with frog-fashion, made of paper plates, perfect for the monsoon season. For making frog decorations, the children can draw frog faces, trace frog shapes and cut them out of paper plates; glue on the eyes or give your kids some googly eyes, and let the children draw with markers, crayons and give them green tissue paper by which they can improve the texture of the paper. They can even create miniature lily pads using green construction paper.

  3. Raindrop Wind Chimes:
  4. This craft allows children to take the brunt of nature’s music indoors as they relax to the sound of raining. Drape strings or yarn on a hanger or a piece of dowel with small beads or shells, which are joined with recycled bottle caps, transforming it into a delightfol raindrop wind chime.

  5. Monsoon Scene Dioramas:
  6. Bring out the child in your kids again by setting up a monsoon scene diorama and engage their storytelling ability. Give them a shoe box or a small cardboard box and let them design a small environment of a rainy day using construction papers, fluffy cotton, pompoms and any other creative material one desires.

  7. Monsoon Mud Pies:
  8. Stick to the fun of rain with this incredibly messy monsoon mud pie learning activity. Knead the flour, water, cocoa and some vegetable oil to get a type of modeling dough that is known as ‘mud’. Just allow your children to knead it into shape and add leaves or twigs or even toy animals to give the pies a realistic outlook.

These interesting rainy day craft ideas will help your kids stay busy while at the same time enhancing their skills in creativity and problem-solving activities along with the fun to improve their love for arts and crafts. Therefore, welcome the rainy days, gather all your material, and be ready to go on your wonderfol crafting journey!

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