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Creative Goodie Bag Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers Birthday Party

‘What on earth was she thinking when she thought of this present?’
Pretty much the response of every mother, when they unpack that Goodie Bg their child has been gifted at a birthday!
What’s stranger is, the party itself seemed like it had been curated by the hosts with the utmost attention to detail. Why, then, leave something of a ‘bitter aftertaste’ in the mouths of their guests, by virtually giving them ‘junk’ as return gifts?

Is your little one’s birthday party around the corner? You want to join the bandwagon, of that rare breed that gifts ‘small treasures’ that actually ‘are’ things to treasure’! Make their party count, by ensuring those Birthday Party Goodie Bags are laced with gifts of tangible value.

In this article, we have all the Gift Bag Ideas for a Toddler Birthday Party, that you might have been looking for. Birthday Gift Bags for Toddlers might look enticing, but you want them to deliver what they promise! So that the child who is gifted them, will fondly remember your kid’s birthday over the several others they attend, over the years.

Time to unpack those ideas for ‘Goodie Bags for Toddler Birthday Party’, and see all the exciting things that lie in store!

Creative Goodie Bag Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

It’s their birthday, and your child couldn’t have asked for more, what with your pulling all stops to ensure they have a grand Birthday Party.

Except, of course, for one little thing!
You guessed it right, those Birthday Party Goodie Bags need to be packed with Unique Party Favours! Indeed, favors that parents of all those little munchkins won’t mind you gifting their kids. However, before we delve into those great ideas, here’s a look at the things you want to ‘avoid’ putting in those bags, at all costs!

‘Unfavourable’ Goodie Bag Ideas for Toddler and Preschooler Birthdays

Parents won’t be too happy, to see their kids gifted with the following items, at your child’s next birthday party.

  • Sticky toys
  • Whistles
  • Anything that’s alive (like a Goldfish or even Sea Monkeys!) Yes, you will be surprised at what some parents think of gifting your kids.
  • Video games have enough of them already, and it’s high time we took a step back from being a culture that promotes the use of guns.
  • Any kind of gift that has tiny pieces that can pose choking hazards.

‘Creative’ Goodie Bag Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Now, the good stuff! They say ‘Good things come in Small Packages’. They surely do, with these great gifting ideas for Toddler and Preschooler Birthday Parties!

Toddler Birthday Party Goodie Bags

A ‘lot’ of thought must indeed be given to birthday party gifts for ‘little’ ones!

  1. A Bath Toy
  2. A classic example of this would be that ‘rubber duckie’. Certainly better than a ‘live’ duckling!

  3. Crayons
  4. Ensure these are big enough for them to hold and use easily.

  5. Sand Pail and Shovel set
  6. Why go to the beach, when you can bring the beach to their homes?

  7. Colouring Book
  8. All children love to colour, and create their first works of Art!

  9. Superhero Cape and Mask
  10. They will love emulating their favourite heroes!

  11. Sidewalk Chalk
  12. Parents will appreciate these precious ‘tools’, that will help unleash creativity in their children.

  13. Beach Towel
  14. It might seem pretty plain to you, but a towel with a cool design on it is something children will treasure!

  15. Books
  16. It’s never too early to get children into Reading! All the more important, in a world that is largely moving away from this timeless practice.

  17. Chalk and a Mini Chalkboard
  18. If they don’t want to write on the sidewalk, let them write on that chalkboard!

  19. Playdough
  20. This one’s something toddlers will never tire of playing with!

Preschooler Birthday Party Goodie Bags

When your child is a little older, you want to think a bit differently, when customising those Goodie Bags.

  1. Sunglasses
  2. This is the time kids like to have a bit of ‘swag’, and why not? Cool sunglasses will give them just that!

  3. Puzzles
  4. All children love puzzles, and most don’t stop until they can solve them!

  5. Lego
  6. Yes, this might be a tad expensive, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best gifting ideas out there.

  7. Ball
  8. This could be merely a bouncy ball that one can play with at home, like for instance, a Mini Basketball.

  9. Wind Chime Craft
  10. Kids will gain a sense of pride in witnessing something of supreme beauty, that they have created with their own hands.

  11. Colouring Books
  12. It’s time to move on from merely colouring on sheet paper, to colouring in books that actually promote the art of colouring.

  13. A Kite
  14. Remember the last time you went Kite-Flying? This is a gift those Preschoolers will absolutely treasure!

  15. Fidget Spinners
  16. You might be thinking, ‘This trend died down sometime ago, right?’ While that might be true, that’s exactly what lends these a ‘vintage’ feel!

  17. Healthy Goodie Bags
  18. You might be thinking, let’s send them home with some candy! However, parents will appreciate it a lot more, if you give their kids some healthy treats instead, like whole-grain bars and nuts.

  19. Explorer Goodie Bags
  20. Awaken the little explorer in them, by including things like a map, a set of binoculars, and even a mini-compass!

Goodie Bag Ideas: Additional Tips

Here are some things you need to bear in mind, when planning what to pack into those Goodie Bags.

  1. Keep in sync with the party theme.
  2. Choose bags that reflect the party theme.

  3. Less is more.
  4. Focus on ‘Quality’, over ‘Quantity.’

  5. Use those Goodies in the Celebrations.
  6. Those sunglasses you were thinking of gifting? Have the kids wear them at the party, and then witness their excitement when you tell them they can take them home!

At EuroKids, we believe in the power of ‘Happy Endings.’ On that note, we encourage you to pay attention to what you pack in those Goodie Bags! Help them live up to their name, and be as ‘Good’ as can possibly be!

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