Activities Sheet for Three-Year-Old Kids at Home
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Activities Sheet for Three-Year-Old Kids at Home

Activities Sheet for Three-Year-Old Kids at Home

Do you have a three-year-old and are looking for new activities for him or her? Do you want to broaden your kids’ options so that they can have fun and study at home? So to ease out your research, we’ve got the most comprehensive list for you—from educational items and amusing ideas to indoor kids’ activities and outdoor activities for 3-year-old kids! These top-rated activities for 3-year-old kids are going to be easy on your pocket. Plus, they’re simple enough that your three-year-old can play independently while you get other things done.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Which Activities are Best for a Three-Year-Old Kid?

There are a variety of toys and activities for 3-year-old kids, and for a good reason: they are both entertaining and beneficial to a children’s development. It all comes down to selecting the right activities.

  1. Cooking:
    Cooking is a favorite pastime of three-year-olds and is one of the best home activities for kids . Provide them with a high platform to stand on and an apron to help them protect their clothes from stains. You may buy easy-to-make cake ingredients that come in a box or create your own cake from home ingredients. .

    Help them make sandwiches with some unique combinations like jam with pineapples and then cut them into various shapes using cookie cutters. They can make their own fruit salad, tarts, or popsicles.

    Cooking can be engaging. Go through a couple of short online play school cooking classes that provide tips for what your 3-year-old can assist with, as well as ideas for teaching kids.

  2. Games: Games like playing doctor with your kid—with their toys, dinosaurs, or even each other—is not only a fun role-playing game, but it may also help relieve any pediatrician worries your kid has. You really don’t need anything for this game outside of a doctor playset. And it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have that. Your child’s imagination is limitless, so a pair of earmuffs would most likely do as a stethoscope for them.

    Three years is the ideal age to begin enjoying all of the fun that Play-Doh has to offer. Cut-out shapes, flattening, and scooping tools will keep your toddler entertained for a long time!

    Ask them to sort colors, arrange alphabets, or just play with the toys they have and if they get bored, assist them with making new things using those same toys. You can create an online playgroup with the classmates or friends of your 3-year-old and conduct these games online.

  3. Painting: In this time of online kindergarten, you can only ask your child to paint things he or she sees daily, such as leaves or sticks. If you wish not to have paints involved with the process, another option is to get a large bucket of water and some paintbrushes and just paint everything with water—the floor, the walls, etc.

    You can even encourage them to do finger painting. Get printable coloring sheets of their favorite TV and book characters. Just give them thick crayons are they are bound to stay busy for a while.

Home Activities Sheet for a 3-Year-Old Kid

If you want to homeschool your children or want to pique their interest in new topics, worksheets are a terrific way to help them acquire skills, introduce new ideas, and practice things they have previously mastered. This enjoyable list of home activity sheets for 3-year-olds helps children learn and keeps them interested in productive activities.

  1. Hidden Picture: Hidden Picture is one of the most exciting printable activities for 3-year-old kids. Print and color the activity sheet as you assist your child in locating all of the hidden bottles in the picture. This will not only improve their observation skills but will also assist with visual and linguistic development.

  2. Visual Differentiation Worksheets: The purpose of these worksheets is to introduce the idea of visual discernment. This activity will allow your three-year-old to develop the ability to identify features in pictures and, as a result, comprehend the idea of what is similar and what is distinct. This is the introductory level for toddlers and preschoolers, and it focuses on identifying similarities and differences based on form, item name, or color. Visual discrimination abilities are required for reading, writing, and children’s cognitive development. Even online preschools make use of them.

  3. Giggle Riddle: This is a delightful activity that will have your three-year-olds giggling! As children reach the magical age of three, their curiosity grows. This activity is ideal for tapping into that energy and giving them something to keep their thoughts occupied. Read aloud some entertaining riddles from a worksheet for 3-year-olds and let your children expand their brain capacity.

  4. Spelling ch or tch: Seeing the letter “t” next to a “ch” might be confusing for young children. Children are confused about how the t sounds, followed by the ch sound? Is the “t” left out or simply the “ch” sound is to be made? When to use the term “tch”? These are all excellent questions, and a “ch” vs. “tch” worksheet is intended to assist the young 3-year-olds in answering them all.

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