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Indoor Activities for Kids at Home

Are you wondering how to keep your kid bustling and energetic all day? We bring to you surefire indoor home activities for your kids to learn while enjoying.

Indoor kids activities are generally easy to do and teach, but after some time, it becomes monotonous and boring. Since the inception of COVID-19, going outdoors seems like a never-happening phenomenon. As a result, kids stay at home and end up doing nothing. Parents keep on looking for some stimulating activities that their kids can enjoy, and instil life skills. So your search ends here; we have fabricated a go-to list of indoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Let us begin!

Indoor Preschool Activities for Kids at Home

Well, when we talk about indoor kids activities, it gets classified into various types. As a parent, it is pivotal to understand the types of indoor kids activities, so that you can make an informed choice for your ward.

  1. Gross Motor Indoor Activities : It refers to the activities that involve movements of large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso. Such drills help to build coordination, balance, and add fluency in body movements.

  2. Crafts & Art Projects : Art and craft activities are the best ways to develop those little minds and burgeoning creativity. It imparts creativity, and expands their basic vocabulary of understanding different colours, shapes, and materials with ease. Even in online kindergarten, crafts & art projects are gaining a glut of eyeballs.

  3. Fine Motor Indoor Activities : It refers to the activities that involve movements of small muscles of the hands, fingers, and thumb. These activities help develop dexterity and strength. Moreover, it gets acknowledged as a first step toward writing flawlessly at an early age.

  4. Sensory Indoor Activities: It alludes to the exercises that foster language development, brain development, and cognitive growth in kids. Furthermore, it aids to advance problem-solving and social skills. In this way, kids learn to control and calm themselves, and are prepared to face challenges like a BOSS.

  5. Thinking & Building Indoor Activities: Our mind is full of possibilities to explore the world and extract positivity from the surroundings. The same applies to kids, what they think today, they will become in the future. Hence, thinking activities nourish creativity and allow them to view the world from an outrightly different lens.

  6. Science Experiments : Science is the base of life. Online preschools tend to give great consideration to this subject. It helps to cultivate key life skills, and make them organised and focused.

Which Home Activities is Best for Nursery Kid

We know that the summer vacation is on. Every kid is gearing up with their favourite holiday activities to enjoy. But when staying indoors is the only option, we as parents need some quick-to-go road map. Here is the rundown of fun activities for your kids-

  1. Yoga: Yoga is a dance of each cell with each breath’s music that creates inward tranquillity and amiability. Yoga for kids is a new form of modern yoga designed for kids that boost their flexibility, strength, and coordination. These yoga activities are fun and enhance self-esteem. Even according to health research, yoga is essential for growing body and mind.

  2. Origami: It is an art and craft of paper folding that originated in the Japanese culture, and in no time was warmly welcomed by the whole world. This art form improves diligence and accuracy that aids to build a staunch foundation of growth and development in kids. Additionally, it also intensifies memory and imagination.

  3. Basic Science Projects: Your kid must have participated in Science projects even in online playschool. How about taking it one step further? There are umpteen basic science-based activities, like a lava-lamp experiment, rain cloud in a jar, leak-proof bag science experiment, magic milk science experiments, and much more that you can teach your kids.

  4. Magic Tricks: Say it loudly – Abracadabra! It is magic time! And watch your kids running towards you with excitement and sheer enthusiasm. So why not teach them some marvellous magic tricks? Indeed, such activities promote invaluable communication and socialising skills.

  5. Dance: Dance is the voice of the soul. When your kid indulges in dance, they tend to develop flexibility and endurance from an early stage. With arts provision shrinking in, more parents enrolling their kids in online playgroups where they can learn dancing with fun. Moreover, there are various non-physical perks of dance for preschoolers. It promotes self-confidence, self-admiration, mental dexterity, psychological well-being, and stimulates a sense of pride.


These are some of the best practices that can get employed to ensure that your kid learns and nurtures into a good and healthy being in the future. So spend quality time with your kids and dance, jump, laugh, sing, and have a blast!

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