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Why We’re Celebrating World Adoption Day: History and Importance

We live in a world in which there are various international observance days. One of them which tugs at the heart and spirit of our existence is World Adoption Day for its unique and heartfelt cause. We live in a world where familial love is very important and significant. There are many lovely children out there who, for various reasons, do not have the luxury and affection of a familial bond because they are orphans. World Adoption Day is significant because of its nature to spread awareness about the deserving love that orphans should have in their lives, along with a strategy to make adoption an easier and affordable process across the globe.

When is World Adoption Day? What is its history?

World Adoption Day falls on the 9th of November every year, since its inception on 9th of November, 2014. This very special day across the globe was launched by Hank Fortener. Ever since, World Adoption Day has gained significance and momentum in its simple mission, which is: “A world with no more orphans, a family for every child.” The organisation he founded for this beautiful cause is called AdoptTogether. It is an adoption crowdfunding platform.

Significance of World Adoption Activity Days

In conjunction with celebrating World Adoption Day in spirit, there are special adoption activity days in which people from all spheres across the world can join hands to contribute to the cause and help in spreading awareness through little, impactful activities.

  • One can decide to contribute to the cause of adoption so that children in need of a loving and stable home can get what they deserve. Please note that contribution to the cause is not limited to a single day of celebration worldwide, but it is an activity you can be a part of once or annually as per your convenience and comfort. One can participate in fundraising events.
  • One can draw a smiley face on their hand and post the picture of it on social media handles along with the hashtag #WorldAdoptionDay. This serves the purpose of circulating the news and awareness of the cause which comes with its own set of hardships and heartfelt beauty.
  • One can use the puzzle piece logo which has, over time, come to symbolise the spirit of adoption. The puzzle piece logo stands for the missing piece in a family that becomes complete through adoption. It also stands for the belief that every child has a place in this world and that they are all deserving of a loving and stable home, to be raised, nurtured, and treated with a lot of love and care. The puzzle piece logo can be posted on social media to create a visual movement.
  • One can volunteer time and skills in order to manage administrative tasks, events, and outreach efforts related to adoption.
  • One can share adoption stories based on their own lives or that of people that they know.

Adoption activity days are not limited to these activities alone. You can also brainstorm ways to support this cause of adoption in better, new, and more informative ways and create awareness for the world to see and follow suit.

What is the importance of World Adoption Day?

World Adoption Day is a wonderful day to come together to celebrate the noble cause of adoption. Some important effects regarding World Adoption Day are:

  • Raising awareness: World Adoption Day is a good way to raise awareness about the millions of children who are deserving and in need of a loving home and to have a family. It also helps in raising awareness to dispel myths and misconceptions pertaining to adoption. It helps educate the public about the benefits of adoption, and also the realities and processes for adoption across the globe.
  • Celebrating the core essence of families: Families are born out of love, not biology. Following this ideology can help debunk some myths about the so-called disadvantages of adoption. A family is full when they accept someone out of inner love and respect. It helps in forming a family which is happy and stable. This ideology can further encourage other families to adopt children and make their family complete and happy.
  • Initiatives for fundraising for adoption of children: This is a great way to crowdsource funds for charities and organisations related to adoption of children. These funds can support adopting families and facilitate the adoption process. In order to contribute to this noble cause, charitable events, donation drives, and auctions can be conducted in all the niches of the globe.
  • Uniting people worldwide: World Adoption Day has a global outreach, uniting people from different countries, cultures, traditions, and from different walks of life. It forms a feeling of solidarity for a noble cause. People share the same passion for the cause of adoption, forming a sense of unity across borders.

What are some World Adoption Day facts?

  • Hank Fortener, the visionary behind World Adoption Day, is an adoptee himself.
  • According to the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), more than 150 million children from across the globe are in need of adoption and in need of finding a home, which is an astounding World Adoption Day fact.
  • AdoptTogether, the crowdfunding platform which was founded by Hank Fortener, is the largest crowdfunding platform for adoption in the world.

Adoption is a beautiful process to welcome a new member of the family with a lot of love, along with an open heart and open arms. World Adoption Day has led to the advocacy of rights of children who are in need of a home and a loving family. Through this observance, the world has come together to celebrate adoption, families, and crushed stigmas attached to adoption. As we celebrate World Adoption Day, we honour the adopting families as well as create a beacon of hope for the many children who are in need of a home. This beautiful celebration emphasises on the message that love transcends all boundaries.

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