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What are some useful baby shower gifts for the mother?

You know what is the most exciting thing about baby showers? The gifts! There! We said it.

Okay, yes celebrating the baby to come and the mama are beautiful parts of a baby shower too. But that celebration is incomplete without gifts, right? When you give mama something she can really use, something that is of practical value to her, you end up helping her in more ways than you realise.

A thoughtful and useful baby shower gift is one of the best ways to say “I care for you”. So without further ado, let us share with you the best baby shower gift ideas that will definitely strike a card with mama-to-be!

  1. Breastfeeding items
  2. Ask any experienced mom the gift she wishes she had gotten on her baby shower and breastfeeding and nipple care items are bound to crop up. These gifts make life so much easier for a new mom. Like breast pads are a life-saver. Especially when new moms are out and about. Nipple butters are great too as they help relieve soreness.

  3. Belly oil
  4. To make this go from a good baby shower gift idea to a great baby shower gift idea, ask mom-to-be if she has any brand preference before buying her belly oils. Restocking her cabinet with her favourite belly oils will leave her overjoyed. After all, mama needs some self-pampering time too.

  5. Post-delivery clothes
  6. While she is rocking her maternity fashion, pretty soon she will have to pick out post-delivery, which is a whole other ballgame. Not to mention, an expensive ballgame. Let her know you are there for her by picking up cute and comfy post-delivery clothes that facilitate breastfeeding and are soft on mama’s skin.

  7. Nursing pillows
  8. A not-so-popular item on the baby shower gift list, we think you should definitely add a nursing pillow to yours. And that is because of the added comfort these provide to both mama and baby during those late night feeding sessions. They are u-shaped pillows designed to cradle baby in mama’s arms without any discomfort. They are perfect for bottle-feeding too so you know they will not go to waste.

  9. Recovery care box
  10. Mama needs a lot of healing post-delivery, and you can facilitate that by curating a recovery box kit that she is bound to appreciate as the perfect baby shower gift. Get a nice hamper and throw in things like nipple butter, soothing green teas, belly oils, anti-anxiety roll-ons, a box of her favourite chocolates, nursing pads and more.

  11. Baby toothbrush and toothpaste
  12. Probably not a conventional baby shower gift but one that is going to prove to be immensely useful anyway. A pair of good quality training toothbrushes and toothpaste is great for a mom who cannot wait to see her baby flash their toothy grin! However, be sure you check the date on the paste before and make sure both of them are from a reputable brand, preferably on mama’s wishlist.

  13. Nail clippers
  14. Did you know you can start cutting a baby’s nails once they are one month old? Their nails begin to harden at this age making it safe to trim long nails. Which is what makes baby-safe nail clippers a must-gift item on our baby shower gift list.

  15. Baby grooming kit
  16. Think baby comb, baby brush, baby nail file, baby nail clipper and little things like baby scrunchy and hair clips. All of these together in a cute box is bound to be a hit gift at any baby shower.

  17. Thermometer
  18. One of the most essential items first-time parents need is a thermometer. But it is also an item they are likely to forget to buy in the rush of raising a newborn baby. Make their lives easier by getting a baby-safe digital thermometer. And do not worry if mama already has one. She would appreciate having a spare.

  19. Phone holder
  20. Hands-free is going to be a new mom’s lifestyle for a long time to come. So why not make her life easier by getting her a phone holder as a baby shower gift? That way she will not have to reach out awkwardly with one hand to grab her phone while she is busy with her baby. Make sure to get a phone holder that mounts easily on any surface.

  21. Portable changing mat
  22. Babies need a lot of diaper changes. Even when they are on-the-go with their parents. For emergency nappy changes, moms need good portable changing mats so they can get their baby’s business done with minimum hassle. We suggest gifting mom at least a pair of these so she always has a spare.

  23. Cupboard organisers
  24. Practical and useful, this baby shower gift might become so popular, you would probably have to get it for every baby shower you attend henceforth! Closet organisers will help mama arrange all of the baby’s clothes in a neat and easy to access manner. You can get labelled and colour-coded dividers to make her life extra easy.

  25. Stroller organiser
  26. When a baby’s on-the-go, parents need to pack to the hilt to ensure the baby’s outing is as comfortable as possible. And that is where a stroller organiser comes in. These easily attach to a stroller carrying all the baby necessities parents need, making them the perfect baby shower gift.

  27. Diaper caddy
  28. Call them a modern invention but they are no less than life-changers. Diaper caddies work by storing everything parents need for a diaper change – from nappies to wipes, mates and creams. They are extremely convenient and portable, which makes them a winning gift.

  29. Diaper pail
  30. A cousin of the diaper caddy, these are used to store diapers, which if you are a parent you will know are very inconvenient to store otherwise. Gift parents one of these and you will always find your gifted diaper pail right next to their nappy changing station.

  31. Picture frames
  32. This could be a perfect DIY baby shower gift! You could gift handmade frames with each of them labelled something like “baby’s first tooth”, “baby’s first food”, “baby’s first outing” and so on and so forth. Mama will love the thoughtfulness of it.

  33. Baby journal
  34. Another one you can turn into a DIY baby shower gift by making a handmade journal, or decorating a store bought one with glitter, buttons, ribbons and other cute things.

  35. Photo album
  36. More of a post-delivery gift than a baby shower gift, but you would be doing mama a great service by making a baby photo album for her. Do not forget to label each picture adding cute little captions everyone can enjoy! One of our favourite homemade baby shower gift ideas.

  37. Photo session
  38. Every new parent loves a family photo session! So do some research and find the best baby photographers in your area. Shortlist one among them and book a photo session for the new family at their convenience. They will absolutely love this baby shower gift!

  39. Food delivery
  40. Pregnancy is a time for cravings! So satisfy mama’s taste buds by sending her her favourite dishes. She’s bound to feel extra loved. You can even cook her favourite food for her and send it her way. She will love that more!

  41. Baby sitting coupons
  42. Another one of our homemade baby shower gift ideas, make 5 babysitting coupons by hand and give them to mom-to-be asking her to cash them whenever she needs a break. The thought behind this sweet gesture is enough to make it a great gift!

  43. Spa day
  44. Mama needs a little pampering too! So book her a nice spa day at her favourite massage parlour whenever she gets the time. You can even get her a gift card from her favourite spa place!

  45. Night out
  46. Whenever she is ready, take her out for a girl’s night out! New moms often miss hanging out with their friends so this could be very well the break she deserves and needs.

We hope you are set for your next baby shower invitation now! All of the above gifts are practical, sweet and thoughtful at the same time so you cannot go wrong no matter which one you choose. For more such amazing blogs, visit EuroKids

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