How to plan a baby shower?

Exciting times are here! Your sister (or sister-in-law, or daughter-in-law or BFF) is preggers, as the cool kids say it! And you are the chosen one. The one tasked with the most beautiful task there is. Planning mom-to-be’s baby shower! Is that not super-duper exciting?! Yes, it is!

Oh wait, did we hear your heart thump? Boy, that was loud! Do not worry though. As they say in movies all the time, “you’ve got this”. And we are going to help you of course. That goes without saying because we want you to throw the best baby shower ever!

Here are all our ideas crammed into this one article so you can throw a fantastic baby shower!

Let us start with baby shower themes!

Oh my god the options you have on this front! They are truly endless. But before you go theme scouting, you have to find out which one would be the perfect theme for this special baby shower you are planning. And that is something you can do by tapping into the personality of the mom-to-be.

Now you can easily do that because nobody knows the mom better than you do. After all, you have been tasked with planning the party so the ball is already in your court. If they love travel, your whole decor could be travel-based, including the cake, and so on and so forth. Here are some great baby shower theme ideas to get you started:

  • Baby animals because who doesn’t love cute little fuzzy creatures! Plus, it is ‘baby’ animals so that is kind of appropriate by default.
  • Nautical themed baby shower for your boat-loving friend who just misses being out on the sea, sailing into the horizon.
  • A sitcom based baby shower is perfect for the mom who is a big fan of her favourite show and gets every single reference to it like she wrote the script! You can try this with mom’s favourite books or movies too.
  • Balloon-ey baby shower because you just cannot go wrong with the classics. Perfect for a when-doubt type of situation.
  • Season-specific baby shower but with a twist. For example, if it is winter out, you could do a summer theme or vice-versa. That could add a fun element to the whole shower!

These are just a few of the baby shower themes that you could try. You can obviously have a theme of your own. Whatever mom-to-be loves!

Now let us talk about baby shower decoration at home! 

Once you pick out your theme, you have to get started on the decor. And trust us, the sooner you start the better because gathering all the decoration items you need can take time. In fact, you should start planning the baby shower as soon as you can. Having ample time on hand is the only way to get it right and make it truly special for mom-to-be. That said, here are some tips that can help you achieve the target of baby shower decoration at home!

  1. Keep it theme-specific
  2. Jot down every item you need to have that themed baby shower. For example, if you are doing the nautical theme, make sure you have props such as boats, anchors, floaties, and a nautical themed baby shower cake to go with it. Pick out your colours accordingly too. For example, blue and white works best for a nautical theme.

  3. Factor in the invite
  4. Not technically a decor item but even the invite has to be on-point with the theme. So make sure you get started with that on time. It could be a digital invite to save time and money but it has to go out on time.

  5. Keep the menu in sync
  6. Themed baby shower cake was already a must but the rest of the food must also sync with your theme. And should be safe for mom-to-be to enjoy. Mommies get a lot of food aversion during pregnancy so be sure to check with her before deciding on the menu. Also the serve-ware and drink-ware you use should also have the same theme as your party so it ties in with the decor.

  7. Use a lot of paper decor
  8. The thing about baby showers is that they are only about an afternoon long. And the guest list can be huge. So you got to watch your budget a little, realistically speaking. Which is why we suggest using a lot of paper-based decor. It is affordable, sustainable and easy to clean up once the party is over. You can even DIY it if a bunch of you get together and volunteer!

  9. Make it cheerful
  10. And warm and inviting. Something the mom-to-be will love and feel comfy in. Be sure to add the pop of cheerfulness with fresh flowers, fun music and just smiles all around. That ought to make her day extra special!

Baby shower games you should have on your list of activities!

Next up, baby shower game ideas that are so far from boring, they would get every one of your guests saying ‘once more’!

  1. Guess the song
  2. Now you can do two versions of it – adult or baby themed. If you choose the former, pick songs that have the word ‘baby’ in their title and have your guests guess them. If you do the latter, guests will have to guess the nursery rhyme or lullaby by its tune.

  3. Or the celebrity baby
  4. Another fun one, you can pull up pictures of baby celebs (or babies of celebs), print them out and have your guests guess who’s who! This one is sure to be a big hit with both the mom and all of her pals in attendance!

  5. Baby animal game
  6. Make it a quiz and put up questions around baby animals – from their gestation period to what they are called when they are babies (like baby cows are calves), put it all in and mountain a score card. You can divide your guests into two teams for this one!

Finally, let us tell you about the perfect baby shower gifts!

Picking out baby shower gifts is not that difficult! The only thing we suggest when buying mom-to-be gifts is to consult with each other so none of the guests end up getting the exact same thing. You can create a text group to coordinate and make sure that everyone gets mom-to-be gifts that are actually valuable such as:

  • A diaper bag with every essential in it – from diapers to baby powder and wet wipes. The works.
  • Baby blankets! Get them in cute little prints. Just make sure the material is super soft.
  • Toys, toys, toys! The more the merrier rule applies here for sure so get a lot of them. Toys can be expensive so mama will appreciate you chipping in like that.
  • Baby proofing kits. It is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get for mom-to-be.
  • A stack full of onesies. Trust us, a new mom cannot have enough onesies in her baby closet.

Now you have the secret to throwing the best baby shower of all time! Trust us, it is going to be a fun day for everyone, including the mom and the guests.

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