What are some fun educational games for kids in e-learning?


Holding the attention of a child is never easy as they get bored in no time. Play and games are the only things they look forward to, especially in the elementary classroom. The internet gives us access to hundreds of apps that have fun and educational games for kids that are ideal for the classroom. We have curated for you some of the best digital games that can be used in a classroom and make the teaching-learning process a lot more engaging. This blog will empower you with the ability to make the environment ideal for students with virtual classroom games


Kahoot is a learning platform that makes it easy for teachers to create game-based material. This keeps the class engaged and motivated with quizzes and learning games. They are easy to set up and can even be used in schools that may not be well-equipped with technology. Kahoot games encourage students to collaborate and work as a team and can be played on any device.


The Minecraft game has an educational edition that can be used at schools and provides various resources such as tutorials and lesson plans. The games can be played by several students together which encourages teamwork, especially while doing projects. Minecraft can be used to teach several subjects, such as Science, Maths and History and Coding to students of all levels.

Adventure Academy

One of the popular online learning games for kids, Adventure Academy caters to kids aged between 8 to 13 years. It hones academic skills in Science, Maths and reading through an immersive and exciting adventure. The game motivates kids by making learning an exciting and immersive activity. The progress of the child can also be tracked and their improvement monitored.

Creativity Express Online

Creativity Express is an online game that inculcates self-expression, creativity and problem-solving skills through a variety of art activities. This interactive game is designed so that players can share their creations with one another and receive feedback.


This website includes a variety of interactive learning games for kids that are a lot of fun. This keeps kids involved and engaged in learning. It encourages physical activity and teaches them about exercise and healthy eating.  

Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is one of the virtual classroom games that can be played on any device. The player starts with air, fire, earth and water which are the four basic elements. The objective of the game is that by combining these elements, the player can create up to 600 new elements, such as animals, plants and humans. It assists in clarifying the basic principles of chemistry to kids as well as the different elements of the periodic table.

National Geographic Kids

This is an educational game that helps to teach children basic geography skills and about different countries and cultures. A very user-friendly game, it is suitable for children of all ages.

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is an extremely interactive Maths game. It is perfect for clarifying Maths concepts to students in a fun and engaging way. It includes a plethora of content including basic addition and subtraction as well as fractions and decimals. It has several game modes for students to keep practising.


This is a coding game which is fun and easy to learn. It encourages kids to think logically and solve problems which are important skills for those who want to be coders.

Vocabulary Spelling City

This online game is designed for elementary school students and enhances vocabulary and improves their spelling skills. It can be played by students of all ages and can be played either in the classroom or at home. It is interactive, educational and engaging as well as easy to use.


This educational card game teaches children to make words with the cards they are dealt. It builds vocabulary and is not as daunting as Scrabble. It enhances 10 areas of learning which includes spelling skills.

The Sentence Zone

The Sentence Zone is an online educational game where the children get points for building sentences. Every part of speech is colour-coded, such as nouns are blue and verbs are red and carry a different amount of points.

Younger children can use this game to make simple sentences, while older kids can use it to build more complex sentences. It becomes much easier for children to understand the language when they can visualise the parts of speech with various colours.

This virtual educational game improves 18 areas of learning in children including grammar skills and writing skills.

Apples to Apples Junior

This educational game is perfect for drawing comparisons and associations and is very engaging for children. It improves 13 areas of learning such as vocabulary and comparison skills.

4. Settlers of Catan

This educational online game is quite popular across the world and even involves tournaments. It involves collecting resources such as wood, wool, brick, wheat and ore which you trade with your friends to build settlements and roads.

The game may seem a little difficult and confusing at first but becomes extremely interesting and simple once you get the hang of it. This is an educational strategy game that improves memory skills and executive function. For kids between the ages of 6 to10 years of age, Catan Junior has been created.

Which Word Is It

Children gain points for making words and makes children think as they put words together. Kids learn how different word parts can make a range of different words. This educational game improves vocabulary, phonic and word attack skills.


This game is perfect for enhancing visual perception skills and involves cards with different colours, shapes, shadings and the number of shapes. Children have to make sets of 3 cards where the features are either the same or completely different and all children try to make sets with the cards at the same time.

Rummy Cube

This educational game can be played with the family and is quite similar to the card game,  Rummy.  Children play with tiles and have to make sets of the same number or runs of the same colour.


Similar to Scrabble, this game deals with Maths calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division depending on the level they are at with their Maths skills.

Fun and educational games for kids are sometimes the very games that don’t seem educational to children as they are fun and engaging. Online learning games for kids are by far the best way to keep students involved and engaged in classroom learning. This makes it important for teachers to build digital skills to use these apps effectively. There are a number of platforms that help teachers to upskill and stay updated. For more information, get in touch with the EuroKids website.