Unlocking Early Literacy: Sight Words for Kids

Once upon a time, in a cosy corner of a large Indian household, young Nitya was getting ready for bed. Her mom, Seema, lovingly opened a picture book, and as she pointed to the words, Nitya’s eyes lit up. These weren’t just any words; they were the magic keys to reading—sight words.

Hello, dear parents! Just like Nitya and Seema, you too can embark on this enchanting journey of early literacy with your child.  What are sight words, you wonder? In this blog, we will delve into the world of sight words, providing you with a comprehensive list, examples, and engaging activities to make learning a joyful experience for your little one.

What Are Sight Words?

Sight words, also known as high-frequency words, are the foundation of early reading. These are words that children should recognise instantly, without having to sound them out. Why are they so crucial? Because sight words often appear in the texts your child will encounter in the early stages of reading. When kids can read these words effortlessly, it boosts their reading fluency and comprehension.

List of Sight Words in English for Kids

Here is a compilation of essential sight words to kickstart your child’s reading journey. Remember, every child is unique, and the pace at which they learn may vary. So, go at your child’s pace and celebrate every small victory.

Note: The following list is divided into levels for gradual learning, starting from the most basic words.

Examples of sight words:

Level 1 Sight Words:






Examples of Level 1 Sight Words:

The sun is shining brightly.

A dog and cat are having fun together.

I wish to visit the park.

She is clutching a toy.

Look at it sparkle!

Level 2 Sight Words:

  • 6. you
  • that




    Examples of Level 2 Sight Words:

    You can do it!

    What is that over there?

    He is a friendly boy.

    The cake was delicious.

    I made a card for my friend.

    Level 3 Sight Words:

  • 11. on
  • are




    Examples of Level 3 Sight Words:

    The book is on the table.

    There are colourful flowers in the garden.

    She dances as gracefully as a swan.

    I play with my toys every evening.

    His favourite colour is blue.

    Level 4 Sight Words:

    16. they





    Examples of Level 4 Sight Words:

    They went to the zoo.

    Can I have some ice cream?

    Look at the stars in the sky.

    Let’s be kind to others.

    What is this?

    Level 5 Sight Words:

    21. have





    Examples of Level 5 Sight Words:

    I have a new book.

    The gift is from Grandma.

    Would you like tea or coffee?

    Can I have one more chocolate?

    She had a lovely dream.

    Level 6 Sight Words:

    26. by





    Examples of Level 6 Sight Words:

    The painting is by a famous artist.

    We learn new words every day.

    She wanted cake, but not cookies.

    It’s not too late to join the fun.

    What is your favourite game?

    Level 7 Sight Words:

    31. all





    Examples of Level 7 Sight Words:

    All the kids enjoyed the party.

    The toys were neatly organised.

    We are going on a picnic.

    When will you come home?

    Is this your pencil?

    Level 8 Sight Words:

    36. can





    Examples of Level 8 Sight Words:

    Can you jump as high as a kangaroo?

    She said she will be here soon.

    Look, there is a rainbow in the sky!

    Use your creativity to make a beautiful card.

    I see an elephant at the zoo.

    Level 9 Sight Words:

    41. each





    Examples of Level 9 Sight Words:

    They each got a balloon.

    Which colour do you like?

    She loves to sing.

    What can she do?

    How many stars do you see?

    Level 10 Sight Words:

    46. their





    Examples of Level 10 Sight Words:

    Their dog is very friendly.

    If it rains, we’ll stay indoors.

    I will come to visit you soon.

    Jump up and touch the sky!

    Let’s explore the other side of the garden.

    That rounds up a huge list of examples of sight words. Congratulations! You now have a fantastic list of sight words to begin your child’s reading adventure. Remember to introduce these words gradually, and practice makes perfect.

    Fun Sight Word Activities for Kids

    Now that you have gone through the sight words list, let us indulge in some activities. Learning sight words doesn’t have to be dull; in fact, it can be a lot of fun! Here are some creative activities to make sight word practice enjoyable for your little one:

    Word Hunt: Create flashcards of sight words and hide them around the house. Your child can go on a word hunt, finding and reading each word they discover.

    Word Bingo: Make a bingo card with sight words and call out words for your child to mark when they recognize them.

    Sight Word Memory: Create pairs of sight word cards and play a memory game, matching words with their duplicates.

    Storytime: Encourage your child to write short stories using the sight words they’ve learned. This not only reinforces their reading skills but also boosts their creativity.

    Cooking with Words: Incorporate sight words into your cooking routine. For example, spell out simple words using ingredients like pasta or cookies.

    Sight Word Songs: Search for catchy songs or rhymes that feature sight words. Singing along can help your child remember these words effortlessly.

    Technology Assist: There are many educational apps and online games designed to teach sight words in an interactive way. Explore them together.

    Word Building: Use magnetic letters or alphabet blocks to create sight words. This hands-on activity enhances both spelling and recognition skills.

    Make sure you go through these sight word activities with your kids.

    At EuroKids, we understand the importance of early literacy and provide a nurturing environment for your child’s holistic development. Our curriculum integrates language learning, including sight words, into a play-based learning  approach that makes learning enjoyable. We believe that every child is unique, and our experienced educators cater to individual learning styles.

    Our commitment to fostering a love for reading and lifelong learning aligns perfectly with your aspirations as parents. To explore how EuroKids can be the stepping stone for your child’s educational journey, visit our website.

    Introducing your child to sight words is an exciting chapter in their learning journey. It’s the key to unlocking the magical world of books and stories. With the list of sight words and engaging activities provided in this blog, you’re well-equipped to make this journey both educational and enjoyable for your little one.

    Every child progresses at their own rate, so be patient and appreciate each achievement. Reading aloud to your child is a wonderful way to share priceless moments and foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

    Happy reading!

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