EUNOIA - The Mindful Curriculum

For Holistic Development

Curriculum - Mind MIND

This language program provides a strong vocabulary foundation using letters and sounds of the alphabet.

Helps understand math concepts through hands-on activities, concrete objects and repeated experience.

Explores the scientific world based on observation, investigation, prediction, evidence and reasoning.

Curriculum - Body BODY


Develops motor skills, muscle strength, mind to muscle connection, a strong athletic base and love for fitness.


Teaches to use the body in a healthy way through breathing, meditation, awareness and healthy movements.

Curriculum - Soul SOUL

Builds language, social and emotional skills, through picture books, music videos and fun activities.


Helps manage emotions, develop self-regulation and improve concentration through self-awareness.

Holistic Development

With Child First Ideology

EUNOIA, our special Curriculum keeps the innocent and beautiful mind
of a child at the heart of everything we do

Mindful Learning


Spaced Learning

 Spaced Learning

Blended Learning

 Blended Learning

Based on the three pillars, our initiatives focus on nurturing the mind of a child, keeping it healthy and well-balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does EUNOIA mean?

    EUNOIA is a Greek word that means 'the beautiful mind' that we intend to cultivate through our curriculum. The curriculum focuses on developing well Mind, Fit Body and a Beautiful Soul. Three domains developed are Cognitive: mental skills (knowledge), Affective: growth in feelings or emotional areas (attitude or self) Psychomotor: physical skills.
  • How is the curriculum approach followed at EuroKids?

    The following three-pronged approach has been developed, which are the pillars of ‘EUNOIA’ curriculum:
    Mindful Learning | Spaced Learning | Blended Learning
  • How often do you update the curriculum? Is it in line with the NEP?

    We upgrade our curriculum to stay up to date with the developmental needs of the children. We are currently on the 7th edition of the curriculum, which aligns with the NEP framework.
  • What kind of engagements are included in the curriculum?

    As a part of the curriculum, we organise the Summer Club program, Annual Day, Health is Wealth Day, Father’s Day, Colour Days, Grandparents’ Day, Children’s Day, Theme Days, Festivals, Graduation Day and more.
  • How do parents engage with HomeBuddy?

    The app includes a Parent Corner feature for active Parent Participation. This feature allows them to access course materials and witness their children’s development daily, class memories, photos and much more.