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Unleash your organisational superpowers: 10 tasks every mom should conquer in the New Year!

Moms everywhere, this one’s for you! So pay attention ladies because we are about to spill pearls of wisdom that will help you up your mom game by more than a notch or two. Trust us on that *wink, wink*

All the cheekiness aside, as you recap your year in your head and rewind all of the highlights, you might go “whoa, I’m not proud of that”. And some that will make you go “that could have been handled differently”. Of course, your several seconds of glory will be there too but it is important to reflect. To grow. To change for the better as the year changes.

Which means, it is time to make new resolutions! After all, we are in New Year territory. So let us get started on the 10 resolutions you can make to activate the super organiser mom version of you!

  1. Play with your kids
  2. We know you got a LOT on your plate but this is where you can use your organisational skills to your advantage. Chalk out a timetable for yourself and make sure you put in ‘play with kids’ into your daily agenda. Because trust us. And you do not want to miss the bus when your kids are all grown up and do not get as much time with you anymore.

  3. View the world like your kids do
  4. Number two on our list of New Year’s resolutions, we think it is important to view the world from the same lens as your kids do. Occasionally at least. And that is true for all parents. Not just moms.

    Why we have added this to the list is because it is easy to get frustrated as a parent sometimes. Some things your kids do might seem too much for you to wrap your mind around, leading to scolding sessions that can be totally avoided. If only you think like they do. Chances are your kid went to splash around in the mud because they are curious and still learning. Not because they want to get dirty or make you angry.

  5. Do not compare your kids
  6. This New Year’s resolution might not be the easiest to keep but you have to try. For the sake of your kids. So try not to cave into comparing your kids to others even as you browse through the many pictures of your friend’s kid’s accomplishments on the mom chat group you guys are all part of. Comparisons will only hinder you from seeing the many wondrous things your baby is capable of. And you do not want to put a shadow on their light. So let your kids learn and grow and achieve in their own time.

  7. Be in the moment
  8. Sometimes it is okay to put your supermom organisational skills on the backburner and just take a moment’s break. Or rather be in the moment. Fully. With your kids. That means no phone, no TV and no laptop. Just you and your kids having some good ol’ fashioned, distraction-free fun. In fact, whenever your kids ask for your full attention, give them so. Unless of course you are in the middle of something very important, in which case it is okay to teach them the virtue of patience.

  9. Pick your battles
  10. Goes without saying but you cannot stop your kids from doing everything you do not like. Make the coming year about reducing friction between you and your child by letting them do certain things they want to. Things that do not harm them. Like spending ten extra minutes playing outside. Obviously ditching homework just to play is a no-no. But yes, that is how you pick your battles.

  11. Ask for help
  12. You are a supermom. We do not doubt that. Neither does anybody else. And kudos for being one. It takes a lot of effort to be a mom and do what you got to do alongside it. Not a peace of cake by a long shot. But here is the thing. You do not have to don your cape all the time. Handling kids is hard. You know it. You know it can take a toll on you. Which means when it does, you should never hesitate to ask for help. Go ahead and ask instead. You would be surprised at how many people show up to actually help you out.

  13. Go out!
  14. Sure. Time management for moms who work is difficult. But that is why you have a planner right? Blow the dust off it and add a new agenda to your list: going out! Whether it is your partner or your gang of girlfriends, make time to go out of every couple of weeks at least. It will do wonders for you as a parent. The break you get will give you all the energy you need to get into parenting with a refreshed zeal. Try it!

  15. Indulge in me-time everyday
  16. And we mean everyday. No excuses. Because the minute you find a reason not to, you will end up not taking care of yourself at all. And that is not good for anybody. Neither you, nor your kids. So you have to strike that balance by pampering yourself a little everyday. By having a daily ritual that is all about you. Simple things like eating healthy, meditating for ten minutes, taking care of your skin, will do. Just keep doing them!

  17. Accept imperfection
  18. You are a mom. You already know that time management for moms who work is a Herculean task! So do not beat yourself up this year for that painting on the wall that is not straight. Or for not being able to do that one tiny thing your kid wanted to at that particular time. You are not a bad mom. Never feel that way. Just make peace with things being imperfectly perfect this year. And at the end of each day, hug it out as a family. That is all you need to make your coming year the best you have ever had!

  19. You do you
  20. Probably the most important takeaway from the year past and the best resolution for the year to come! Just do you. Without judging. Without self deprecating. Without wanting things to desperately change. Every child is different. Every mom is different. And everyone’s journey is different. So repeat after us. “I do not need to be anybody else”. You do not have to try to be like that perfect mom who lives down the street. Who has all these pictures and doodles stuck on her fridge. You just need to know that you are powerful and you have all the support you need, mama!

All you have to focus on next year, dear mama, is all the good things it has in store for you. And of course, your child’s education too. As that is crucial in ensuring your baby is set up for success no matter what they choose to do later on in life. So if you want your child to have a solid educational foundation, we think EuroKids might be the perfect fit for your baby. Our award-winning curriculum has been designed to help your kids develop a sound and unshakeable grasp of the basics. Visit us to know more!

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