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Empower Your Child’s Brain Development: Daily Challenges and Solutions

Did you know, there are around 100 billion Stars in the Milky Way?

It might not sound all that impressive, given that right from childhood, we are exposed to concepts like ‘Infinity’.
Now, what if someone told you that your newborn’s tiny brain contains just as many neurons? That’s crazy, right?

What is even more mind-boggling, is the fact that in the first few years of the life of your child, these neurons are going to form trillions of ‘Brain-Cell’ connections. Connections that are commonly called ‘Synapses.’

It’s the several Brain Development Challenges that come the way of your little one, that are essential in ‘watering’ those Synapses. The idea is to get them ‘Hardwired’ in your child’s brain. Unfortunately, your child can stand to ‘lose them’, if they are not ‘exercised’ enough.

So, What Challenges Your Child? How do you get them to put all that Cerebral Matter to good use? In this article, we will see all the ways in which you can prime your child’s brain. We will uncover some Brain Development Challenges your child could use, including How to challenge your child Academically.
Ready to throw some challenges to that Network of Synapses in Baby’s Brain, with a view to making it stronger? Time to get down to those very ‘challenges’ themselves!

Brain Development: Daily Challenges

So, what challenges your child? It might be something that comes easily to another. On the contrary, your child might excel at tasks that other children struggle with.
Presenting some daily challenges for Brain Development, that you might want to throw your child’s way.

Talk to them

No, this is not merely limited to the time the family spends at the dining table, at the end of the day.

To do: Even if you might be a working parent, make sure you schedule time at the end of the day or even first thing in the morning, to simply ‘talk’ to your child. The more you speak to them, the more you will be challenging them to work on their Language and Communication Skills.

Socializing with Other Children

You don’t want to limit your child to merely their ‘Inner Circle.’

To do: Get your kid to interact with other children by planning playdates, or taking them to the park. This will help them go a long way in developing things like empathy, and building their self-esteem, too. You might be looking at How to Challenge your child Academically, but you don’t want to forget working on their Social and Emotional Intelligence, too.

Play with Them

Did you know that even something incredibly simple like the game of ‘Peek-a-boo’, can go a long way in aiding your Child’s Brain Development?

To do: Whether it’s Playing with Toys or with Blocks, Play is intrinsic to Brain Development. It is nothing short of being a ‘portal’ into the wonderful world of Imagination, which in turn spurs Creativity in your child.

Read and Introspect

If you’re looking at how to challenge your child academically, this is the perfect solution!

To do: Get them to read books that go beyond the mere ‘syllabus’ in their school. One of the ways to do this, is to go to the local library, and speak to the librarian about what books might serve to challenge your child. Of course, the books they recommend should be appropriate for their age.

Tip: You can even introspect when you are reading simple books to them, like the classic tale of ‘Goldilocks.’ You might wish to ask them a question to the tune of, ‘What might the three bears have done, when they found Goldilocks?’

Get them to Listen to Music

You heard that right! Not only is listening to Music wonderfully therapeutic, it has a whole host of benefits for children, too.

To do: Try and get them to listen to classical music that has a good deal of depth and intensity. Not only will it improve vital skills like Concentration and Memory, it will also help them battle that monster that troubles us every now and then. Namely, Stress!

Cuddle Them

Once again, not quite what you might have expected, in the list of Brain Development Challenges! Needless to say, this is far less of a ‘challenge’, and more of a ‘luxury’ for kids!

To do: You want to spend as much time as you can, cuddling your little one. Before you know it, they will be leaving the nest and you will miss the times when you could hug them at free will. Not only will that process of cuddling reduce stress in your child, it will also greatly aid in the development of their brains!

Play ‘Hands-On’ Games

Want to be a Hands-on parent? Simply play ‘Hands-On games!’

To do: You want to play as many games as possible with your little one, that involve the use of ‘hands.’ Games like ‘Peek-a-boo’, and ‘This little Piggy.’ When you play games like these, it unlocks a window for your child, helping them interact with the world around them. Needless to say, these games will see them having a ball!

Playing with Blocks

Playing with Blocks makes for countless hours of fun, but did you know just how beneficial this activity really is, for children of all ages? The following are the benefits:

  • It helps them understand concepts that are alien to them. Like, Size, Shape and Balance.
  • Homes their Problem solving and Math skills.
  • Improves their Attention Span and Concentration, too.

Jigsaw Puzzles

These timeless puzzles have served as an endless source of intrigue for little kids over the years. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Great for improving their fine motor skills
  • Boosts Image Recognition
  • Helps in Pattern Detection

At EuroKids, we do everything in our capacity to help boost the Brain Development of our children. We strongly urge all parents to do the same, by constantly throwing challenges at them. The challenges that have been outlined in this article, make for a fine place to start.

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