The Best Preschools in Ahmedabad Gujarat

The Best Preschools in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

With over 20 preschools, EuroKids is a household name in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since its inception in 2001, EuroKids has been at the forefront of imparting best knowledge and skills to its pupils. People of Ahmedabad have reposed their trust in EuroKids by a positive word of mouth and have continued to support the initiative taken by EuroKids partners.

Why EuroKids is one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad

The presence of EuroKids preschools across Ahmedabad has earned the trust of parents. Now more than ever before, parents want to send their children to the best preschools to create a better future for their children. EuroKids, with its extensive experience in the industry, has acquired this trust of parents of the city and has ensured to cater to their requirements, while providing the best learning experience to the children. Bilingual staff ensures maximum productivity The primary school, being a bilingual preschool, has ensured the maximum efficiency of its staff, teachers and administration. They speak a variety of different languages and are not only proficient in the English language but also in the local dialects.

The importance of early childhood education

With growing emphasis on early childhood education, a growing number of parents are spending on preschool education and also choosing to send their child to a preschool. Preschool education makes a positive contribution in enhancing the cognitive, emotional, physical and social development of the child during the early years. Preschools in Ahmedabad While discussing preschool education, a good number of parents mention that they were happy with the interaction with the teachers and the facilities provided by the school. In addition, parents are also satisfied with the academic education of their child and most of them are content with the school’s infrastructure and security.

How EuroKids helps children through their preschool years

While preparing for the entrance exam for schools, children spend a good chunk of their time at EuroKids’ play groups. The preschools will often introduce the children to creative activities and encourage them to express their interests through art and craft. This helps the children build stronger educational foundation for future schooling. Talking about the details, a senior member of EuroKids management said, “As a child development expert, our team of teachers believes that quality is key to a child’s learning. This is one of the primary reasons why EuroKids has always strived to deliver the best care and education. The preschools work hard to make the kids comfortable and ensure that they never miss out on their early childhood.

What makes EuroKids different from other schools?

EuroKids prides itself on being an education facilitator that caters to the whole child and not just the academics. They put the child first as they aspire to do better than the best across each and every aspect of education. Why should parents consider having their child admitted to EuroKids preschool? They have the best facility for working on your child’s core curriculum. Apart from academic subjects, what else should they expect from their child in EuroKids preschool? All the activities that they have to do, are individually designed by professionals. They also have a structured art programme, music & dance, creative writing & photography, physical education and yoga. Do they offer Montessori methods? EuroKids preschool is uniquely an integrated Montessori preschool.

Satisfied Parents

They are a parent/caregiver-oriented facility that offers various facilities for a child’s growth. They provide a perfect learning environment that is equal to their playroom in terms of warmth and playfulness. The learning centres are equipped with a variety of new technology tools that foster critical thinking, problem-solving, verbal/nonverbal communication and many more skills. It not just teaches them about English/Science/Hindi, but also subjects like Math, Art, Music, dance and many more. EuroKids offers complete care for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of a child. The activities in the preschool are designed keeping the child in mind. Parents have claimed their kids’ growth to be a 100% – every year.

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