Joyful Clay Creations! The Benefits Of Pottery for Kids

“Pottery is the art of making containers, sculptures and other objects of clay. The clay is shaped and then fired, or baked at a high temperature, to harden it. The items created in this way are also called pottery. Like brick and tile, pottery is a type of ceramic. Ceramics are materials made from non-metallic minerals such as clay and sand.”

– Kids Britannica

Discover the benefits of pottery for kids! Boost self-expression, problem solving, history lessons, family fun, and self-worth. Tips for successful pottery sessions included.

Kids love to get their hands dirty; what better way to let them do it, than having them indulge in some good old pottery fun?

The thing is, when you let your child express themselves through the Arts, you will find them becoming happier, more content versions of themselves. Armed with the freedom to ‘create’, what eggs them on more than ever when working with clay, is the fact that there is no rigid template to stick to. All they need to do is explore the recesses of their imagination. Even if the final product is not something you might be able to fire and glaze, you will be left with something physical your kids can most indeed be proud of.

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Did you know that there are three basic types of pottery? They are Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain.

7 Wacky Benefits of Pottery for Kids

Pottery Art for kids proffers several benefits.

  1. It boosts their self-expression
  2.  Pottery for kids is truly stimulating because, firstly, it gives children the knowledge that they are in complete command of the clay, that they can tweak to create just about anything they like. This gives them the ultimate confidence to explore the ideas in their minds, setting them off on a journey of self-expression and imagination. Subsequently, this allows their creative sensibilities to flourish.

  3. It’s a lesson in history and culture
  4.  Pottery has been around since time immemorial. If your little one is interested in pottery, it might be a really good idea to explain to them all about how different cultures have their own pottery themes. They might even want to fashion that clay into the likes of things made ages ago. Pottery for children can thus become a most immersive ‘history cum culture’ learning experience.

    Tip: You might want to do some research on pottery over the ages on the Internet, to show to that eager young artist.

  5. Boosts problem solving and spatial awareness
  6. Pottery for kids brings about in children a basic knowledge of spatial awareness. This is because sculpting clay is a Three-dimensional Art that needs children to move ‘form’ around, as well as move ‘around that form’. Further, this helps kids solve problems that might crop up in the creation of their three-dimensional piece. They also learn to explore challenges and recover from any mistakes along the way.

    Did you know that people have been making earthenware pottery for 9000 years?

  7. A fun family activity
  8. Thinking of pottery classes for children? Why not have the whole family sign up for a pottery workshop? The really great thing here is, it can make for a day of unbridled fun for the entire family.

    Bonus: You can end up with some great homemade pottery to show off to friends.

  9. That calming effect
  10.  Having trouble getting your kids to concentrate on one task because they seem to be anxious most of the time? Pottery for kids might be just what the doctor ordered!

    Perhaps it’s the sense of control and free will they are imbued with when they get their hands on some clay, that does the trick. Maybe it’s because this activity provides for an outlet for their self-expression. No matter what, the soothing benefits of playing with clay for children, will be evident in a matter of mere minutes.

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  11. It boosts their sense of self-worth
  12.  Pottery Art for kids goes a long way in giving children an ultimate sense of self-worth. The mere knowledge that they have ended up creating a work of art, is enough. Having that finished piece of clay that is the fruit of their labour in their hands, motivates them even further to create more such magnificent pieces in the time to come. They can even keep the creations they have made as souvenirs for their memories.

4 Tips to Introduce Pottery to Kids for Fun

Pottery for kids is most enjoyable when done right. Here are some tips to help get your child started.

  1. Start with simple shapes
  2. This will help kids get a basic feel of clay. Once they are proficient enough with the substance, they can move on to more complex forms.

  3. Make sure the teacher is well qualified .
  4. When looking for pottery classes for children, you want to ensure that the teacher knows what they are doing.

  5. Use that clay to teach them about Science and Math .
  6. Ever thought of using clay to educate students on geometrical concepts and fractions? Or making models of Molecules and Atoms for those Science buffs?

  7. Sign up for a class that is not too large .
  8. Pottery for children is learned best when there’s more hands-on attention. If you’re not signing your kid up for a private class, ensure there’s no more than 10 children in the class.


Pottery is an excellent activity that improves motor and creativity skills of children. In this article, we have provided a detailed description on the benefits of pottery for your little ones. If there’s anyone that knows the importance of pottery activities for children, it’s us at EuroKids. Here, fun with clay invariably falls into that plethora of activities that are specifically designed to develop young brains and help children become the creators of tomorrow.

What steps are you going to take to spark the interest of pottery in your kids?


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