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Types of Olive Oil & Benefits of Using for Baby Massage

As a parent who diligently massages their baby, we are sure you fall into either one of the two teams – team traditional, homemade-baby oil or team packaged-baby oil.

While that’s great, have you ever given olive oil a shot?

Yes, you read that right. Olive oil isn’t just a great addition to the kitchen but it can actually be an awesome accomplice in your baby’s massage ritual as well.

Packed to the brim with benefits, a regular massage with olive oil can help you fix a couple of common ailments as well as contribute to your baby’s overall growth and well-being.

Without further ado, allow us to give you a low-down on olive oil benefits when it comes to a baby massage!

Did you know that olive oil as baby massage oil provides omega fatty acids to your baby’s skin? These acids improve heart health, enhance brain health and ultimately improve the cognitive function of the baby.

3 Types of Olive Oil That is Best for Your Baby

Before we get to olive oil benefits for your baby, it is important to know and understand the difference between the various types of olive oils so you can choose the best one for your baby.

According to the International Olive Council, olive oil is primarily of the following three types –

  1. Refined olive oil
  2. Part of your regular kitchen olive oil, this one involves the processing of virgin olive oil by any means that do not alter its basic structure.

  3. Virgin olive oil
  4. Virgin olive oil is extracted from olives without the help of any chemical treatment. It is a type of cold pressed oil.

  5. Extra virgin olive oil
  6. Extra virgin olive oil refers to the highest quality of cold pressed virgin oil. This is the purest type of olive oil available in the market.

Which of these is the best olive oil for baby massage? Experts recommend using extra virgin olive oil due to its inherent purities and healing properties.

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How Should You Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Massage Your Baby?

Though extra virgin olive oil is nutrient-rich and the best choice for your baby, it should not be used on its own on your baby’s skin. That is because olive oil contains oleic acid, which when used regularly, can break down the barrier of your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin, leading to redness.

Did you know that olive oil as baby oil has various uses beyond moisturising your baby’s skin?

Hence, the best way to use olive oil for baby massage is to use it occasionally and to use it in conjunction with lukewarm water. Adding lukewarm water to extra virgin olive oil can limit its skin-barrier-breaking capacity while retaining its beneficial properties.

5 Benefits of Olive Oil Baby Massage

There are many benefits to using olive oil for baby massage. However, before we deep-dive into them, it is important for you to know that all the advantages listed below pertain to the mixture of extra virgin olive oil and lukewarm water we talked about in the previous section. Olive oil alone may not carry all these benefits as baby massage oil.

Now let us dive in!

  1. Works in all seasons
  2. You know that certain oils work best in certain seasons. For example, traditionally mustard oil is recommended in winters due to its warming properties. However, with olive oil, you’re not tied down to any particular season. It is usable all year round though you may have to adjust the amount you use each season to make the most of it. Therefore, olive oil as baby body massage oil is a one fit solution to your baby’s massage routine?

    As a rule of thumb, use a smaller amount in summers and a greater amount in winters for extra moisturisation.

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  3. Moisturises your baby’s skin
  4. According to a 2016 study, olive oil can be a big boon for babies with dry skin. It was also discovered that olive oil is a nourishing baby body massage oil. Enriched with the hydrating agent known as squalene, olive oil can make your baby’s skin even softer and smoother than it was before!

  5. May heal cradle cap
  6. Did you know that olive oil for baby body massage is an effective solution for cradle cap in babies?

    A dandruff-like problem common among babies, cradle caps may be treated with an olive oil massage. Simply massage your baby’s scalp with olive oil and leave it on for about half an hour before rinsing it off with a mild baby shampoo. Comb your baby’s hair after and you will see cradle caps loosen and fall off.

  7. May relieve cold and cough
  8. As seasons change, your baby can be at greater risk of contracting cold and cough. However, worry not! If your baby catches a cold, you can relieve its symptoms by massaging your baby’s chest with a mix of olive oil and eucalyptus oil.

  9. May help improve sleep
  10. Relaxing in nature, massaging olive oil onto the soles of your baby’s feet can help soothe them, thus inducing sleep. Improved sleep is one of the comforting effects of olive oil for baby body massage.  


It is clear to see how beneficial olive oil can be! In this article, we have provided details on the three types of olive oil that are best for your babies. We have also covered five benefits of olive oil so that you can provide the best-nourished massage for your baby’s health and development. However, we strongly recommend that you consult with your paediatrician or perform a patch test before applying the oil completely to the baby’s body. However, be sure you only use the best olive oil for baby massage to prevent any risks or side-effects. Do you know of any other advantages? Please share your valuable thoughts.

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