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That Gut Feeling: The Baby Prebiotics vs Probiotics Debate

‘Prebiotics’ or ‘Probiotics’?

When you first hear both these terms, they sound pretty much the same. If there’s one thing that bears testament to their ‘sameness’, it’s the following:

They are both Great for ‘Gut Health’!

When we speak of a ‘Gut Feeling’, we are broadly speaking of certain ‘intuitive’ powers inherent in us. However, do we know how our gut feels ‘physically’? Truth be told, Gut Health plays a significant part in our overall good health. That too, right from the time we are born into this world! It becomes especially relevant, then, that we take a closer look at Prebiotic and Probiotic Uses for our ‘babies’, with a view to cultivating ‘better gut health.’

We at EuroKids are especially committed to the Holistic development of kids. Which is why, we have compiled for you a ton of information on the subject ‘Baby Prebiotics vs Probiotics.’ If you’ve ever been curious as to What are Prebiotics and Probiotics Good for, you’ve come to the right place. Join us, as we explore both Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods for Babies, and discuss the positives of these ‘Champions of our Gut’.

Table of Contents:

Probiotic Foods for Babies

In the Baby Prebiotics vs Probiotics debate, it’s not uncommon for parents to side with Probiotics. After all, they are generally more ‘known’ than their Prebiotio counterparts! Remember that ‘Yakult’ you might have seen someone giving their kids? It’s a Probiotic drink!

So, what exactly are Probiotic Foods?

The term ‘Probiotics’ refers to the ‘live’ bacteria that are found in some foods that are beneficial for the gut’s microbiome.

How they Work: Probiotics help create ‘colonies’ of good bacteria in Baby’s gut, which go a long way in aiding their Digestion.

Common strains of Probiotics: Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium

Examples of Probiotic Foods: Curd, Kombucha

Prebiotic Foods for Babies

The ‘Prebiotic’ in Prebiotics Foods, actually refers to a ‘type of food’ itself! Prebiotic foods are, in essence, a type of difficult-to-digest fiber, that acts as an excellent source of nutrition to those probiotic ‘bacteria’ we touched upon in the earlier point.

How they Work: Prebiotics work through the stimulation of the ‘growth’ of some of those good bacteria in Baby’s Gut. If Baby needs to eat, then the bacteria in their gut need food, too!

Common strains of Prebiotics: Fructo-oligosaccharides, Galacto-oligosaccharides

Examples of Prebiotic Foods: Oats, asparagus, artichokes

Championing Gut Health: Prebiotic and Probiotic Uses

This section is for anyone who has ever wondered, ‘What are Prebiotics and Probiotics good for?’ Not just in regard to babies, but in general.

Presenting a closer look at the benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics for Babies.

  1. Aid digestion
  2. First and foremost, probiotics and prebiotics lay a solid foundation for good bacteria in the gut.

    Cool Fact: Those ‘good bacteria’ play a vital role in the absorption of nutrients, thus assisting the digestive process.

  3. Help reduce ‘Reflux’
  4. Reflux is an ailment that’s very common in infants. However, it’s certainly not something to be taken lightly!

    Cool Fact: All those good bacteria in the gut, can work wonders where it comes to reducing those unwanted reflux symptoms.

  5. Great for bowel movement
  6. If our babies cannot eat as much fiber as us adults, no problem. Make sure their diets are packed with Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods!

    Cool Fact: It has been noticed that even children who struggle constantly with Constipation, can be relieved of their symptoms. That is, thanks to the regularity in bowel movements that is stimulated via those probiotic and prebiotic foods.

  7. Strengthen the Immune System
  8. If there’s one thing our babies are prone to more than older kids, it’s succumbing to several infections.

    Cool Fact: What probiotics and prebiotics do best, is to restore the gut ‘microbiome’. That goes a long way in boosting Baby’s Immunity.

  9. Help in treating Diarrhea
  10. Sometimes, it’s not possible to treat Baby’s illness without the use of antibiotics. Unfortunately, those antibiotics bring with them bouts of diarrhea, too.

    Cool Fact: By replenishing the gut with all those ‘good bacteria’ that were lost in those bouts of diarrhea, prebiotics and probiotics help Baby’s body regain vitality. Needless to add, fight off that diarrhea, too!

Baby Prebiotics vs Probiotics: Understanding Which is Better

When trying to answer this question, one might think: ‘Is this a Trick Question?’

It’s only natural to feel that way. After all, simply introducing good bacteria in the gut through the use of Probiotic Foods is not enough. We must ensure they thrive, too, with the use of those Prebiotic Foods.

All said and done, your baby’s gut is still developing, and that’s perhaps the reason why the primary focus should be on getting more of those probiotic foods into our kids’ systems, to create a solid ‘foundation’ of gut bacteria. This will serve to pave the way for good gut health for your child in their later years, too.

Wondering how best to introduce Probiotic foods to Baby? Read the next section, to find out just that.

Introducing Probiotics to Babies

Luckily for us, there are ways in which we can help our babies get a good dose of those Probiotics.

  1. Breastfeeding
  2. Believe it or not, but breastmilk is proven to be a wonderful natural source of Probiotics!

    Note: For babies that are not breastfed, feeding them with a Probiiotic-Enhanced Baby Formula is a viable alternative.

  3. Start them early on Probiotic-Rich foods
  4. When they are old enough to be introduced to solid foods, you might want to start them off on probiotic-rich foods.

    Cool TIp: Yogurt is perhaps the best choice, to get Baby introduced to Probiotics.

  At the end of the day, the idea is to strike a ‘balance’ between Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods for our kids. Both are good for our babies, and dependent on the other in a sense. Go on out there, and get a good stock of Probiotics and Prebiotics. There’s no ‘gut feeling’ you require, to push you towards working towards Baby’s Gut Health!


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