Teaching kids computer science and programming

We live in the age of technology, going about our day in a world that is driven by data. There is not a single aspect of our lives that technology has not made its way into. From how we communicate to the way we cook – technology powers what we do. And what our children do as well.

Kids these days are more tech-savvy than ever! However, what you might consider an addiction might be genuine fascination for the way technology works. Computer science, in fact, is an extremely promising and futureproof career path that can help your child unlock new heights of success.

So if you have been thinking about encouraging your child’s passion for tech, we have compiled this blog for you! Here we will give you a lowdown on computer science and programming and how you can keep your child engaged in learning more about it.

Computer science basics for kids

First thing’s first. Let us break down the basics of computer science for kids.

As a subject, computer science deals with the study of computational systems such as computers. Students will learn a multitude of things in this subject including what makes computers work, the way they process information and the instructions and codes they should follow. Subjects such as algorithms, artificial intelligence, operating systems, programming etc. also come under the broad umbrella of computer science.

Computer science for kids focuses on teaching kids about hardware and software, coding and programming, computer languages, algorithms and data structure, operating systems, management systems, computer networks, web development, machine learning, and much more.

If your kids develop a deep interest in computer science and take it up as their undergraduate course in the future, they could become software developers, data scientists, app developers, web developers, game developers, system analysts, and web designers among others. It opens up a whole world of futureproof career options for them!

The importance of computer science for kids

Every child should have basic knowledge of computer science, coding and programming. Learning about them actually carries multiple benefits for children which spill over to other aspects of their lives. Here are the core skills students acquire by learning Basic computer science.

  1. Problem solving
  2. If your kids learn to code, one benefit that they can derive out of it is sharpening their problem solving skills. Coding requires kids to break down complex problems into simpler subsets through which they can then find the solution to the given problem. This whole process can also be time-consuming, teaching them the value of patience.

  3. Innovation and imagination
  4. Computer science is also about exercising your mental faculties to come up with new solutions, programs, designs, codes, apps, games and more. When kids get the chance to use computer science to build something new, they get to hone their imaginations.

  5. Digitally adept
  6. As we said before, today’s world is all about tech. Which makes being digitally literate extremely important. Computer science can be crucial in teaching kids how to use technology in an ethical and safe manner. This, in turn, can keep them safe from malpractices that happen online such as hacking, piracy etc.

  7. Communicative collaboration
  8. A lot of computer science projects require kids to work in teams. This can benefit them in two ways. One, they learn how to work efficiently as a part of a team, which is a very valuable skill to have. And two, they learn to effectively communicate with their teammates. Clear communication is the only way to tackle the complex projects of computer science.

  9. Ability to adapt to difficult situations
  10. Computer science projects can be increasingly challenging, taking multiple rounds of trial and error to solve. Going through these rounds can teach kids that making mistakes is part of the process. What is important is to be resilient and to adapt to the challenges that arise.

  11. Better maths scores
  12. And skills! Computer science as a subject relies heavily on different codes and equations, which require the use of complex calculations. This makes kids good at solving problems as well as mathematics. A total win-win!

Engaging computer science activities for kids

If your kids are curious about computer science and want to delve deeper into it, there are many activities to heighten their excitement. Here are computer science activities for kids that are super engaging and super fun:

  1. Get them to play coding games
  2. Platforms like Blockly or Scratch host plenty of interactive coding lessons which can teach your kids the basics in a gamified manner. Featuring colourful animations, they are extremely playful and fun. Your kids will not even feel that they are studying!

  3. Get them robotics kits
  4. You will find several robotic kits available online which you can buy and help your child learn about building and programming robots so they can perform the tasks that they have been instructed to. Some examples include kits such as Dat and Dosh or Lego’s Mindstorms. These kits are great creativity boosters.

  5. Teach them algorithmic art
  6. Algorithmic artwork is fairly simple and fun to make. If your kid has a good grasp of basic programming concepts, they can use that knowledge to generate colours, shapes and patterns, mixing and matching them to create beautiful digital art. They can use basic programming languages to write a program that creates shapes and colours.

  7. Encourage them to solve real-life problems
  8. You can let kids create computational artefacts which can help address a particular need or problem of the real world. For example, encourage them to create a program that allows other kids to pick up the basics of maths in an easy and engaging manner. Solving real-life problems can give them a greater sense of accomplishment.

  9. Get them off the computer
  10. The key to learning computer science in-depth is to know the real world. By studying the world, kids can have a stronger understanding of the fundamentals of computer science. For example, by studying a deck of cards, kids can get a sound grasp of algorithms. Or by playing as human robots, they can better understand the concepts of loops and sequencing.

    Teaching kids about computer science is a sure-fire way to set them up for a bright future. In fact, as we have already discussed, the importance of computer science cannot be stressed enough. At EuroKids, we build a strong foundation for computer science based subjects by strengthening your child’s mathematical skills and promoting their creativity and imagination among other things. If you are interested in knowing more about the teaching techniques we employ in our preschools, be sure to visit

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