Simple Autumn Garland Crafts for Children: 12 ideas

We are total suckers for simple craft ideas. In fact, we love sharing our ideas as much as we love making them!

So we thought today we would get into the groove of sharing some easy-peasy autumn garland crafts for kids so you can keep your tiny tots a little extra (and happily so) busy this festive season. Especially as you hustle and bustle around the house, trying to get it ready for the festivities to come.

  1. Autumn leaf bunting
  2. Even if you do not have a classic maple leaf, you can use any red, brown or yellowed autumnal life for this garland craft! Just decorate the leaves you have collected with markers or a sharpie. Once done, string them together using a hot glue gun on a long piece of decorative ribbon. Now hang it up at a window or a wall for all to see!

  3. Wool sweater garland
  4. Got old sweaters lying around with holes or rends in them? Cut out shapes of various leaves on a piece of felt. Stick pieces of old sweater on the felt leaves with a glue gun and cut off excess sweater to match the outline of your felt leaves! If your kids want, you can use embroidery thread to create veins and stems on these woollen felt leaves. Again, once done, just string ‘em up with a ribbon to hang wherever! This one has great reuse value.

  5. Wax paper bunting
  6. For this garland craft idea, you would need to collect a bunch of dry leaves, which you can keep well preserved until you have to use them. Now once you have all your leaves, space them out between a sandwich of two wax paper sheets. Iron on top of the wax paper so the paper actually ends up sticking to the leaves on both sides. Cut out individual leaves, string them up and use as decor throughout the house!

  7. Molten crayon bunting
  8. If your kids want that cool stained glass effect to come out in their garland craft, this idea is it. So just like in the previous one, you have got to use a sandwich of wax paper. Dump all your colourful crayon shavings between this sandwich, spreading them out over a wide area so you can get plenty of leaves out of them.

    Next, iron this sandwich till the crayon shavings stick to the paper. Now cut different shapes of leaves from this wax paper and crayon sandwich. Do the usual to hang them up.

  9. Fall leaf suncatchers
  10. So this is going to be a contact paper sandwich instead of a wax paper one. We think you can turn this one into a flower garland craft too if you want. Just replace the dried up leaves with pressed and dried up flower petals.

    So what you have to do is take a bunch of paper plates and cut out their centre. Now cut circular pieces out of the contact paper of the exact same dimension as the hole in your hollowed plates. Stick a sheet of contact paper in the hollow and fill the contact paper with leaves or petals. Now stick another layer of contact paper on top of it. Repeat for all plates and then string them together to hang by a window!

  11. Apple bunting
  12. Okay it does use real apples but not as the final product so you do not have to worry about rotten fruit hanging from your ceiling! You just need a bunch of bright fall posters or acrylic colours, a halved apple and some newspapers.

    Cut the newspaper into triangular buntings. Now paint the half of the apple with your fall colours and imprint that on the newspaper buntings. Once dry, stick the buntings in a row on a ribbon to hang!

  13. Felt bat bunting
  14. Just a bit of cardboard and a lot of black felt will do. So use the cardboard to create a template of a bat that you can use to trace on the felt. Trace as many bats on the felt as you can. Cut those tracings out and sew them together to create a nice, spooky that is just absolutely perfect for Halloween!

    If you are not into Halloween, you can switch the black felt with a colourful one and trace flowers instead to make your own flower garland craft.

  15. Easy halloween garland
  16. If you have been wondering ‘how to make garland with craft paper’, this is the answer to your query. So again use some cardboard to create Halloween tracing templates such as a cat, a witches hat, a sheet ghost or a coffin. Now trace the outline of these templates on black craft paper and cut them in their traced shapes. After this, you know what to do to hang them.

  17. Spider bunting
  18. Another one for Halloween lovers that uses craft paper so your question of ‘how to make garland with craft paper’ is still valid.

    Cut out spiders and cobwebs on black craft paper. Sandwich these between two layers of wax paper and iron the whole thing till all three layers stick together. Now cut out bunting flags around each of the cobwebs and spiders and string them together with black ribbon.

  19. Simple paper flower garland craft
  20. You know kids love drawing flowers. So tap into their skills and love for drawing by giving them a bunch of different and brightly coloured craft paper. Make them trace out different shapes and sizes of flowers. Stick these flowers in a row on a bright green coloured ribbon with the help of a glue gun and your paper flower garland craft is now ready!

  21. Thankful hands bunting
  22. We think this one works great for Holi too but you can try it during autumn as well. So you get your kids to dip their hands in child-friendly paint. Take an imprint of their hands on white coloured contact paper. Repeat this step with multiple different colours. Once the paint has dried, cut out the hand shapes and string them along together to hang up.

  23. Gratitude bunting
  24. This is the simplest garland craft idea of the lot. So just use colourful craft paper to cut out bunting triangles in a bunch of different shades. Now ask each member of your family, not just the kids, to fill the bunting triangles with the names of things they are grateful for. String it together on a brightly coloured ribbon and hang it where everyone can enjoy their family effort together.

    Who said crafting an autumn garland has to be difficult? These ideas are easy, we think your kids will end up trying them all over one single weekend! Just like they did in our classrooms on a fine school day at EuroKids. When our teacher taught them how to make paper garlands, each preschooler tried a different idea and we had a motley crew of beautiful bunting! That said, crafts is not the only thing our school does excellently. Our award-winning preschool has a top notch syllabus too. Know more by visiting us!

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