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Patriot’s Playground- Simple and Engaging Republic Day Activity for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Kids

“Before divulging into the whole history behind this day, it is essential that you make your kids understand what the term ‘republic’ actually means. A republic is a form of government where the power is held by the representatives elected by the people, instead of kind or ruler.”

– Times of India

Republic Day is a day of great significance to this beautiful country we call India. It is a day celebrating the country’s history commemorating the enactment of the Constitution of India on January 26th, 1950. It is a momentous day which signifies unity, diversity, and the values enshrined in the democratic framework of the nation.

Republic Day in India is celebrated across institutions and across ages. Both old and young minds alike come together to celebrate this honourable occasion with activities for Republic Day. Republic Day activity fosters the sense of unity among people and provides them with a sense of belonging to the nation. In various institutions, celebrations are never far behind. We observe a lot of Republic Day activities in school. Students look forward to the Republic Day activities for students.

In this article, we will explore an extensive collection of diverse activities for Republic Day. Keeping in mind the age and experience of the kids, we have segregated the Republic Day activity lists into the following:

  • Republic Day activities for preschoolers
  • Republic Day activity for kindergarten

These Republic Day activities for students have been thoughtfully designed to engage young minds in a fun and educational manner.

Top 4 Republic Day Activities for Preschoolers

  1. Tricolour Craft Making
  2. Tricolour craft making is one of the meaningful republic day activities in school. The vibrancy of the Indian flag–the Tricolour–can be experienced through a hands-on craft activity. Materials required are white, orange (saffron), and green craft papers along with glue, a pair of scissors, and sketch pens. Get hold of a bunch of ice-cream sticks. Assist the kids in cutting and pasting the craft paper strips to form the flag’s design while discussing the significance of each colour. Using a dark blue ketch pen, help them draw the wheel that represents the Chakra. Now, assist them in pasting the paper strip to the ice-cream stick to make it a complete flag. Let them revel in their own creation. Then, ask them to express what the colours mean to them. This will lead the way to creativity and understanding of the significance of the Tricolour.

  3. Patriotic Badge Creation
  4. Engage the kids in a creative endeavour to make Republic Day badges as one of the republic day activities in school. Utilise materials such as cardboard circles, safety pins, markers, and decorative items. Encourage them to design and decorate these badges using symbols of patriotism. They can incorporate the national flag colours or significant national emblems. Wearing these badges will instil a sense of pride and respect for the nation.

  5. Tricolour Snack Making
  6. Combine fun and nutrition by organising a cooking session for the kids as one of the yummiest republic day activities in school. The task is for the kids to prepare simple snacks with the colours of the national flag. Guide them in creating snacks like sandwiches. The layers of sandwich can have cucumber or mint chutney for green colour, carrots for orange colour, and cheese or mayonnaise for white colour. This activity will not only engage them in a creative manner but also teach them healthy and fun ways of cooking and eating habits.

  7. Storytelling Sessions
  8. Narrate stories about Indian freedom fighters, leaders, or stories related to the making of the Indian Constitution as one of the activities to celebrate republic day for preschoolers. Screen some age-appropriate documentaries if you want to take this idea of storytelling a notch higher. These are great ways to engage kids while educating them about the country’s history.

    These are the activities that help in celebrating republic day for preschoolers.

Top 4 Republic Day Activity for Kindergarten

  1. National Symbols Show-and-Tell
  2. Introduce various national symbols like the national flag, the national bird of India, the national animal of India, national emblem, national anthem, and important monuments of India. Encourage kids to share their knowledge about these symbols and songs and discuss their significance. Make learning interactive by adding the guessing game element where children identify the symbols. This will lead to a deeper understanding of the nation’s cultural heritage and help celebrate republic day for kindergarten kids.

  3. Unity in Diversity Collage
  4. Creating a collage is a fun and engaging way to delve deeper into the chosen topic. On the occasion of Republic Day, encourage kids to collect and bring in various newspaper and magazine cuttings depicting the diversity in the country. Explain to them to bring cuttings of various festivals, cultures, traditions, attires, landscapes, etc. while celebrating republic day for kindergarten kids. Guide them in making the collage by providing a large sheet of chart paper, a pair of scissors, glue, and sketch pens or coloured pens. While they are in the process of creating the collage or after finishing it, explain to them how diverse cultures, traditions, and festivals are a part of the country and they are all united. This activity will lead to a sense of unity and brotherhood with fellow Indians while creating a masterpiece that they can look back at for inspiration.

  5. Musical Rendition of Patriotic Songs
  6. Create a lively ambience by playing patriotic songs of India like Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana. Sing along to celebrate republic day for kindergarten children. Organise a small performance where kids can dance or enact simple gestures that reflect the meaning of the lyrics, infusing the spirit of joy and enthusiasm into the celebration of Republic Day.

  7. Quiz on Indian History and Constitution
  8. Organise a quiz competition for the kids focussing on India’s history, freedom struggle, and the Constitution. Tailor questions according to the age group to make it fun and entertaining for the kids to grasp the knowledge and to celebrate the nation’s heritage.

These are some of the republic day activities for kids.


Embracing Republic Day with a plethora of engaging and educational activities for Republic Day is an amazing way to introduce the significance of this historic day to the kids. Republic day activities for preschoolers as well as republic day activity for kindergarten set the tone for an informative yet engaging way to introduce the feeling of unity among these brave young hearts. These meticulously designed republic day  activities for kids serve the purpose of instilling a sense of patriotism, respect for cultural diversity, and an appreciation for the rich heritage of India.

As educators and caregivers, it is imperative to nurture a deep-rooted understanding of national values and cultural significance among the young generation. These activities serve as catalysts in celebrating India’s Republic Day while fostering a strong sense of pride and belonging among our youngest citizens. By immersing them in republic day activities for kids, we ensure that they grow up with a profound appreciation for their country’s history, cultural diversity, and the values that define the essence of being Indian.

Which of these republic day activities will you introduce to your kids?


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