Setting up Camp: How to Make an Indoor Tent for a Sleepover


Ready to go Camping with your baby? Why take them ‘Into the Wild’, when you can bring ‘The Wild’ home?

Whether it’s a tree house or simply a corner in their room, ‘Safe Spaces’ for children are the best. Places that children yearn to return to time and again. Just like those Indoor Play Tents for Toddlers! Where they can shed their inhibitions, and begin exploring the world.

In this blog post, you will find information on how to set up a tent indoors, for ultimate exploring fun for your Baby Explorer. Moreover, you will come to see how that tent can be used to indulge in several Activities, that will keep your little one engrossed at all times. Time to set up camp, and begin with how to make an indoor tent for a sleepover!

Setting up Camp: How to Make an Indoor Tent for a Sleepover

Making an Indoor Tent is far simpler than you think.

Essentials for Indoor Tent:

The following are the must-haves, for that indoor tent.

  • A blanket
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Rope
  • Sheet (that is light in weight)
  • Portable Night lights
  • Book (a large, heavy one is preferable)

How to:

While it might not be in the wilderness, that tent is still fun to set up!

  • Take the rope and tie it to two opposite sides of the room.
  • Taking the sheet, drape it over the rope.
  • Take the blanket, and neatly spread it on the floor. This is your indoor ‘terrain’!
  • Use the portable night lights as support, to ensure the sheet remains ‘open’.
  • Position that pillow and sleeping bag inside, to make for the most comfortable space for baby.

Voila! You have an indoor tent, and you are all set for that Indoor Camping Experience!

Creative Ways to Incorporate an Indoor Tent into Activities with your Baby

Now that you have made Baby that tent, it’s time to let them indulge in the fun Indoor Tent Activities, like the following.

  1. Baby Me Time
  2. Know how you earnestly covet some precious ‘Me Time’, especially since you barely get any as a new parent? Your baby needs it too!

    To do: Allow them some time, to play with their toys or simply be granted the chance to ‘be by themselves’.

    Bonus: This will go a long way, in fostering a vital sense of ‘Independence’ that will help in their growing years.

  3. Reading Baby Books
  4. Yes they might not be able to read by themselves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t read to them!

    To do: All you need to do is buy some cool baby books with fun illustrations, and read them out to the baby using a flashlight. Contrary to what you might think, those little, discerning minds are capable of understanding a whole lot more than we give them credit for!

  5. Indoor Tent Sleepover
  6. This is probably why we created that Indoor Tent in the first place!

    To do: While your baby might want to stay put in that tent for far longer than you’d like, you can let them indulge in that pleasure by joining them yourself! A sleepover in that tent will be exciting for both you and baby, a ‘Home Inside Home’!

    Tip: When a baby is sleeping inside, you don’t want to make the mistake of getting them an inflatable air mattress. It is far safer to use a ‘harder’ surface, like the kind that is offered by a foam mattress.

    Note: When your baby starts growing up, there will exist the very real possibility of their crawling out of the tent at night. This is the time when you might want to consider getting a portable bed for them.

  7. Designating it their ‘Feeding Spot’
  8. If you’re having trouble feeding your child, try taking them inside that tent!

    To do: Feeding baby inside the tent makes for a really great idea. This is because, it makes for that vital ‘change in scene’, that will get baby to comply with just about anything you want them to do.

    Cool Fact: You will be less bothered about things ‘getting messy while feeding’, when you are in the confines of that tent!

  9. Playing Nature Sounds
  10. Just because you’re not in the outdoors, doesn’t mean you cannot simulate the experience of being there!

    To do: You want to play soft Nature sounds, like the sounds of birds, crickets and other animals that are commonly found in jungles. As a species, we feel an instant ‘connect’ when we are in nature, and so will your baby!

  11. Cooling Off
  12. Yes, simply ;cooling off’ is an activity in itself!

    To do: Babies are prone to several meltdowns, over the course of their growing years. The next time your little one has a meltdown, gently usher them into the tent. They will feel more comfortable to express their emotions in a space that feels well and truly ‘secure’ to them.

  13. Finger Puppet Show
  14. To a child, even a space as simple as an Indoor Tent, can make for the most wonderful Auditorium!

    To do: It’s time to put on a show for your little one! You might not be a seasoned performer, but your little one will not care less. They will be delighted to see you put on a show for them with Finger Puppets, that will stimulate their imagination in the most unique way.

The Benefits of Indoor Tents

Indoor tents are far more beneficial for your little one, than you might think.

  1. A space for Imaginative Play
  2. Playing is how children learn best. An indoor tent is the perfect space where children can indulge in that ‘Pretend Play.’ Indeed, an exercise that will greatly hone their creative skills.

  3. They sharpen their Gross Motor Skills
  4. Again, all that ‘playing’ inside the tent, contributes significantly in this arena.

  5. A space to ‘be themselves.’
  6. A safe space like an indoor tent, is hugely responsible for allowing children to express themselves freely, and become better versions of themselves.

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