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 Mind your Tongue: The Two Frogs Story for Kids

‘Be Good’

If there was any singular piece of advice we could give our kids in a mere couple words, this would be it.

Understanding the difference between Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, is something that we learn in our earliest years of childhood. Interestingly, there are wonderful ‘fictions’ in the form of classic fables that help kids harness this profound ‘reality’. Luckily for you, we at EuroKids have one such wonderful story for you, right here. Namely, the Two Frogs Story!

In this blog post you will find yourself regaled with the charming story of Two Frogs in a Well. Our Two Frogs Story is accompanied with images that you might want to show your child as you narrate this fascinating tale to them. Get ready, to learn a lesson or two yourself, as we delve into the evergreen Deaf Frog Story!

Table of Contents:

The Two Frogs Story: The Origins of The Deaf Frog Story

The classic tale of Two Frogs in a Well can be traced back to not ‘one’, but ‘several’ cultures ranging from Japanese to European! 

Needless to say, what binds people from different cultures that read this same tale, are the underlying values of Friendship and Courage that it embodies. In the end we are all ‘human’, and the beauty lies in the fact that we can learn to be ever more so, like with this tale involving ‘Two Frogs’!

What are you waiting for? Dive right into that Well alongside the Two Frogs, and find yourself engrossed in their charming tale!

The Two Frogs Story: The Story of Two Frogs in a Well

Once upon a time, there was a tribe of frogs making its way through a pristine green forest. As they were passing through, two of the frogs accidentally fell into a well. The other frogs peered inside and after a single glance, they told their comrades that they were destined to die.

Nevertheless, the two frogs kept trying to get out of the prison they found themselves in. All the while, their friends above were beseeching them not to, telling them they would surely die if they kept trying. In the end, one of the frogs couldn’t take the mind-numbing anxiety triggered by the other frogs’ negative chatter, and fell to his death while trying to escape.

If you thought this might have convinced the other frog to stop trying, it certainly didn’t! As the screams to ‘stop jumping’ grew louder, the second frog only tried harder. Until finally, the impossible happened. He emerged from the pit, having made the long hard jump out of the well!

‘Why didn’t you listen to us?’ One of the other frogs screamed at him.

‘Well, I’m practically deaf, so down there I thought you all were cheering for me to succeed!’ said the unassuming frog, before he calmly hopped away to the side, enjoying his freedom once again.

The Moral of the Two Frogs Story

If the lesson that kids can learn from this story can be summed up in one line, it is this:

‘The Tongue has the power of Life and Death in it.’

It’s true. We need to be careful about what we say to other people. An encouraging word or two can make a huge impact on their day, giving them just the kind of boost they never quite expected. On the other hand, a harsh word might only serve to pull them down into the deep, dank ‘Well’ of Negativity!

How Kids can Apply The Two Frogs Story to their Lives

Our children need to know that in this world, they will meet all sorts of people. There will be those who always encourage them to succeed, and yet others who will constantly try and pull them down.

What our kids must do is always focus on the ‘positives’ that others throw at them, never the ‘negatives’. After all, it’s only ‘positive thinking’ that got the deaf frog out of the well. Never mind the fact that in reality the other frogs didn’t encourage him! In the end he listened to his ‘inner voice’, choosing to believe in what he ‘wanted’ to believe.

  Like the Deaf Frog, our children must learn to channel their ‘inner voice’, during all those times when it seems like even the whole world might be telling them to give up. If they truly believe they can do something, they must be ‘deaf’ to all negativity, until they succeed! But first, narrate this wonderful tale to them. Show them Images of the Two Frogs Story enclosed within this article, to get the vital Moral Lesson of this wonderful tale, deeply ensconced in their minds!


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