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King of Nuts: The Advantages of Introducing Almonds to Toddlers

Remember the time when, as a little child, you were told to have a ‘couple of almonds’ before going for your exams? It’s not all that surprising, of course. In many households, it’s the norm to have kids get their ‘daily fix’ of almonds. Needless to say, the prime reason is the belief that eating almonds is wonderful for the developing ‘brains’ of our little ones!

Truth be told, there’s good reason the modest Almond is widely hailed as the “KIng of Nuts’, and it’s for a combination of factors rather than merely boosting Brain Health! In this article from the EuroKids stable, it is our endeavor to not only showcase all those wonderful Benefits of Almonds, but also let you in on all the other pertinent information about Almonds for Kids, that you should know about. Things like, What is the Right Age to Introduce Almonds for Toddlers!

Ready to understand more about the brain-boosting effects of almonds, amongst a plethora of other, pertinent Almond-related information? Stay glued to this article, as we analyze one of the most beloved nuts, the incredibly power-packed ‘SuperNut’ that is the Almond! We will begin, with a closer look at the Nutritional Value of Almonds.

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Almonds for Toddlers: The Nutritional Value of Almonds

There’s far more than meets the eye, in a mere 100 grams of almonds! The following are only some of the wonderful nutrients packed into that modest quantity.

  • 579 KCal Energy
  • 733 mg Potassium
  • 5 g Fiber
  • 481 mg Phosphorus
  • 6 mg Vitamin E
  • 71 mg Iron

Besides the nutrients highlighted above, almonds are a great source of Vitamins, Electrolytes and Phytonutrients, too. Plenty of reason to make Almonds for Toddlers a compulsory part of their diets, right? Wait a minute! When is it safe, really, to introduce almonds to our little ones? Hop on to the next section, to discover just that!

Almonds for Toddlers: Introducing Almonds to your Little One

Have you ever seen the sign ‘Choking Hazard’ on any of your child’s favorite toys? The same might very well be applicable to that packet of almonds, especially when your baby is very small.

It’s for that very reason, that you don’t want children to start consuming almonds whole, until they are at least 6 years of age. The good news is, your baby can start having them when they are as young as 6 months! The trick here is to give it to them in ‘powdered’ form, or even as ‘paste’. Almond milk is another great option, too! Plenty of people these days have almond milk in their cappuccino, right? There’s no reason your baby cannot have some of that milk – besides the coffee, of course!

Note: Almond milk, while a great substitute for that cow’s milk, should not be given to your toddler until they are at least a year old.

The Benefits of Almonds for Toddlers

The Advantages of eating Almonds for Toddlers, as we have mentioned above, extend well beyond merely boosting their thinking capabilities.

Presenting the wonderful; Benefits of Almonds, that are sure to make you go ‘nutty’ about these delectable nuts!

  1. Great for Brain Development
  2. Let;s get right down to it, shall we? There’s indeed good evidence to back Mama’s claims for Baby having more almonds for sharper brains!

    Cool Fact: Riboflavin and L-Carnitine are the two essential nutrients here, that work towards healthy brain development in kids.

    Bonus Fact: Want to increase the IQ and Memory capabilities of your little ones? Get them to eat more almonds!

  3. Supports the Immune System
  4. The mere sight of our baby having sniffles, can induce panic in us! Get them to boost their immunity by eating almonds, thereby helping them stave off several infections.

    Cool Fact: Almonds are laced with ‘alkali metals’, that are those very ‘immunity-boosters.’

    Bonus Fact: The antioxidants present in almonds, also work towards preventing diseases.

  5. The Regulation of Blood Sugar
  6. If you thought that the last thing babies needed to worry about was ‘blood sugar’, you had it entirely wrong! It’s the healthy eating habits that we instill in our children from a young age, that see them reap their benefits in later years.

    Cool Fact: The low glycemic index of almonds is instrumental in checking Baby’s blood sugar.

    Note: You don’t want to ruin things here, by giving toddlers almonds that are sugar coated!

  7. Great Protein Option for Kids with Allergies
  8. A lot of kids suffer from allergies, to everything from ‘dairy’ ’to ‘soy’. One of the prime benefits of Almonds, is their high ‘protein’ content, that makes it ideal for these kids.

    Note: You want to ensure your child doesn’t have an allergy for ‘almonds’, of course!

  9. A great source of Energy
  10. Move over Energy Drinks, Almonds are here!

    Cool Fact: It’s the high ‘vitamin’ content in almonds that makes them the powerhouses of energy that they are.

    Bonus Fact: The magnesium present in almonds, also contributes greatly towards boosting the energy levels of kids.

  11. Great for Bone Development
  12. We are commonly led to believe that ‘Milk’ is the only viable option for healthy bone development, right? The good news here is, whether your one-year old is lactose-intolerant or not, Almond Milk is a great choice for them.

    Cool Fact: Almond milk is fortified with the same Calcium present in regular milk, along with vitamin D, that both work towards healthy bone development.

  13. Great for Constipation
  14. What’s worse than a tummy upset? Being ‘constipated’, of course!

    Cool Fact: The high ‘fiber’ content in almonds, ensures that the bowel movements in our kids is well-regulated.

  15. Prevention of Skin Disorders
  16. Yet another of those Benefits of Almonds, that are impossible to miss!

    Cool Fact: Apart from eating almonds for the betterment of their skin, Almond Oil, too, can prove most beneficial in this regard. Yet another wonderful source of Almond Nutrition!

‘Badam Khao’: Words you will probably hear uttered in your household now,more than ever before! As we have seen in this article, almonds have an all-round effect on your child’s positive health. Go on out there, and ensure you give your child plenty of Almond Nutrition. Be it through Almond Milk or just a good old ‘handful of almonds’, it’s your choice!


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