Is alkaline water suitable for your infant’s health?

We want to begin by taking a moment to salute all parents.
Kudos to you! You have our respect.

Parenting is so difficult that you have to literally think about every molecular detail that concerns your baby. From the material their onesie is made of to the kind of toys that are actually age-appropriate, striking off so many things diligently from your list sounds so exhausting.

But now that you are already on it, have you considered the type of water your baby should drink? First-time parents, we can hear the shock in your exhale. We know it is too much to think about and you should consult your doctor before changing your baby’s water. However, if you have been wondering lately if you should let your infant sip on that bottle of alkaline water, we have got news for you.

So sit up and read. This might be relevant for you, and kind of eye-opening too.

Answering the question ‘is alkaline water safe for babies’

Did you know the pH level of water determines whether it is alkaline or acidic? Well, for water to be alkaline, it should have a pH level of 8. By comparison, your average drinking water has a pH level of 7. Now though alkaline water is only up by a notch, pH levels have a range of only 0 to 14. So even a single digit difference can be significant.

Which brings us to the million dollar question you have had on your mind at least since reading the title of this blog. We kind of would be lying if we said ‘no’ outright. Alkaline water might be the best choice for your baby. Let us take a deep dive into why.

What makes alkaline water safe? Are there any alkaline water benefits?

So by default, tap water only has a pH level of 6.5. Which is not good for you baby. It is kind of acidic water, which can wreak havoc on your baby’s tummy. Think acid reflux. Plus, you already know how bad it tastes. You do not want your baby to gulp down bad-tasting, harmful water now, do you? Of course, you do not.

Now you can obviously put tap water through the filter and get your baby to drink that. But here is why even filtered tap water might not be the best drinking water for your baby.

When tap water is put through the filter, it not only uses all of its essential minerals but it also ends up with a lower pH level. And we told you that lower pH level is equal to higher acidity in water, which is not good for your tot’s sensitive little tummy. Which means alkaline water might actually be good.

Here are some alkaline water benefits your baby can derive if they drink it on the regular:

  • Alkaline water for newborn babies carries the benefit of lowering the risk of bone and cell-related diseases. Basically, it is said that such water can prevent both bone loss and cell death. In fact, it does not end at putting a stop to bone degeneration. Apparently, alkaline water can improve bone health too. Something to take note of.
  • It is also said that the chances of kidney problems reduce if one drinks alkaline water regularly.
  • Not only that, alkaline water for babies might be recommended due its ability to improve blood flow. Something that is very important for a growing baby.
  • Alkaline water can supposedly also prevent skin and hair dryness and keep you better hydrated overall as opposed to tap water.
  • Heartburn and acid reflux are better managed with alkaline water due to its low acidity levels.
  • Another benefit of having an alkaline water bottle on you is lowered blood pressure and cholesterol along with lower blood sugar levels.
  • Lastly, alkaline water is considered to be generally healthier in the long run.

Being cleaner and enriched with minerals, alkaline water can also make you feel more full. A good benefit for those on a diet but not something that particularly extends to babies. Barring the being enriched in minerals part of course, which even babies can benefit from.

Plus, it is certainly miles ahead of unfiltered tap water. So if the choice is between unfiltered tap water and alkaline water for your baby, you know what to choose. It will keep your baby better hydrated and reduce their chances of acid reflux, while likely boosting their immune system and maintaining their tiny body’s pH level. Overall, we would say that things seem to be in favour of alkaline water.

What about minerals? Which ones are present in alkaline water?

Good question! Here is a list of all the minerals that you might find in an alkaline water bottle:

  1. Potassium:
  2. Which improves muscle function and keeps the digestive tract working well.

  3. Magnesium:
  4. Which is actually responsible for converting food into energy, and is such a vital part of a lot of the body’s biochemical processes.

  5. Calcium:
  6. The numero uno mineral you need for good bone health as well as optimal functioning of the heart, nervous system and muscles.

  7. Sodium:
  8. One of the key minerals that can help regulate blood pressure and keep your muscles and nerves working fine.

So finally, should you give your baby alkaline water?

Well, it is a ‘yes and no’ type of situation. We mean it is obviously beneficial but it might be a good idea to check with your doctor first. Here are some alkaline-water-for-babies best practices to help you out:

  • Alkaline water is a no-no for babies younger than 6 months old.
  • 30 to 60 minutes before or after a meal is the time period when alkaline water should be avoided. Do not give it to your baby at this time to prevent stomach upsets.
  • Never mix alkaline water with baby food or formula milk lest it cause an adverse reaction. You are better off using filtered water for these things.
  • If your baby is on meds, avoid alkaline water at all costs.
  • If your baby gets acidity frequently, you should check with your doctor if alkaline water is best for them.
  • In fact, you should check with your doctor before starting your baby on alkaline water. It is just a good, safe and sensible practice.

‘Being safer than sorry’ is the golden mantra you should follow when it comes to anything as far as your baby is concerned. And that includes choosing a preschool when they get older. Because you do not want your child to end up in a sub-par preschool that does not help their growth or development in any way. No, you want them to have access to a nurturing learning environment like at EuroKids! Visit us for more.

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