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Indian Snacks To Make Rainy Evenings Better

Hello, fellow parents! As the monsoon unleashes the first few drops, the kids obviously feel the message. It is not just about paddling in puddles or the excitement of a drizzling day but those yummy monsoon snacks that justify this season the best. So today, I am finally ready to post some of my all-time favourite (and, in my opinion, some of the best) monsoon snack recipes from my kitchen as well as my childhood. These kinder-approved snacks for monsoon are great for kinder-aged kids and are a healthy and helpful way to help get the good stuff into our little ones as the air hunts and the rain cascades.

We know a thing or two about monsoon cravings 🙂 So, let us get right to the list of monsoon snacks and also check out some quick snack recipes. Don’t fret; these are your typical Indian snacks!

Sweet Potato and Beetroot Tikki

An eye-pleasing snack full of nutrition. During the monsoon season, sweet potatoes and beetroots are rich in vitamins and are very immune-boosting.


1 large sweet potato (boiled) and mashed

1 medium beetroot, boiled and grated

1 tsp cumin powder

Salt to taste

2 tbsp gram flour (besan) for binding

Oil for shallow frying

Combine mashed sweet potato, grated beetroot, cumin powder, salt, and just enough gram flour to hold everything together in a bowl. Shape the mixture into small, flat tikkis. Heat a drizzle of oil in a non-stick pan and shallow fry the tikkis until golden and crispy. Serve warm with a mint yoghurt dip or ketchup for dipping fun!

Serving Suggestion: You can give them different shapes using cookie cutters like stars or hearts.

Savory Oats Pancake

This is a perfect monsoon snack as well. It’s just another variation in taste from the regular Pancakes. These are Oat and veggie-filled, making them one of the best quick snack recipes.


1 cup rolled oats ground into flour

1 cup buttermilk

1 egg optional

Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cup finely chopped vegetables (like carrot, capsicum, onion)

Oil to cook


Beat to form a smooth batter. Add the vegetables to the roasting tin, season with salt and pepper and stir to coat. Heat a non-stick pan and spread a ladle of batter from the centre in a circular movement. Cook on medium heat until the edges start to lift away and then flip to cook the other side. Enjoy mint chutney with warm parathas.

Tip for picky eaters: Have your kids select the veggies that will go into the pancake. Also, if they help in the cooking process, they will be more excited to taste the new food!

Puffed Rice and Peanut Mix

A light snack where the mere sound is as satisfying as the taste and perfect for those monsoon cravings sans the guilt of it being too heavy. This is one of the best Indian snacks out there!


2 cups puffed rice

1/2 cup roasted peanuts (or, substitute with dry roasted peas)

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 tsp chilli powder (or, as per desired taste)

Salt to taste

1 tbsp oil

1 tsp mustard seeds

Few curry leaves


Heat oil in a pan. Sprinkle rye, fennel, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. Add turmeric and chilli powder; stir in puffed rice; toss in peanuts. Mix well for a few minutes on low flame. Sprinkle with salt and allow to cool completely before transferring to an airtight container.

Fun Fact:

It is a traditional ingredient in many munching snack varieties in Indian homes, especially for kids and senior citizens it is an easily digestible snack, it is a great instant source of energy.

Fruit Chaat with a Twist

One of the most delightful ways to enjoy the seasonal fruits is by having a bowl of fruit chaat that is a big hit with kids as well. Here is a chatpata twist to this snack for the tiny taste buds.This is one monsoon snack recipe that you are certain to love!


1 Apple

1 Banana

1/2 Cup Anar dana (pomegranate seeds)

1 Orange

Chat Masala-L

1 Lemon


Mix all the fruits in a Bowl Then sprinkle lemon juice, chat masala on it and mix it gently. It is best enjoyed right away as that is when the freshness of flavours makes you high. Top Tip – Do not use refrigerated fruits for this chaat, as the taste and real value of all nutrients get lost when the fruits are refrigerated!

Moong Dal Chillas

Moong dal chillas are a great evening snack and perfect for a rainy afternoon. It is also a protein-rich snack. They’re actually a regular in our home and a totally yum way of working lentils into our meals.


1 cup moong dal

1 small onion, finely chopped

1 green chilli, finely chopped (optional)

A few sprigs of coriander leaves, chopped

Salt to taste

Water as required

Oil to cook


Soak moong dal for 3-4 hours. Drain and grind to a fine paste with as little water as possible. Add chopped onions, green chilli, and coriander to the dal paste. Mix well to form a batter. 2) Heat a non-stick pan and lightly grease it with oil. Mix 1 ladleful of batter evenly to make a thin pancake. If this happens, simply cook on medium heat until you notice the edges peeling. Turn and cook the other side until golden brown. Hot serve with mint chutney or curd.

For the picky eaters:
You can also consider customising the toppings by adding some grated cheese or paneer to add more protein and, of course, make it yummier.

Roasted Makhanas

Makhanas or fox nuts are very good snacks for kids. They are full of nutrition and are very easy to digest, too. I added some spices to make this a little more exciting than plain ol’ banana bread.


2 cups makhana

1 tbsp ghee

Salt to taste

A pinch of turmeric powder

A pinch of chilli powder (optional)


Heat ghee in a pan. Add the makhana and roast it for 6-8 minutes. Add the makhana and dry roast until crunchy. Sprinkle salt, turmeric, and red chilli powder over the makhanas and stir lightly. Cool before serving. Transfer them to an airtight container, which can be stored for a few days. Makhana: Makhanas are used in lots of Fast recipes all over India and are very healthy, being rich in protein and calcium.

Nestled between the splashes and drizzles of the monsoon, these snacks bring unsolicited warmth and joy to our homes. These snacks have always been fun and taught me important things while playing with my daughter. Factor in the hands of this process: not only does she get to measure out ingredients, but she also learns the process, which inevitably gives her a sense of accomplishment and pride. Best Of All, The Memories We Create Cut Deep!

Well, why not enjoy these delicious treats while also enjoying those rainy days with your little ones? Re-engaging activities and learning experiences with EuroKids make monsoon days nostalgic and full of curiosity to keep little minds active. To know more about EuroKids & their own special curriculum, visit Their Site today!

 Happy snacking 🙂


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