How to store baby food?

Open the fridge, mama, and tell us! What do you see? What do you smell?
Oh no! That is nasty. You better check that out and find out what is smelling so bad. Could it be leftover baby food?

Well, if it is and if that has got you spiralling a little bit over the waste created and the fact that you will have to go through making that baby food all over again, stop a second. Because this one is for you!

We have compiled every single baby food storage guideline you need to know so you never have to go down that path of waste and spiralling again! Check it out!

Storing packaged baby foods right

So you went to the supermarket and got yourself a week’s worth of purees and broths for your baby to enjoy during their mealtime. But how do you keep them? Is baby food freezer storage necessary for store-bought items?

Well, the best practice is to check the labels and see what they say. As a general rule of thumb, you can keep unopened jars, packets and pouches in your pantry as long as it is cool, dark and dry. As for opened pouches, most should be fine in your fridge up to a certain amount of time. Which obviously the label will tell you. So follow the instructions diligently.

And the way to store leftover baby food is…

To keep it in a non-toxic baby food storage container! Of course, the food should be the kind that can be stored and re-eaten without worry.

So if you have cracked open that jar of pureed bananas or butternut squash for your baby to merrily munch on, make sure you do not give them the whole jar as is to eat. Dipping their spoon in a fresh jar of baby food can cause germs from the spoon to transfer. Which makes it inedible and unsafe for a second helping the next day.

Always take a portion of the food out in your baby’s bowl and store the rest of the jar as per instructions. Which will most likely be the fridge. Anyway, that way you can use the leftovers and minimise wastage!

So how do you actually store packaged baby food in the fridge?

We have talked about the fridge being the ultimate storehouse baby food. And it is true. In most cases, the best baby food storage guideline is to stick it in the fridge! But there are certain tips, mom-hacks if you will, that can help you use the fridge to your advantage, ensuring all the baby food you keep in it is safe, fresh and ready to be your tot’s next meal.

Always store foods such as purees and other liquids in non-toxic baby food storage Which means they should be BPA-free as that obviously qualifies as toxic. Also make sure the container is airtight and leak-proof. So you know you can prevent those accidental spills. You can even use glass jars or reusable pouches. The latter works better for smaller quantities.

Always use any leftover baby food within the time-frame the pack says! This is rule numero uno. Very, very important. So mentally double underline it if you will. That said, if you have freshly made the puree yourself, you can follow this as a general rule of thumb:

  • Use veggie and fruit purees within 3 days of refrigeration
  • Meat purees should not be kept in the fridge for more than a day
  • Mixed purees can be kept for up to 2 days max in the fridge
  • If you have store-bought food on your baby’s plate (literally and metaphorically), you will see that quite a few labels do not recommend freezing them. That is because they can change colour (and in many cases, texture too) once they are thawed. And then there are brands that will tell you that colour and texture change are normal and can freeze the food. So make sure you read the label and follow the baby food freezer storage instructions carefully.

Wondering what are some of the other safe baby food storage containers you can use? Here is a list:

  • BPA-free plastic jars, bowls, bottles etc.
  • Silicone ice cube trays
  • Freezer-safe glass jars or bowls
  • Silicone muffin tins
  • Reusable, resealable pouches

Oh we did not tell you storage timelines for store-bought baby food right? So you can:

  • Keep veggie and fruit purees for about 6 to 8 months from the date of packaging
  • Meat purees for about 1 to 2 months max
  • And mixed purees for about 1 to 2 months too

Always read the label though. We cannot emphasise that enough!

  • If you are thawing frozen baby food, the best way to do it is in the fridge. It is the safest and most hygienic method, though it can take up to 12 hours. So plan a day in advance, make sure of that! You can use your trusty old microwave but the thawing might be uneven and the temperature too hot. So check it carefully before giving it to your baby.

Are there any storage tips for homemade baby food in particular?

You got us! Because there are. After all, you have prepared this food with so much love, time and patience. We just cannot bear the thought of it going to waste just because it was not stored right! So follow these tips to keep your handmade baby food fresh and delicious for longer:

  • Any leftovers from your freshly made baby food should be kept in the fridge within two hours of the dish being made.
  • Again, make sure you use baby food storage containers that are safe. So think non-toxic materials only like the list of the containers we shared above.
  • Do not keep your homemade baby food fridge for more than a couple of days. They do not have any preservatives so they can spoil pretty quickly.
  • If you are not sure when you kept that jar of homemade baby food in the fridge, do not give it to your baby. We get it. Keeping track of dates is hard so make sure you label the food before sticking it in the fridge.

We totally understand the amount of time, money, effort and emotions you put into fending for your baby. You deserve your life to be easier, which is why we hope this mini yet in-depth guideline on storing your baby’s food the right way helped. Just like you, we want the best for your baby too – be it in terms of food or preschool education. And if the latter is on your mind too, we suggest you pay us a visit because EuroKids ticks all the right boxes when it comes to being the best preschool for your precious baby.

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