General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Kids

As parents one of our primary concerns regarding our children is the development of their cognitive activities and mental faculties. As a child grows up, he or she becomes more aware of things around him or her. Gradually, one develops the ability to concentrate, retain and recollect information. From the formative age of a child, one must carefully select what a child should and should not learn. General knowledge is a subject that is taught at the primary level in school but can also be introduced to children from a very young age. Surprisingly, there are innovative ways to even teach general knowledge to preschoolers.

The relevance and importance of a subject like general knowledge have heightened because today’s toddlers and preschoolers are glued to phones and television screens. While watching television with certain restrictions is desirable, just mindlessly looking at the screen doesn’t promote cognitive development. General knowledge questions for kids help them think, understand and analyse their surroundings and keep them abreast with the latest news and developments that take place on a national and international scale. Simple general knowledge questions for kids can test them on their existing knowledge of everyday affairs, specific to their level of maturity or mental age. Before we delve into the effective techniques to engage preschoolers in general knowledge questions and answers, let’s have a look at the need and importance of general knowledge.

Importance Of General Knowledge For Kids

  1. Promotes cognitive development
  2. Studying general knowledge as a subject promotes cognitive development and helps kids learn and remember vital pieces of information. The brain is a muscle that must be exercised or it will fall to ruin. Instilling this in kids at a young age will help them yield better results in the future.

  3. Knowledge beyond the textbook
  4. General knowledge encourages kids to learn information from various aspects and fields of life. It moves beyond the textbook to test one’s awareness of his or her surroundings. General knowledge for kids can be taught and tested in many ways including quizzes, the use of flashcards and even through engaging debates. This fosters one to think creatively and imaginatively by applying their understanding of certain facts.

  5. Builds confidence
  6. Improving your child’s general knowledge will help him or her create his or her self-identity. This in turn will result in increasing one’s self-esteem. The more a child knows and learns, the more resourceful he or she becomes. General knowledge helps a child prepare for what is to come later in life.

  7. Sharpens mental processes
  8. Participating in general knowledge-based activities improves and sharpens one’s mind. It will make your kid more alert and careful about what he or she does. Ultimately, your little ones will be able to think both objectively and subjectively towards a particular thing.

Effective Ways To Teach General Knowledge To Kids

  1. Use your natural surroundings
  2. Teaching general knowledge to preschoolers isn’t as hard as it seems. You can easily teach them general knowledge about history by pointing at a building across the street and explaining to your child how man would first live in caves. The same can be done by pin-pointing different flowers in a garden. Using this technique your child will be engaged and develop a deep desire to know more about nature.

  3. Use toys to teach kids
  4. It’s not uncommon for children to play with toys like balls of different colours and sizes. This is an ideal opportunity to teach them general knowledge of colours, shapes, and sizes. The great thing about it is that this activity for kids is interactive and promotes learning by playing.

  5. Using colours
  6. If you thought a colouring book was just for keeping your children occupied, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Colouring books provide a practical opportunity for you to sit with your little ones and tell them about the different colours. It can also be used to teach them the different colours of the rainbow. This serves a dual purpose, of helping your kid develop his or her motor skills as well as his or her general knowledge.

  7. Using alphabets to teach general knowledge
  8. The alphabet can be used to introduce new words to preschoolers. For instance, ‘A’ can be used for an aeroplane or the word ‘air’. The good thing about this exercise of teaching general knowledge is that it helps them learn word association and also develops their phonetic abilities.

  9. Using building blocks
  10. Building blocks can be used to make different figures. Figures of everyday objects can be made with building blocks and then one can ask the child to spot the real-life object. This could be a tree or a building itself.

  11. Using books
  12. One of the oldest and most tried and tested methods of learning general knowledge is through the reading of books. We learn things about places which we have never visited in life through the books that we read. Books are truly a window to the world and impart knowledge that goes beyond a textbook. As kids grow up they should be encouraged to read newspapers to keep abreast with the changing times.

  13. Using quizzes
  14. A general knowledge quiz for kids is one of the most popular techniques for teaching and participating in general knowledge activities. It can be easily conducted and requires no special equipment or expertise.

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