Fun Games And Activities To Celebrate Teacher’s Day This Year


Creative Teacher’s Day Activities to Show Gratitude

Have you ever run into a teacher who taught you years ago, and felt a wave of Gratitude wash over you?

In all probability, you might have fantasized about becoming a teacher, at some point in your early years of growing up. Little did you realize, that one day you would become a teacher yourself! After all, besides their teachers in school, it is you that your children look to for bits of invaluable guidance.

Teachers continually give our children so much. Teacher’s Day Activities are a perfect way for children to give back something to their teachers. Certainly, a way to show gratitude and respect for those kind souls, who work their hardest to make the lives of our children better.

In this article you will find some memorable and creative Teacher’s Day Celebration Ideas that will help honor the educators who shape those young minds.

Let’s dive right in, and take a look at some wonderful Teacher’s Day Activities.

The Best Teacher’s Day Activities (h2)

Here’s presenting some truly amazing ideas, to make that upcoming Teacher’s Day an unforgettable experience.

Handcrafted Teacher’s Day Card

In the end, it is only the thought that counts.

To do: A simple card with the words ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’, will moisten the eyes of even the strictest teacher. You want to encourage children to make their own cards, rather than purchasing readymade ones from a gift shop. This is one of those Teacher’s Day Craft Activities that will stretch the limits of creativity of all kids.

Arranging a Surprise Picnic

Who out there does not enjoy a picnic? It’s even better, when it comes in the form of a pleasant surprise! This one’s the perfect Teacher’s Day Activity for Students who are looking to do something different.

To do: Help your children select a cool venue for the picnic. Children must ensure they carry umbrellas, snacks, tissues and baskets, and all other picnic essentials they might need for the trip.

Dumb Charades

This wonderful game makes for oodles of fun, and can be played just about anywhere.

To do: All you have to do is make a set of two teams, and you’re ready to play.

Tip: It will be fun if you could place the teachers in one team, and the students in another.

Fun Games

Time flies when people play Games of any kind.

To do: Organize some Indoor or Outdoor Games for your teachers, like the following.

  • Scrabble Competition
  • Carrom Competition
  • Basketball
  • Football

Creating a Video Montage

Want to tell your teachers how much they mean to you? Simply tell them!

To do: Collect some short video clips of students thanking your teacher, and telling them how they have influenced their lives in a positive fashion. Have them make a video montage of these clips, and show it to their teacher. This will show them just how much their efforts are valued by their students.

A Chocolate in a Crafty Envelope

Sometimes it’s not what’s inside the package, but the package itself!

To do: Want to show your appreciation for your teacher? Gifting them chocolate is a good way to go! Show your teacher how crafty you are, by creating a hand-curated envelope in which you will pack the chocolate you are keen on gifting your teacher. This certainly makes for one of the coolest Teacher’s Day Craft Activities.

Hosting a Stage Performance

Want to show your teachers you care, through an intense display of Emotion?

To do: There are several cool things you can do on stage, to captivate the attention of your teacher. Like, the following.

  • Live Band Performance. The school band can lend their support, to put on a performance that is sure to be appreciated by the teachers.
  • A Dance Competition. Let the teachers be the judges! Note: No matter what, all children will end up winners.
  • Staging a Play. A good idea would be recreating the scenario in the classroom between teachers and students. That mimicry of teachers by students, will make for a priceless experience.

Decorating the School

If there is one day you will be allowed to decorate your school, it is Teacher’s Day!

To do: You want to ensure that the staff rooms and hallways are adorned with the most colorful decorations, including balloons and ribbons.

Tip: You could also get some students to write special messages for the teacher, on the class board.

Gifting Them Flowers

Flowers are a great way of saying a Big Thank You, so why not give teachers a bouquet?

To do: You want to go really big here, and give them a bouquet of flowers that truly stands out. Picking some exotic flowers for the same, is a great idea.

Note: If all parents chip in, even the grandest bouquet will be affordable.

Hosting a Potluck

They say, Variety is the Spice of Life. It’s a great idea, then, to get your teachers to indulge in a buffet of delicious treats.

To do: You can set up a buffet-style meal in the school cafeteria, by asking each student to bring one special food item from their homes. Apart from enjoying the delectable cuisine, your teacher will get the chance to interact with all the students.

Student-Teacher Role Reversal

Those little feet of the students are too small to fit into the large boots of their teachers. On Teacher’s Day, however, they will be able to fit into them with ease!

To do: Tell your teachers that they are students for a day. Let them sit on the benches in the classroom, while the children take turns in donning those Teacher Hats. The teachers will delight in taking lessons from their favorite students for one day.

At Eurokids, we believe that Teacher’s Day is not only important for Teachers, but for Students, too. It gives them the opportunity to appreciate the efforts of their teachers. With the wonderful activities listed in this article, children can help make their teachers realize just how much they mean to them.