Exploring the Enchanting Western Ghats: Facts, Wildlife, and Family Adventures


The Western Ghats, also referred to as the Sahyadri Mountains, form an enchanting natural wonder within the Indian subcontinent.  This immense mountain range attracts adventurers with its attractions, reaching over 1,600 kilometres along India’s western edge. What are Western Ghats, you wonder? In this blog, we begin on a fascinating adventure to discover the mysteries of the Western Ghats, diving into captivating facts aimed at piquing the interest of both young and old readers.

What are Western Ghats?

The Western Ghats, also referred to as the “Sahyadri Mountains” or just the “Western Ghats,” are renowned for their breathtaking beauty and ecological significance. They are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This vast mountain range is an essential natural resource that influences India’s ecosystem, climate, and cultural fabric.

Western Ghats Are Also Known As…

These magnificent mountains go by various names in different regions. In addition to the Western Ghats and Sahyadri Mountains, the Western Ghats are also known as the following:

Sahyadri Parvat Range: ‘Sahyadri’ is a Marathi term that translates to ‘The Benevolent Mountains.’ This name aptly reflects the protective and nurturing role these mountains play in the region.

Giridurgam: In Sanskrit, ‘Giri’ means mountain, and ‘Durgam’ means inaccessible. This name highlights the rugged and challenging terrain of the Western Ghats.

Elaichi Parbat: In some parts of South India, locals lovingly call these mountains ‘Elaichi Parbat’ due to their resemblance to cardamom seeds.

Now that we know what the Western Ghats are and some of their names, let’s delve deeper into discovering fascinating facts about this remarkable natural wonder.

Fascinating Insights into the Western Ghats

  1. Rainforest Abode:
  2. Drenched in abundant rainfall, the Western Ghats are a haven for lush rainforests. These verdant forests teem with exotic wildlife, from majestic tigers and elusive leopards to gentle giants like elephants, along with a diverse avian population.

  3. Water Tower of South India:
  4. Functioning as a natural water tower, the Western Ghats supply life-giving water to numerous rivers coursing through the region. These rivers serve as lifelines for millions, offering essential resources for drinking, agriculture, and industry.

  5. UNESCO World Heritage Site:
  6. The Western Ghats were bestowed with the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site designation in 2012, owing to their exceptional universal value and ecological significance. Learning about Western Ghats reveals the incredible biodiversity of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  7. Historical Significance:
  8. For ages, poets, writers, and painters have drawn inspiration from these mountains, which contain a wealth of historical and cultural legacy. Ancient temples and forts nestled amidst the Western Ghats offer glimpses into India’s rich past.

  9. Hill Stations:
  10. Picturesque hill stations like Munnar, Ooty, and Mahabaleshwar are scattered across the Western Ghats. These cool, tranquil destinations provide welcome relief from the heat of the plains and are favoured vacation spots.

  11. Spice Treasure Trove:
  12. Renowned for their spice plantations, the Western Ghats cultivate spices like pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and coffee, contributing significantly to India’s spice trade.

  13. Cultural Diversity:
  14. The Western Ghats host a myriad of indigenous communities and tribes, each with their unique languages, traditions, and customs. These communities maintain deep connections with the land and play pivotal roles in preserving its biodiversity.

  15. Adventure Sports:
  16. The rugged terrain of the Western Ghats offers numerous adventure sports opportunities, including trekking, rock climbing, and white-water rafting, enticing adventure enthusiasts from all corners.

  17. Conservation Efforts:
  18. Given the fragility of its ecosystems and unique biodiversity, the Western Ghats witness various conservation initiatives and the establishment of national parks to safeguard this irreplaceable natural heritage.

By immersing your children in the exploration of the Western Ghats through these engaging facts, you can instil a profound appreciation for the environment and inspire them to champion its conservation.

Exploring the Western Ghats with Kids

Let’s look at how you can make this trip of discovery even more entertaining for kids now that we’ve discovered some great facts about the Western Ghats. Exploring the picturesque hill stations is one of the most enchanting aspects of travelling about Western Ghats.

  1. Nature Trails:
  2. Take your kids on a nature trail through the Western Ghats. Encourage them to observe the various plant and animal species they encounter. Make it a fun learning experience by teaching them about the importance of conserving these ecosystems.

  3. Wildlife Watching:
  4. The Western Ghats are a treasure trove of wildlife. Kids can enjoy spotting colourful birds, playful monkeys, and if they’re lucky, the footprints of elusive big cats. Create a checklist of animals to spot and turn it into a game.

  5. Waterfalls:
  6. The Western Ghats are home to some breathtaking waterfalls like Dudhsagar Falls and Athirapally Falls. Plan a family outing to one of these cascading wonders and let your kids experience the beauty of nature up close.

  7. Spice Plantation Tours:
  8. Spice plantations in the Western Ghats offer informative tours where kids can see how spices like cardamom and pepper are grown and processed. It’s an educational and aromatic experience!

  9. Visit Hill Stations:
  10. Plan a family vacation to one of the hill stations in the Western Ghats. Teach your kids about colonial history, local culture, and enjoy the pleasant weather together.

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In summary, the Western Ghats are a natural wonder that provide both children and adults with a world of knowledge and exploration. Spend some time exploring this amazing area with your family, and let the beauty of the Western Ghats cultivate in your kids a love of nature and a closer relationship with the environment. And as you nurture your child’s growth and curiosity, consider EuroKids as a partner in their educational journey.

Discover the magic of the Western Ghats, and watch your child’s imagination and love for nature blossom like the vibrant flora that adorns these majestic mountains.