Exploring Insects- Bug-Themed Crafts and Activities


 ‘Bug off!’  – What you’re likely to say to the next bug that harasses you. 

There is a good chance you’re terrified at the sight of bugs. With children, it’s another matter altogether. More often than not, you will find them fascinated by bugs of all kinds, from that endearing, fluttering butterfly, to the occasional home-invading grasshopper.

Let’s nurture their love of insects, to help them cultivate a greater sense of empathy for all things living. In this article, we have for your perusal some wonderful Insect Science Activities for Preschoolers, and even a couple of Bug Crafts for Kids, that will keep your children busy for hours on end.

And of course, boost their love of insects, too!

The Top Insect Science Activities for Preschoolers

Learning about bugs makes for some cool Science Experiments!

Bug Sensory Bin

You can use Pinto Beans to efficiently recreate a natural science habitat. It’s perfect for teaching kids about insect homes, and even bug life cycles.

To do:

  • Pour Pinto Beans in a small plastic bin.
  • Place some artificial leaves in one corner of the bin.
  • Scatter stones and twigs around the bin.
  • Finally, arrange artificial flowers and toy insects around the bin.


All you need for this one, are some playdough and 6 pipe cleaners.

To do:

  • Make 3 balls with the playdough and connect them together.
  • Point out the 3 body parts of insects (Head, Thorax, Abdomen).
  • Count out 6 pipe cleaners and insert them as the 6 legs characteristic of all insects.
  • Use another set of pipe cleaners for the antennae of the insects.

Insect Scavenger Hunt

Children will find it truly amazing to go on a bug hunt and discover the wonderful creatures that might be living in their own backyard!

To do:

  • Create a Scavenger Hunt Sheet, with a list of commonly found garden bugs.
  • Go in the garden and have children find those bugs, getting them to match them with the pictures on the sheet. Note: In the case of smaller children, you want to make it easier by planting some plastic bugs.

Bugs Activity Sheets

This one makes for one of the most informative Insect Activities for Preschoolers

To do:

  • Download some free printable bug sheets, and print them out.
  • Encourage your kids to solve them. Not only will they learn a whole lot more about the world of insects in the process, they will hone their comprehension and reading skills, too!

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Spring and summer, when butterflies are all around, are not the only seasons kids will love learning about the life cycles of these exquisite creatures.

To do:

  • Download free printables that teach children about the life cycles of butterflies.
  • Ask them thought-provoking questions like ‘What do you think happened to the caterpillar?’ This will make it more interesting for your kids, as they navigate their way through that butterfly life cycle.

Insect Books for Kids

What better way to learn about insects, than by reading some great Bug Books? Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Ultimate Bugopedia: The most complete Bug Reference Ever (National Geographic Kids) by Darlyne A. Murawski.
  • The Backyard Bug Book for Kids: Story Book, Insect Facts, and Activities by Lauren Davidson.
  • The Bug Book by Sue Fliess.

Bug Crafts for Kids

These cool Bug Crafts for Kids will get your children to be creative with bugs, and have a whole lot of fun, too.

Spoon Bug Craft

What you need:

  • Plastic spoons
  • Sheet of brightly coloured paper.
  • Googly Eyes
  • Sheet of Paper

To do:

  • Make sets of wings on the paper sheet with a permanent marker, before cutting them out.
  • Have your children glue wings on the spoon handles.
  • Finish off by sticking Googly Eyes on the backs of the spoons.

Paper Plate Ladybug

  • Paper Plate
  • Red paint
  • Black, White and Red Chart Paper
  • Black Pipe Cleaners

To do:

  • Paint the back of the paper plate red.
  • After the paint has dried, cut out a black circle from the chart paper for the ladybug’s head, and paste it onto the lower part of the plate.
  • Cut out 2 small white circles, and paste them on the head. Cut out two smaller black circles, paste them inside the white circles to complete the eyes.
  • Cut out a small mouth from the red paper, paste it on the ladybug’s face.
  • Glue some black circles onto the rest of the plate, for ‘ladybug spots.’
  • Stick 3 black pipe cleaners on either side of the plate, for the antennae.

We at EuroKids encourage parents of preschoolers, to teach them as much as possible about insects. Interacting with insects, even the virtual kind, can help children gain a fine appreciation of nature. Using the activities enlisted here, you will ensure your kids have plenty hands-on learning experience with insects.