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Hands On Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

Did you know that pattern recognition is an important skill for kindergartners to develop, because it helps pave the way for a better understanding of mathematics. Yes, the building blocks of more advanced math problems might just stem from an abstract understanding of sequences and patterns. There’s a pattern in the way things unfold in life itself; why not begin with teaching the very basics of patterns to our children?

How Learning Patterns helps children

Pattern activities are great for creating that foundation for math, but that’s not all they’re good for. Here are some of the other wonderful benefits they proffer.

· They help children understand the concept of change and just how things unfold over time.
· They help kids forge connections of the logical kind.
· They help sharpen those problem solving and reasoning skills.

The Basic Sequence of Learning Pattern Skills

Pattern learning is not all that difficult for kids to imbibe when they are taught the same in sequential fashion.
· Step One: Pattern Recognition
· Step Two: Describing the Pattern
· Step Three: Copying the Pattern
· Step Four: Extending the Pattern
· Step Five: Describing the Pattern

Hands on Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

Looking for the best and most reliable pattern activities for preschoolers? Here’s a look at them!

Patterns in Nature

Nature has several patterns all of her own, but how wonderful it might be if we could create our own patterns out of the things she has to offer!

Collect things like twigs, leaves and even flowers. Start by creating a simple pattern, like 2 twigs, 1 leaf and 1 flower. Later on you can up the cool quotient of this activity by sticking the things you find onto paper, to make a pattern collage. Pattern activities when taken outside can be most endearing.

Body Posture Patterns

Pattern activities for preschoolers are even more beneficial when you can get children to indulge in some exercise, too!

Yoga pattern cards are a great way to get children to recognize body posture patterns that they can then emulate. A great way to relieve stress in children!

Movement Patterns

Sometimes all you need for making patterns is you and your toddler. Pattern games like this one are a great way to reinforce the concept of patterns in your children.

Tell your toddler to watch you as you jump twice and then take two steps. Then have them repeat what you have done. You can throw all kinds of movements into the mix, like clapping hands and stretching your arms, to make this activity even more fun.

Baking Pattern Fun

It’s fun to bake, but even more fun when coupled with pattern activities.

Let’s suppose you’re baking cupcakes. You can use that icing to create patterns on the top of a cupcake and have your child repeat the pattern on another one. Certainly, the cherry on top of the cake, this fun activity!

Pattern Hunt

A pattern hunt for kids is an especially cool way to teach patterns to kids.

All you need for this, is you and your toddler within the confines of your home! Have them walk around and observe the patterns they might find in things like clothes and even wallpaper. Tell them to point out those patterns and make it even more fun by getting them to jot down said patterns on paper.

Rhyming Patterns

You might be thinking, Really? Learning patterns through rhymes?

The truth is, when you recite songs and hymns to children, it’s a really great way to get them to learn patterns.

Bonus: Apart from helping them become familiar with sound patterns, your kids also get to learn about things like rhythm, rhyme and syllables! Pattern activities like these work wonderfully well on account of their abstract nature.

Ice Cube Patterns

Pattern activities are fun when you use fun things!

Kids are fascinated by simple things like ice trays, and you can make these even more fun by placing in their compartments simple objects, like differently colored buttons, in pattern formations. This is one of those activities that can really help hone the sequencing skills of preschool kids by leaps and bounds.

Story Patterns

Yes, this one takes pattern learning activities to a whole new level.

There are plenty of delightful stories for children that are infused with patterns. Stories like The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You will be amazed to see how your little one comes to realize that these stories actually have a sequence. They will gradually pick up on the pattern of the tale, thus making for a most enriching pattern-learning experience.

Complete the Worksheet Pattern

Worksheets can be fun, too! Don’t believe it?

Just give a preschooler a worksheet that has sets of patterns on them of simple shapes, along with several blanks in which the children have to fill out the remainder of those patterns. Then watch them get absorbed!

Sensory Toys

Time to bring out that playdough or dyed rice! One of the fun pattern activities, this will have your children screaming for more.

There’s no dearth of patterns one can make with the likes of playdough and other sensory toys owing to their versatility. You could create a pattern and have your child copy it; or have them create their own!

Plastic Cup Fun

Pattern activities are easy when you use simple things from your household – like paper cups!

You can create a fun pattern game by arranging cups of different materials in patterns – like 3 plastic cups alongside 2 paper cups, or paper cups alternating with plastic cups.

Matching Socks

One of the simplest but timeless pattern activities for children.

Have your child sift through several pairs of socks that have been mixed in a basket, and sort them by size, color, and even distinct patterns!

There are patterns in just about everything we observe in the world around us. Young kids need to be introduced to pattern activities like the ones described in this article, to help them understand just that.

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