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Exciting Calendar Games for Kindergarten That Will Delight the Children

Keeping a kindergartener engaged and excited is no mean feat but a simple and enjoyable way to do it is through calendar game activities. There are various interactive calendar games that you could use to help encourage your preschooler to work with other children as well as by themselves, while having a fun learning experience. We are going to share a few fun and age-appropriate calendar activities that you can use for your kindergarteners, though they can easily be modified to suit older kids as well. Kids love these activities and what can be better than if they can learn and have fun at the same time.

Create A Calendar Display

For a more engaging and effective calendar time, use a  real calendar and to make it age-appropriate by filling it with various stickers, pictures and drawings that can help your students to learn in a fun and innovative way about what is happening or going to come up through the month. This familiarises kindergarteners with the general concept of a calendar and what it is supposed to be used for.

You could also incorporate a day of the week spinner into your calendar which will help to teach preschoolers about the seven days of the week and also familiarise them with the concepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow. A calendar on display is an engaging visual aid for kindergarteners as they learn.

Days Of The Week Activities

Along with learning about the different months, there are some awesome activities designed to help kindergarteners learn about the different days of the week. You can give them 7 different worksheets for the 7 days of the week which will help them learn about the days of the week while also enhancing their organisational skills. It will also familiarise them with what the days of the week look like on a calendar.

Months Of The Year Activities

These activities help your preschoolers get familiar with the concept of a calendar and learn about the individual months. You could give them individual worksheets for each month of the year which incorporate the name of the month in jumbled letters, writing, games and colouring activities. There can be different activities that are relevant to each month.  The worksheet could have a mini calendar so that the kids know what a calendar looks like while being creative as they colour the pictures on it. With this calendar game for kindergarten children, they not only learn about the 12 months,  they also develop their spelling and writing skills.

Seasons Of The Year Activity

Another great resource while carrying out calendar activities with kindergarteners is the seasons of the year worksheet. This worksheet has the outlines of 4 figures, for example, a snowman for winter, a pumpkin for autumn, a flower for spring and playing on the beach for summer. You can use any drawing that is relevant to the season. In this worksheet, they will be required to colour the pictures while talking about what they like to do during each season with their classmates.

Name The Season Activity

To make this calendar game for kindergarten children more interesting, design a worksheet where they have to name the season. This activity is a bit challenging because the kids will have to match the 4 pictures on the sheet to the correct season.

After matching the picture and season, they can also colour the four different pictures that represent the different seasons of the year.

Basic Calendar Vocabulary

Besides worksheet activities, you can try to teach the kindergarteners some basic calendar vocabulary. Make them sit in a circle and ask them to call out the names of the days of the week and the names of each month in the year.

Summertime Activity

Kids love this fun calendar game for kindergarten children and find it very exciting. During the summer months, you can give the children worksheets along with their other calendar activities to enhance their learning. In this worksheet activity, the kids need to colour what they wear and eat during the summer months which will also help them to understand the different stages of the calendar year.

Days Of The Week Cursive Activity

If you want to encourage kindergarteners to work on their handwriting while also learning the days of the week, give them a worksheet where they have to copy the days of the week in cursive writing.  It will help them with their handwriting and familiarise them with the days of the week which will help them to read a calendar.

Months Of The Year Cursive Activity

This activity is very similar to the days of the week activity except that this calendar activity will not only help kindergarteners to work on their handwriting, they will also learn about the various months of the calendar year.

Past, Present and Future Activity

In this awesome activity, preschoolers will be asked to say what day yesterday was, what day today is and what day tomorrow will be. This can be done at the beginning of every day.

Daily Tracing Worksheets

You can give preschoolers a worksheet with the days of the week and for each day they will need to say what they like to do on that day while also tracing the letters of each day.

Days Of The Week Flashcards

This is an extremely simple activity but kids love it. All you have to do is hold up a flashcard and the children can shout out the name of the day of the week. This activity can get a bit noisy as kids love shouting out the names at the top of their voice.

Date Activity

This activity is best done with a whiteboard and marker. You just need to tell the kids to write down on the whiteboard what they think the date is and then share the answers with the class.

Days Of The Week Bookmark

You can make or print nice colourful bookmarks for the kids which have the days of the week either written or printed on them with a nice drawing or picture. They can be given as a reward to the kids when they learn about the calendar or get an answer right. It will act as a reminder of the days of the week whenever they pick up their favourite books.

Learning in kindergarten must include calendar skills as well as it helps children to understand time, and improves organisation as well as time management skills. The best way for any learning is to make it fun and engaging and we are sure these enjoyable calendar games will not only help them comprehend dates, days and months but also be very exciting for them. For more such exciting blogs, visit our EuroKids website.

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