Creating Kid-friendly Ice Cream Stick Crafts

Say what you will, but ice cream is evergreen! And so are ice-cream inspired crafts for kids!

Yes, you might notice an upswing in ice cream stick crafts in the summer months. Think of all the birthdays you’ve been to with your kids! Or the number of times your child’s school has sent a requirement list with ice cream sticks on it.
But, the thing is you can still do ice cream crafts whenever. Any season will do. All you’ve got to do is make it season-specific. So if it is Christmas, add a tinsel or two. Or if it is Diwali, have little elements like twinkly lights. Whatever you want.

Anyway, the cool thing is that we have the simplest ice cream stick craft idea for you here which we think will be a pure joy to make for your kids. They can do this craft together in groups, or just go solo. Both work. The only thing that is one hundred percent sure is pure fun!

What You Need for This Ice Cream Stick Craft that is Easy and Simple

We cannot emphasise enough on how simple this craft really is. Perhaps you will believe us when you see the list of things you need to execute this printable ice cream art idea we have up our sleeve.

  • A white sheet of drawing paper. The larger, the better, we say. Your kids could do with the extra drawing space. You can keep multiple spare sheets too for the same reason.
  • Cardboard pieces. These will come in handy for the printing process. Make sure the cardboard is soft enough for kids to cut on their own without hurting themselves. However, it should be firm enough to be dipped in paint without breaking.
  • Ice cream sticks. They will be used for the same thing, which is printing.
  • A handful of plates for different colours. We suggest using either plastic plates, which are easily washable. Or thermocol plates that you can simply dispose of once your kids are done creating their masterpiece!
  • Loads of it! And in different colours too! The key is to encourage your child to play around with colours and mix and match as many of them as they would like. We suggest washable paint so that even your kids get a little colour on places they should not, it can be easily cleaned.

So that rounds up the things you need to make this ice cream stick craft easy and and simple for you and your kids!

Now let us get to the exciting part, which are the steps to make this craft!

How to Make this Ice Cream Stick Craft: Detailed Steps

This Sundae activity. Oops we meant Sunday activity because you know it is perfect for the weekend. Anyway this ‘Sunday’ activity is one of our favourites for the simple reason that you can let your kids do this solo. They do not really need you around to execute this cute-as-a-button printable ice cream stick craft.

All they need is the equipment we mentioned and the detailed steps to make it that we will mention below. Sorted.

    Step 1
    The first thing you need to do to make this ice cream stick craft for kids is to have your children gather all their supplies at their working station. This could be their study table. Or even your garage. Any place you are comfortable with turning into an artsy mess as your little Picasso gets to work!

    Step 2
    Once your workstation has been decided, cover the table your kid will use with old newspapers. This is that anti-mess precautionary measure you have been waiting for, dear parent. We know you needed this! Anyway next, tape down the plastic plates on top of the now newspaper covered table. This will make it easier for your kids to work without dropping the plates or making a (another, possible) mess.

    Step 3
    This step of our ingenious printable ice cream stick craft for kids involves all of the fun stuff! Get your kids to draw their ice cream scoops on cardboard paper you have. These can be curricular scoops of various sizes. Or it could be those round-edged bars of ice creams. The more, the merrier. Obviously.
    You can ask your kids to use the same cardboard to draw cones too. Yes we were going to use sticks but a little variety does not hurt. Have your kids cut out all of the shapes they have drawn. For now, they can keep these pieces aside as the colours are next.

    Step 4
    Your kids can use either water colours or poster colours.
    Remember those plastic plates? This is their time to shine!
    So get your kids to pick out bright colours from their palette and dump a little bit of each colour on individual plates. For example, one plate could have pink colour for strawberry ice cream. Another could have orange colour for orange ice cream. And so and so forth. We suggest adding a dash of white paint to each of them so the colours can look a bit more pastel and ice-creamy.

    Step 6
    Here comes the grand finale of this ice cream stick craft idea! Now get your kids to bring back their cardboard cutouts and the ice cream stick into the picture. Lay down a clean sheet of white paper. Get your kids to dip their cutouts and sticks into the colour plate. And have them imprint their coloured cutouts on the white sheet of paper.
    They can make as many ice cream patterns as they want! Heck, they can make multiple different patterns on multiple different sheets. Once your little Picasso’s ice cream print masterpiece, just take a step back and admire it like they will be. Melt with pride a little, maybe. Get it? Melt :p
    Anyway that wraps up the ‘how to make ice cream stick craft’ bit of the blog here.
    We are a total softie for this simple ice cream stick craft, pun intended. We love how easy it is and how it can effortlessly fuel the imagination of your kids, translating into a work of art that is totally fridge-magnet worthy!

In fact, you will be happy to know that we at EuroKids are all about making our preschoolers try such simple, creative and engaging craft ideas in school. Ideas that improve their critical thinking capability along with their creativity. Truth be told, our whole preschool syllabus is like that. Something which you can find out more about when you visit us at any of our school branches.

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