Choosing the Right Clothing- child Wardrobe Essentials

They say, ‘The First Impression is the Last Impression.’
More often than not, it’s the clothes we wear that attribute greatly to that ‘first impression.’ We all want to look our best at all times. Why, then, might we compromise where it comes to our precious children? Be it on playdates or on vacations, we want our children to look their spiffiest best, always! Needless to say, that means that the Child Wardrobe must be well-equipped with all the clothes they need, for those innumerable occasions. The idea is creating a wardrobe that ranges from ‘Simple’ to ‘Strikingly Different.’

In this article, you will learn the Art of How to Choose your Clothes, when shopping for that Child Wardrobe. From the Best Fabrics for Children’s Clothes, to Must-Have Children’s Clothes, we have you all ‘covered’ here, where it comes to ‘Covering’ your Kids in Style!

Child Wardrobe: How to Choose your Clothes

Shopping is an indulgence we cannot get enough of, and rightly so! Ensure you maintain the same levels of passion, when shopping for your little one’s wardrobe!

Everyday Wear: T-shirts and Shirts

The one way to stay ‘cool’, quite literally, is wearing cool clothes!

To do: Simply buying cool-looking T-shirts and Shirts is not enough. Here’s where you want to pay attention, to the Best ‘Fabrics’ for Children’s Clothes too! For instance, in Summer you want to choose T-shirts that have a ‘breathable’ fabric, like ‘cotton’. This will ensure that kids ‘look’, as well as ‘feel’, cool.

Note: When it gets colder, you want to bring out those long-sleeved T-shirts. When you’re shopping next, don’t forget to buy those long-sleeved tees made of Wool or Polyester.  That being said, here are the Everyday Essentials that your Child Wardrobe needs to be equipped with.

  • 6 Casual short-sleeved T-shirts
  • 4 Casual long-sleeved pieces of clothing (Shirts and T-Shirts)

Elastic Waistband Pants

Clothes that score high on the ‘functionality’ scale, are the best!

To do: Have you ever been filled with a sense of dread, thinking of how your child might go alone to the bathroom in school in their first year? An elastic waistband pant will set your fears at rest! Not forgetting to mention the fact, that your child will be able to easily slip it down when they have to use the bathroom.

Note: Later, children can start wearing those ‘cool’ jeans, but only provided they allow for sufficient movement.


No wardrobe is complete, without a pair or two of good shoes!

To do: You want to buy the following:

  • School Shoes. These can also double up as Sports Shoes.
  • ‘Going-Out’ Shoes. For when they go out on playdates or vacations.

Note: You do not wish to compromise on buying a good pair of shoes, even if that means going in for an expensive brand of shoes. A good brand will only ensure those shoes last, and you don’t find yourself spending on that footwear again, in the near future.

Tip: It’s also a good idea, to perhaps consider buying some ‘fancy’ shoes that double up as school/sports shoes, and party shoes, too!


If they aren’t sleeping well, it might mean that they aren’t dressed comfortably at night!

To do: The best thing every child could wear when they sleep, is those ‘cotton pyjamas.’ When they wear these, children will get so comfortable, they will ease beautifully into the Sleeping Process.

Bonus: Those pyjamas will serve well, when it comes to your child hosting their first-ever Pyjama Party, too!

Dressy Clothes

Treading the line between ‘Everyday wear’ and ‘Partywear’, can be quite a task!

To do: Apart from those ‘Everyday clothes’ that we touched upon earlier, you want to buy some Dressy Clothes for your little one, that they will delight in wearing to occasions like Birthday Parties of their besties. To that effect, you want to have the following items in their wardrobe.

  • 2 short-sleeved, Dressy T-shirts
  • 1 long-sleeved Dressy Shirt
  • 2 Fancy Dresses for the little Princess

Other Essential Items

There are plenty of other items of clothing that make for Child Wardrobe Essentials. You don’t want to miss out on the following pieces that will provide the ‘finishing touches’ to that wardrobe.

  • 2 sweaters, for the times it gets a tad too chilly.
  • 4 pairs of shorts, especially for those little boys.
  • 4 pants. Note: One of these must be the ‘dressy’ kind, like the items in the point above.
  • 6 undies
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • Leggings
  • Trendy Hats
  • Swimsuit – You better not miss this one, especially if you’re on the verge of going on vacation!

Child Wardrobe Essentials: Extra Tips

Presenting some more tips on how to enrich the experience of curating that Child Wardrobe!

  1. Focus on ‘Quality’ over ‘Quantity’
  2. Of course you want the best for your child, and that means buying them good-quality clothes that will last longer.

    Bonus: Not getting them into the habit of wearing new clothes all the time, will teach them the value of money, too.

  3. Plan Ahead
  4. Of course you want to take full advantage of things like ‘Discounts’! To that effect, it would be wise to take a look in advance, at any important occasions that might be coming up. Occasions that necessitate those ‘new clothes’ for your little one.

  5. Declutter from Time to Time
  6. When was the last time your child tried something that has been languishing in their wardrobe for way too long? Get rid of all the stuff they cannot fit into. A decluttered wardrobe is a beautiful wardrobe!

  7. Go in for bright colours
  8. Colour affects mood, they say. Especially so, in the case of little ones!

    Bonus: Wearing bright colours not only makes them ‘happier’, they ‘look adorable’ in them, too!

  9. Take them shopping!
  10. Even small children love to go shopping! When you make them a part of the shopping experience, they are happier with their wardrobe items.

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