Best Tourist Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh with Kids


Andhra Pradesh is a famous state in India’s southern coast region and is one of the best tourist places to visit. Kids of all ages can have a fun and educational vacation here, which features breathtaking beaches, historic temples, high greenery, and a vibrant culture. Here, kids of all age groups can experience an entertaining and informative experience as it houses stunning shores, ancient temples, lush vegetation, and lively culture.

Andhra Pradesh, the land of Nizams, Kalamkari pearls, Kondapalli toys, scrumptious food, and friendly people, is undoubtedly a destination worth visiting on an India tour. Read the blog till the end to get all the important information about these 6 best tourist places to visit with kids in Andhra Pradesh.

  1. Visakhapatnam (Vizag):
  2. Visakhapatnam, known as Vizag, is a coastal city that indicates a variety of natural beauty and modern attractions. Apart from natural sites, Vizag is endowed with architectural sites, and spiritual centres serving as the best examples of the city’s architecture.

    Major Attractions: R. K. Beach, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Simhachalam Temple, Submarine Museum, Bheemunipatnam Beach, etc.

    How to Reach: Vizag is well-connected by air, rail, and road. The Visakhapatnam Airport (VTZ) offers domestic and international flights, while the Visakhapatnam Railway Station has regular train services.

    Best Time to Visit: October to March is the best time to visit as the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities.

  3. Tirupati:
  4. Tirupati is a major spiritual centre and home to the prominent Hindu temple of Sri Venkateswara, which attracts millions of devotees each year. The city is also well-known in Andhra Pradesh as a significant educational centre and for its red wooden toys.

    Major Attractions: Goddess Alamelumanga Temple, Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy Temple, ISKCON Temple, Srikalahasti Temple, Chandragiri Fort, Talakona Waterfall, Horsley Hills, Silathoranam, TTDC Garden, etc.

    How to Reach: The nearest airport is Tirupati Airport (TIR). It also has a well-connected railway station and can be accessible by road from major Indian cities.

    Best Time to Visit: Plan your visit between September and February to avoid extreme summer heat.

  5. Secunderabad:
  6. Secunderabad is another best tourist place to visit in Andhra Pradesh with kids. Its artistic past and peaceful environment make it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

    Major Attractions: Trimulgherry Fort, Birla Mandir, Hussain Sagar Lake, Rashtrapati Nilayam, Saidanimba Tomb, Golconda Fort, Konaseema etc.

    How to Reach: Secunderabad has an excellent public transportation system. Depending on availability and distance, one can easily get to Secunderabad by flight, rail, or bus.

    Best Time to Visit: The best time to plan your visit to Secunderabad is between October to February.

  7. Vijayawada:
  8. Vijayawada is known for its mangoes and enticing sweets. It is located on the banks of the Krishna River in the south-east area. The largest railway junction in South India is another significant aspect of this city. During the Vijayanagara Kingdom, it was a central town.

    Major Attractions: Kondapalli Fort, Undavalli Caves, Mogalarajapuram Caves, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Kanaka Durga Temple, Kuchipudi, Hazratbal Mosque, Mangalagiri etc.

    How to Reach: The city is accessible via Vijayawada Airport (VGA) and a major railway junction, with excellent road connectivity.

    Best Time to Visit: October to March is the best time to explore the city, as the weather is pleasant for sightseeing.

  9. Chittoor:
  10. Chittoor, one of the most beautiful districts in Andhra Pradesh, is another famous tourist destination. It has rich temples and diverse experiences.

    Major Attractions: Horsley Hills, Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple, Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalavagunta, Gurramkonda Fort, Nagari Hills, Kailasakona Waterfall, Ramagiri, etc.

    How to Reach: The best way to get to Chittoor is by train. Trains connect Chittoor to major cities in the country via railway stations in Chittoor (CTO), Piler (PIL), Gudupalli (GDP), Kotala (KEN), and Yerpedu (YPD).

    Best Time to Visit: The best time to see Chittoor is during the winter months and early spring when the weather is cooler.

  11. Warangal:
  12. Warangal is acknowledged for its architectural structures, as well as its unique blend of traditional and modern amenities. In the past, it served as the capital of the Kakatiya Dynasty, which ruled over this region between the 12th and 13th centuries. Its historical architecture and ruins serve as a reminder of its brilliant past today.

    Major Attractions: Pakhal Lake, Kakatiya Musical Garden, Warangal Fort, Thousand Pillar Temple, Ramappa Temple (a UNESCO World Heritage site) etc.

    How to Reach: Warangal is well-connected by road and rail. Its own railway station, Warangal Junction, is a major transportation hub.

    Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Warangal is during the winter months, from October to February when the weather is pleasant and ideal for exploring historical sites.

    Andhra Pradesh is the best tourist destination for you if you and your family are interested in history and culture. Here you can experience a diverse range of adventures that will leave your family with unforgettable experiences. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh with children?
  2. Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Araku Valley, and Srisailam are the best places to visit with children in Andhra Pradesh.

  3. What exciting activities are available in Andhra Pradesh?
  4. Trekking in Araku Valley, water sports in Horsley Hills, or rock climbing in Gandikota are some exciting activities available in Andhra Pradesh.

  5. Is Andhra Pradesh a kid-friendly vacation spot?
  6. Yes, Andhra Pradesh has a variety of kid-friendly spots. The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Visakhapatnam and Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary are the best places to visit with kids in Andhra Pradesh. 

  7. Are there any special events or festivals in Andhra Pradesh?
  8. Festivals like Ugadi and Pongal are family celebrations with cultural significance in the region.

  9. Does Andhra Pradesh have any well-known temples?
  10. Andhra Pradesh is home to well-known temples including The Tirupati Balaji Temple, Simhachalam Temple, and Ramappa Temple (a UNESCO World Heritage site) etc.